Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 Grammys

Were you watching last night? The Grammy's?

It started off total fashion snooze fest...I guess the 'rules' kept the daring folks Gaga in an egg this year. But If I had to pick, I did have some favorites.

Beyonce, and Amber Rose. Both were glowing in their own right. And dear Lord, please let me look as chic as Amber when I am minutes away from having a baby! Gorg!!! {And rumor has it, via DKNY PR Girl, Amber bought this Donna Karen dress on her own, it wasn't loaned out like so many are, this was her own closet!}

The show was so-so - I did love the later performances! Especially Mumford, Lumineers, JT, Bruno/Sting duet, and the Bob Marley Tribute!!!

I'm sorry this is all I can muster. I am battling a major cold/flu-ish thing. My throat hurts, and my energy level is minus 7. So tell me, if you watched, what did you enjoy about the show last night???


  1. I didn't watch after the red carpet because I am always sucked into revenge. I am so glad Mumford won, love them! Amber Rose is beautiful, I love that she didn't wear a mumu like so many prego ladies feel they should. She looked classy & beautiful in that DKNY dress!

  2. i actually enjoyed it for the first time in years! rhianna looked amaaaze. feel better!! xo

  3. how fabulous did katy perry look??!?! beyonce obviously looked fab as usual!


  4. I did love Beyonce's look, but Rihanna won hands down for me - that red dress was STUNNING and I loved seeing her sport a softer, prettier look. Hope you feel better, darlin'!

  5. I thought Taylor Swift looked lovely. Hope you're feeling better!
    xo Josie

  6. Beyonce looks amazing, who would have thought a pants suit at the Grammy's would work so well!


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