Monday, February 25, 2013

Star Files: The Oscars 2013

Award Season is so fun and ends with one of Hollywoods biggest nights, in Fashion that is!!! I always love to see who will wear what, who will come out and stun us - both in the good and bad ways. Did you watch?? Did you follow along on Twitter during the red carpet? Man that's the best! I love seeing everyone's commentary, their takes, their picks!

On to my favs!!! No big surprises here, these ladies!!!!

Naomi Watts in Armani Prive // Charlize Theron in Dior

I mean, they both look flawless. Namoi's asymmetrical neckline. The sequins, the perfectly tosseled up-do. Her hair stylist needs to show me how to make that happen!!! The messy chic look, so hard, but so good! And Charlize! Jaw hit floor! WOW. I know she is glamazon tall, and her body oh so enviable. But the hair, the buzz/pixie. She rocks it! It's styled up, its fresh it's modern. And I'm SOOOO debating giving into my husbands biggest wish - just doing it! She makes me want to grab the clippers in the best way possible! 

Now onto some of the flippy floppities.... 

Halle Berry in Versace // Anne Hathaway in Prada // Kristen Stewart in Naemm Kahn

Man. Halle you are stunning always, but this dress is way to 80's for me. Anne. oh dang you Anne. I'm sure you are all following her newest twitter handle right?! {HathwayNipple}The side boob, the chest region not fitting right. She is such a classic beauty, and this didn't do her any justice. And lastly, Kristen Stewart. Your dress isn't even bad. BUT.... Can someone get this girl a hair brush, hair stylist, something? I think this undone thing of hers, it's done it's over - move onto something new. And please stop showing up like this, please & thank you! And because I couldn't bear to post a picture of this train wreck. Please click this link and go bottom to full slide show, then to slide 78. She kills me. And why is she even there.... but lord so bad!

Ok, now share - Who was Your FAV and who was your big flop of the night?

*All images via Huffington Post

Thursday, February 21, 2013

thursday treats

Dreaming of summer of in these parts! It's supposed to snow some more tonight....up to 4 more inches! Yippee......not! Spotted this bag a couple weeks ago and can already picture wearing it billions different ways. Farmers Market, check! Beach, check! Summer vacations, check! On my bike (with the straps adjusted short), check!

Do you have a great summer bag?

Monday, February 18, 2013

happy Monday!

Happy Monday Dolls! Many of you may be out of work for the Holiday, I'm jealous!!! So I hope your weekend is still going wonderfully! If you are at work like me, heads up dolls - the week has started and it's rolling towards Friday!! Have to amp up the enthusiasm some days, but it always help to start things off on the right foot! 

I had a nice weekend - I think I finally kicked the last of the killer cold I had last week (Man avoid that bug ladies, it stinks!). So I hung low, did a big grocery run, hit up Barre for a few classes, treated myself to a FAAAAAR over due mani/pedi, cooked some yummy dinners with my main squeeze and ended the weekend on a cleaning kick! I reorganized the bathroom and I love it! (shown above) 

How were your weekends??? 

*Sorry this went up late a touch later than normal - I was cleaning and folding and organizing past my bed time last night! :) 

Friday, February 15, 2013

looking ahead

We are still in the grasp of winter, up here in Chicago. Although, hopefully on the downward can never say til March at least! Yet I'm dreaming of Spring (shopping) and a result of the most recent NYFW - some Fall Shopping!

I'm addicted, obsessed with these little babies! Both Loeffler Randall and I need them in a bad way! I'm kinda obsessed with a million shoes right now, I am trying my best to pick a short list but it is so hard! See evidence A, B, C, D, E, F, G - not including the below!

ANd I know these are everywhere, Pinterst other blogs, I couldn't help myself. I've been decked out in JCrew all week - it makes up 95% of my work wardrobe. I am addicted to next fall's looks! The below are ME. So ME! I better get on the lipstick train, because it looks like I will need dark lips come next fall!


Happy Friday Love Birds!!!! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy V day!

Happy V Day loves!!! Do you have any special plans? Fancy dinner with your man/sig other? Girls night out? Did you wear Pink/Red today? 

Nothing big on the agenda for the Hubs and I - he has work, but I may pop by just to give him an extra kiss or two! And a hug! Those are some of my favorites gifts! ;) 

image, edits made by me! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Inspiration: NYFW 2013 Street Style

NYFW street style photos are hitting the web in full force and I'm loving them! Nemo really changed the way the week's fashion played out. It was about staying safe on blizzard, snow filled streets. And WARM!!!

Some of my favorites (insert TTH, Joanna Hillman....) rocked looks not too far out of the realm of my little world. So copycat-able, attainable! And selfishly - some of these make me really proud of what I've been doing this winter already!

It's all in the layers! Here are a few of my favs!

What are yours? Send me some links I would love to peak at more! {Here is last years recap} And I totally just need to buy a furry coat so I can move on in life & stop obsessing, I love these fuzzy looks!

*images via: Harpers Bazaar and on my Pinterst page

Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 Grammys

Were you watching last night? The Grammy's?

It started off total fashion snooze fest...I guess the 'rules' kept the daring folks Gaga in an egg this year. But If I had to pick, I did have some favorites.

Beyonce, and Amber Rose. Both were glowing in their own right. And dear Lord, please let me look as chic as Amber when I am minutes away from having a baby! Gorg!!! {And rumor has it, via DKNY PR Girl, Amber bought this Donna Karen dress on her own, it wasn't loaned out like so many are, this was her own closet!}

The show was so-so - I did love the later performances! Especially Mumford, Lumineers, JT, Bruno/Sting duet, and the Bob Marley Tribute!!!

I'm sorry this is all I can muster. I am battling a major cold/flu-ish thing. My throat hurts, and my energy level is minus 7. So tell me, if you watched, what did you enjoy about the show last night???

Friday, February 8, 2013

Now N Later

Spring is on the brain!!! (see here) It's been snowing off and on for over a week now - I am not really complain, well maybe a little. But it is winter, I do live in Chicago, so I need to hush up. But it's so hard to not dream about exposed limbs and fun new spring time outings.

I want this dress. I could easily dress it up for work. Dress it down for the weekends. Layer it up NOW, and without layers later!

And my newest thing, layering over dresses! I might be late to the boat, but I've started layering collared shirts over dresses, and on the chilliest of days adding a crew neck sweater over top of that! It extends the life of some items in your closet and instantly adds a big handful of fun 'skirts' to choose from!

This dress wont break the bank and comes in so many fun colors - I think I need one, or two. Now which color?! Grey so safe, but the peachy, warm/soft red - I love both!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

shopbop sale

A bunch of new goodies just hit SALE on ShopBop!!! I want SB to adopt me, I want to move right in so we can share closets!!! I swear their emails are the death of savings me!

I esp love the little 'heart' feature. I just sit on conference calls and 'heart' until my little heart is content - then BAM they hit sale and I get an email! They are starting to run low - BAM I get an email! I am not so sure my Husband agrees with these feelings of mine. But I know my closet sure does!!!

I really want that Soft Joie T - perfect slouchy T, can never have too many of those!!! And it's stripes, I might have to grab it! Or the tan/white sweater - that cut is pretty fun and unlike any I have! Which of course is reason alone to get it, right?! LOL I am so naughty!

Did you get anything? Or are you?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Black and Denim

Had a little date night the other night, and there were two little bitty's in my possession dying to be worn. The Shoes and the Lips. The lips being the most controversial!!! ;) This can go down in history, and my Mom can attest, this is the first time outside my wedding that I voluntarily wore lipstick!  And, hold your self, I liked it!!!!! 

The shoes, these babies need more opportunities to be worn! 

Coat: J.Crew (last year) // Denim Jacket: Zara // Blouse: Joie // Necklace: Bauble Bar // 
Jeans: Hudson // Shoes: Lanvin x HM // Clutch: F21 // Leather Gloves: Club Monaco 
Lips: Revlon Color Riche in Pink Cashmere

** Not my cutest facial expression above - just keeping it real not all shots are cute! And it's mainly for my mom - she needed extra proof this day existed! She may have had a small heart attack when I told her what I did! And my shoes, I love them, but they aren't the best snow shoes. Evidence in the water drops! 

What is your favorite lipstick? And color? I am on the hunt for SO.MANY.MORE!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013


I love the sporty, chic look of a letterman jacket. They come in a wide range of colors, fabric combos and cuts. Best part is the can be super casual to uber street chic with the change of just a few items! I've been getting a ton of wear out of mine (normally under a heavier coat right now) - this weekend she came out to play.

I was in the 'borrowing it all from the boys' mentality to run and grab a quick dinner with the man on Saturday's snowy messy evening! Taco's!!!

Letterman: Shop Frankie's  // Funnel Scarf: Limited (old) // Slouchy T: F21 // 
BF Jeans: Gap // Tennis Shoes: Chucks

So many great options out there right now! Have you tried this look out? {I'm tempted to pull out my 'real' old Letterman from HS.....that baby is the shizz! And taking up room in the coat closet!} 

Friday, February 1, 2013


oh thank you Friday for getting here!!!!!!!!!

took your darn time! psssh!

Long week up in these parts! Soooo thankful its Friday!!! Double date tonight, can't wait!! Lots of working out and destressing this weekend! Possible small Superbowl party, still tentative. And then I pray there is still time for some ahhhhh! I need it!

What are on your agendas?