Thursday, January 17, 2013

the bed

Now take your pretty little brain out of the gutter....I wasn't going there!

Do you have something around the house that drives you nuts? Dishes in sink, remotes all over the couch? Anything (all of it?)?  For me, I have a weird little thing with an unmade bed. If I am home and no one is sleeping in bed, it must be made. Why, absolutely no clue! It just needs to be! I make it before I leave for work, if I get home in the evening and the Hubs didn't make it, I do.

I might be the soup nazi of made beds, in my home. A battle against wills in my house man vs woman, Husband vs wife. I like it made and he could care less! I even straighten the sheets a bit more before getting in at night. I've been known to make the bed with the dog still under the covers. It's oddly soothing to see that that linens are straight and duvet fluffed at the foot.

This doesn't make sense I know. I mean I really do, but ..... the pillows in a row, the blankets perfectly even. The best!

Do you make your bed daily? Am I alone in this endless battle again the Hubs?

*not my bed, I wish! image via


  1. For all my neatness and OCD cleaning habits, I don't make the bed daily - I don't know why!

    1. That's good!!! I can't seem to let this one go!

  2. You are NOT alone! The bed has to be made daily. And I too would straighten it before getting in. But I'm lucky cause the hubs typically makes the bed daily (I'm up before him - last one in makes the bed!). At the end of a long day, nothing is better than climbing into a nicely MADE bed :) xo

    1. Love this!!! I knew you did, and I've seen you straighten it up when a pillow is out of place - my heart sings! HA!

  3. I gave up on this. GAVE UP. I've made my bed like 12 times since last September. Tops.

    1. I would have probably had a nervous breakdown or anxiety attack, it is crazy how much it drives me nuts. (No comment on that please ;) ) But oddly I love the way a messed up bed looks in pictures, so cozy and comfy!

  4. don't ever apologize for such an awesome habit! i get crazy about having the shower curtain closed and straightening my couch pillows. we could have worse vices, right?

  5. I used to not make the bed but my boyfriend is just like you. Has to have it made every day so now it too has become a habit of mine. And I must admit there's nothing like getting into a bed that was fully made beforehand. :)

  6. I make my bed everyday. I just can't go on with my day if I don't. It makes the whole room look messy.

  7. i HAVE to make the bed. it drives me insane if it's not made. zac doesnt make his bed at all. i will make it before i even sit on it. and if he changes the sheets i have to make the bed since he doesnt do it right. i always got in trouble when i was little for not making my bed so i freak out now if its not made.

  8. I used to not be like this (obsessed with making the bed) but when I first started to live with my husband (then a boyfriend) he HAD to make the bed. So, naturally, I became obsessed because in the battle of the unmade bed, tidiness always wins. =)

  9. I love that bed!! I make mine daily, I'm kind of OCD about keeping it clean and wash my sheets weekly. I just ordered a new pillow for my bed, it's mint and white with the word Love across it :-)

    xxo Jenna @ Demure in Diamonds {dot} com

  10. I do make the bed EVERY day and I am a freak about the pillows! There are 6+ pillows on the bed and they all have to be up perfectly straight! Ha...I have issues.

  11. I am a freak about my kitchen being clean! I wish the bed could be made as well, but I am the breadwinner so I get out of bed I always come home to a messy bed! Lame! :( I LOVE your blog!

  12. Endless battle - yes! Alone - no! Every day I make the bed, well, my side of the bed. I've given up and get too annoyed at the lack of attempt so just one side is made usually. I've learned compromise in marriage?

  13. i'm obsessed with having a made bed too! i can't stand it it isn't made too!

  14. My mom never ONCE told me to make my bed -- I'd go nuts if it wasn't made. It's so much nicer to walk into a neat bedroom!
    xo Josie

  15. I actually get really lazy about cleaning and then go on these OCD rampages where everything must be perfect. It's an endless battle bc I'm never clean all of the time. It really does bug me when I come home from work and my bed is all messy so maybe I need to make more of an effort to make my bed in the mornings! xo

  16. You are definitely not alone! I make up my bed first thing in the morning and can't stand when it's not made.

  17. Someone else who is a neurotic bed maker like myself! I just feel so much better getting into a well made bed at the end of the day. Crisp sheets are my obsession!

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