Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Layers McGee

Yesterday was balls ass cold!!! (sorry for the language. It WAS!) The temps were hovering around 10 with a wind chill temp of -7 to -10. By far the coldest day we have had all winter. And if you listen to the weather man, its some of the coldest air we have seen in the past two years...oh yay! Not. But when brunch and time with the Hubs calls (and a good hair day :P), I must answer!

Yesterday was the first day, ever in my life, I wore leggings under my jeans. Then if you care there was also these friends: Two pairs of socks (wool ones if you are counting). A tank under shirt, a regular shirt and then my button down. Then the wool coat, the fleece lined mittens, giant funnel scarf and partridge in a pear tree. My behind was still slightly frozen.

But I'll be damned I wasn't going to miss that chance at a Bloody Mary & food from Bongo Room. Nor a chai from Wormhole - two of my favorites on Milwaukee Ave in Bucktown.

  BRRRRRR....To get to this final outfit choice, I might have tired to get my entire closet on my body first, on top.of.one.another. It was a rough one. But the multiple thin yet warm layers won and surprisingly really worked! Did any other Chicago ladies venture out yesterday?

Scarf: Limited (old) // Jacket, Plaid, Jeans: J.Crew // Gloves, Purse: Forever21 (both from last year)// 
Boots: Rag&Bone // Hair clip: Ban.do


  1. Love your outfit.. esp since u don't appear bulky with so many layers. I personally prefer to put on a Thermal inner wear... it helps to cut down on layers...

  2. Oh I remember my days of multiple layers when I lived in Indianapolis. Your hair looks so fabulous lady.

    1. Thanks, it was a great hair day! A rarity LOL

  3. This cold weather is not cute. But your outfit def is! Looks like I'll be breaking out the fleece lined leggings today :(

  4. I did venture out and I did wear lots of layers. You HAVE to in these frigid temps. As always you look super cute! :)

  5. i wore leggings under my jeggings last night to get ice cream and i have never been more uncomfortable. like...lesson learned, i need some pants that arent painted on.

    1. No kidding right! These were like sausage casings.... if i could have found the right shoes, I would have been in boyfriend jeans. We should invent hot new jeans that you wear leggings under - we'll be rich!

  6. We're feeling the same thing here, and it's RIDICULOUS. Love your coat!
    xo Josie

    1. Thanks, its one of my favs too! Stay warm!

  7. holy shit that is cold. And how you manage to make it look chic it amazing! I would be a hermit and never leave my freaking house!!!! sending you WARM hugs. xoxox

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