Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I might be old :)

So folks, there I said it (in the title). And again here, I might be old. I came to this realization a couple weeks ago when walking around Target after the gym (see! example #37 of why), and they had all the Valentines decor out.

I wanted it all.

I want heart(s) on my hand towel in the kitchen, on my spatulas, on my water glasses. I want pink and red all over. {Here are a few of the things I wanted to scoop right up and take home! Some made it in the cart and then, reluctantly I took most out, oh boo}

I now want decorations and festive stuff for all the non-Holidays! Growing up, only Mom's did this. Only Grandma's did this. Not cool young kids. I fully expect my fully grown college kids may walk through the door at any moment... I kid, sorta.

{This was what made it home, it's hard to see a little trinket dish (red lower right corner), it's a ticket shaped dish that says admit two in light pink with hearts around border}

Am I really old? Or is the stuff getting cuter? The advertising better? What gives? I swear I'm not 43...although I am knocking on 30's door (SOB, bye 20's!).

Please tell me I am not alone.........please. ;)


  1. I don't think it's an old thing at all! I've always loved decorating for all Holidays. It makes me happy! I wish I had more Valentine's Day stuff. I too spent a hot second adoring all the V-Day stuff at Target and left with nothing (willpower at Target is my new thing this year). I really liked the Admit One candy dish as well!

    Now, my mom has a tree she leaves up year round and just changes out the decorations...that to me is teetering on grandma style!

  2. You're not alone, don't worry!
    My obsession with decorating for the holidays has been in full force my entire life - so maybe I was born an old soul :)
    Love your valentine's day garland/bunting - I might just need to make one, since my walls look bare without the Christmas decorations.


  3. Can't wait to see your "miscellaneous" holiday box in the garage one day !

  4. You are not alone with this. I love that wreath and think it would have made it home with me for sure. Doesn't make you old one bit. Just means you like to accessorize. :)

    1. ACCESSORIZE _ I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect way to put it!

  5. Not alone but I am a wife and mom so yeah. I'm sure that doesn't make you feel better. LOL

  6. i would just like i say i TOTALLY have those tea towels! valentines day stuff is just TOO cute! so no, you're not alone lady!!


  7. I go nuts in Target during the holidays. Last year I bought dish towels, cups, everything! All with hearts on it, of course!

  8. It's cool. I'm 21 and I did the exact same thing yesterday... It's a thing.
    xo Josie

  9. I'm 28 and I definitely bought that heart wreath from target last week! Embrace holiday decor! :-)

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  11. We definitely used to decorate my college apartments / houses with tons of festive decor for every (and I mean every) holiday. Seeing it always made me feel so cheerful! And not only do I still decorate, but I definitely would not have been able to control myself at Target either.

  12. This is hilarious. I am obsessed with Target! Their Valentine's decor is absolutely adorable this year, and I'll admit some of it made it home with me too.

  13. I'm almost 40 and hate theme/holiday stuff except for Christmas so it's not an age thing.

  14. I love Valentine's Day! That garland is too-cute!

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  15. The heart glasses are super cute!



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