Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Group Gatherings

I love having people over to our place! For drinks & appetizers, regular old lets just drunk like we are 21 parties on the deck in the summer, or a nice casual dinner - you name it! We don't do it often enough (in my opinion - but hey life is busy), but this weekend the Hubs and I may have a few friends over to watch the game! The Superbowl, ehemm sorry ladies! LOL

My chance to make some fancy dips, foods and play hostess like I so very much enjoy! Now just to decide what I want to make. It's a fine balance of trying to impress the crowd but making sure you still have time to enjoy it yourself! I mean of course I want everyone to think 'oh wow yumm' but let's be honest don't we all want to also impress them with our 'Martha-ness' to some degree too?!

I don't want to be tending to food the entire time, although not particularly interested in seeing every play - but it's also my time to hang out with friends!

A Chili bar sounds delish! The weather is cold enough and the food will warm our belly! Veggies are always a great idea, I esp love the fun use of bell peppers to hold various dressings! Or maybe premake a pan of meatball subs - perfect game day food.

Or maybe a taco bar?! I mean I am from California!!! I've never made this oreo popcorn yumminess, although Shari did at a girls night and I can attest it's divine! Perfect for after a nice bit of savory food.

I also threw out the idea of some Italian beef sandwiches - I could keep the meat and au jus going in the crock-pot and let everyone make a sandwich at their leisure. I mean might as well embrace the Chicago love of those sandwiches!

Decisions Decisions!!!! Are you hosting or going to a SB party? What are you bringing/making? {I've our plans pan out I'll be sure to share what I make and the rest of the spread next week!}

*All images found and kept on my Party Time Pinterest Board. 


  1. A taco bar?! Absolutely LOVE that idea. In fact, may break that one out for Sunday :)

    1. So easy and yummy right?! I think that may win for us, well if I have it my way it will! :)

  2. Those hot dogs look PHENOM. Taco bars are always fun for game days!
    xo Josie

  3. oooh a taco bar sounds fun and easy! i don't think we have any superbowl plans this year which is fine by me. i'll probably sit next to my man while he watches the game and i stalk blogs haha.

  4. love the idea of putting veggie dips into hollowed out peppers, if you havent seen this buzz feed article about snack displays, you will love it!


  5. Love the chili and taco bar ideas! We are going to a party with a taco truck. Gotta love Cali! Wish I was closer so I could eat all your yummy food!!! xoxox

  6. Am I missing the recipe for the oreo popcorn? YUMMMMMM!!!

  7. I love all of your ideas! The chili bar sounds like a perfect one as do the Italian Beef Sandwiches. I actually have the PERFECT recipe for you if you decide to go that route. It's sure to be a hit. And thanks for the reminder that that popcorn was delicious! :)

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