Thursday, January 10, 2013


On Saturday night I decided our spare room needed a rearranging. When the rest of the young adult population was out dinning, and prancing around town I was rocking sweats & moving 2 dressers and a desk! HA! Why is it this bug always strikes late in the evening?

Once I moved everything around, of course wouldn't you know it needed re organizing! Go figure! ;) In this room we have a metal shelf storing shoes, because umm we have a shoe problem in my house. I stacked the top shelf higher than normal after the re-org, selfishly. I wanted a bit of girl space. On one of the shelves I created a little display with books, magazines my jewelry box etc. Nothing fancy, and yes the horrid gold walls still exist in here (although I think I am going to fix that on the ASAP looking at these pictures is making me cringe).

The new location, right next to my closet, and the fact that I'm there grabbing shoes every day has started something. Digging. For the past two days I've worn pieces I'd since semi-forgotten about. Ya know, outta site outta mind.

On Monday there was this combo. A little bold to start the week!
Necklace - Vintage // Ring - Gorgana // Studs/Gold Balls - I haven't the slightest clue, dey be way old!

And Tuesday these babies.
Necklace - Tiffany // Bracelet - from street fair in college // Stud/Silver Balls - Tiffany

And Wednesday this,
Necklace/Horseshoe - Marc Jacobs // Watch - Michael Kors // Studs - J.Crew // Bracelets: Skull/Alexander McQueen, Cuff/J.Crew

Not sure how//why I ever stopped wearing these fun pieces!!! I fully suggest digging in your jewelry box and seeing what you can find and then let me know how it turns out!

**sorry those photos aren't the highest quality, darn it getting dark out so early!


  1. gotta love when you find your old favorite pieces and they feel new again! And um...sweats is my regular Saturday night! xoxox

    1. So glad to know I am not alone! I love staying in, and have so much fun doing so!

  2. I need to do this more often. I get so complacent with my wardrobe (especially my accessories) just wearing the same thing every day.. thanks for the reminder to dig a little more! :)

    1. Anytime! It was fun, I work in corp america so the pieces are nothing fancy but old college dreams of Tiffany work perfect for the conservative office!

  3. I love finding old jewelry! It makes me VERY excited. :) Love your finds.

  4. LOVE re-organizing! you have now inspired me to get moving on my mess of a closet! especially my accessories! love that horseshoe necklace girl!


  5. I need to do this like a million months ago! Want to come help me?! Most of my shoes are still in a box from our move (in March...) which means I'm wearing the same ones over and over and over... HELP! PS - Looks great! xo


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