Sunday, December 23, 2012

We are all Packed UP!

The Hubs and I are all packed up and ..... AWAY we go!!!!!!!!!!! err have gone!

The Hubs and I jetted south, way south!!! Away from the SNOW and cold and are currently cruising around in the Caribbean! Holiday's tropical style! YIPEE!!! I couldn't be more ready! Although I didn't do any big shopping for this trip, there are a few new ladies traveling abroad with me! My Suitcase looks a little something like this!!! {I have packed each of the below items - however not necessarily these specific ones, my personal items/in my closet are listed in italic! Cuz it's fun to see peoples purchases!} 

Any one else having a tropical Holiday over the Holiday's?!!!! :)

**Yes I got those sandals - scooped them up from Nordstrom 60% off. I mean how could I NOT??!!! I can't wait to wear them - I just wish I had more dresses to wear with them, I may wear them every night to dinner! 


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