Wednesday, December 19, 2012

so yea it happened

so yea, it happened. I was a bad blogger. There I said it.

Work got in the way. Holiday Parties got in the way. Sleep got in way. Shopping got in the way. Life it does that sometimes. I don't like being away I like spending time with all you! But ce la vie!

I've alluded to changes and new projects at work a few times over the past few months. They just keep coming and I'll admit my geekiness - I really like it! I love being busy, I love being pushed mentally to find solutions come up with answers. Putting together raw data and making sense of it - finguring out a story it tells. Nerd alert!!! A total natural adrenaline high for me! But wouldn't you know it, by the time one gets home from a 9 or 10 hour day, the gym, near two hours of commuting, tries to spend time with their pet or Husband they just kinda crash?! Odd no? I mean lets see, there was last week when I woke on the couch at midnight still in my gym clothes with my dinner plate resting next to me. Or the morning where I sat down in the shower to shave because standing was 'just too much'...and then woke from a tiny nap. Oh yea that's been me!

But I'm dealing. I just kinda reached the point where burning it from both ends really caught up with me. I had the past two days off work, because I am that person who is about to lose PTO days bc I haven't taken all my days from last year yet! Oh yeah I still have a few more to go before 2013, man they must love me - all work no play ;)

In 2013 I am vowing to change that!

Also, can I just say I love Homeland !! (The TV show) I know I am late to game - I just got half of season 1 on Netflix.....I watched 4 hours straight yesterday. I am hooooooked!!!! I can't wait for the next DVD to arrive! I must know what happens!

How are you loves?!

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  1. I feel exactly like you. I've been falling asleep on the couch...a lot lately.

  2. Sleep? who needs sleep? not this new mom! lol #Iknowhowyoufeel

  3. "fun in the sun" countdown has begun.......5 days.....

  4. Homeland is literally the greatest show on TV! I am obsessed.

  5. Haha - it happens to the best of us!! I am dead - can't wait to just sleep this whole weekend away :)


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