Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Some girls look so chic in hats! Maybe it is my curly hair {which always gets ruined minutes after I stick on on, meaning if I go hat on a curly day I can't take it off} or maybe it is my self imposed 'I have the hugest head ever' .... It doesn't stop me from wanting a new hat/beanie. Nope! I am currently addicted to finding one with an obnoxiously large ball on top! :) And now the weather is finally cold enough - I may snow today! I can finally bust mine out! Well on the weekend, I rarely wear one to work...hey the hair! I can't seem to look chic at work after pulling one off from my commute in....really I can't help but look like a walking rat's nest if I do! ;)

How do you wear your hats/beanies in the winter?

Shop some of my favorites!!!


  1. so cute! i love them all. im obsessed with beanies! wear them everywhere, all the time in the winter!

    1. Jealous!!! I can't seem to pull the off or get the worst hat hair ever!

  2. I agree about the hair being a bit of a mess when the hat comes off! That being sad, I picked up a fun oversized Pom Pom hat sat year at Anthro after Christmas. It's so fun. Now that it's finally feeling like winter, I plan on breaking it out...for weekend shopping where it stays on until I'm back in the privacy of my own home with my hat head!! :-)

    1. I am the SAMMMMMMME way!!! I loved Anthro's ones last year, I'll have to stop by after x-mas and see what they have (on sale!)

  3. i love a big, slouchy beanie!! anthro has a couple of cute ones right now!

  4. I have stuck to earmuffs in the past but I really want the gap one for my trip to San Francisco! the rats nest is a real problem for me too!

  5. I SO wish I looked this cute in hats. I swear, I'd be a lot warmer.
    xo Josie

  6. It's not cold enough to wear a hat like that where I live (although people still do for fashion purposes) I love the outfit in the tan and burgundy. great color combo !! I also have wavy hair and wear it natural most days.


  7. omg this post totally makes me want a hat!! in love.


  8. I always look terrible in hats, so I stick to earmuffs, but my roommate rocks them all the time and looks great. It makes me so jealous!

  9. I love hats! I live in them, especially in the fall. When wearing hats, I almost always curl my hair.
    Little Miss Stylista

  10. thanx

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