Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to wish you all the Happiest of Holidays! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Festivus, Hanukkah!!! Whatever you may be celebrating this season I wish you the best of it! I hope you all have a perfect holiday with your families and friends! Have safe travels, copious amounts of laughs (&wine!) and enjoy all the time spent with those you love! I am excited to see what the new year brings and wish you all nothing but the best! 

As you saw earlier - I am spending the Holiday in the Caribbean with Santa and the rest of my family! I am excited ecstatic to have more than a few days off the grid with my man & Brother - the three of us seem to get into the best kinds of trouble! The ones that have 2 ganging up against 1 and crumbling in fits of laughter! I hope you have the most wonderful upcoming week & I'll see you all next week...err year! And hopefully without a sunburn! ;) 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

We are all Packed UP!

The Hubs and I are all packed up and ..... AWAY we go!!!!!!!!!!! err have gone!

The Hubs and I jetted south, way south!!! Away from the SNOW and cold and are currently cruising around in the Caribbean! Holiday's tropical style! YIPEE!!! I couldn't be more ready! Although I didn't do any big shopping for this trip, there are a few new ladies traveling abroad with me! My Suitcase looks a little something like this!!! {I have packed each of the below items - however not necessarily these specific ones, my personal items/in my closet are listed in italic! Cuz it's fun to see peoples purchases!} 

Any one else having a tropical Holiday over the Holiday's?!!!! :)

**Yes I got those sandals - scooped them up from Nordstrom 60% off. I mean how could I NOT??!!! I can't wait to wear them - I just wish I had more dresses to wear with them, I may wear them every night to dinner! 

Friday, December 21, 2012

What to Wear? Holidays 2012

It's crunch time baby, what to wear to the last of the Holiday parties. What to wear to Christmas eve dinner, Christmas day - you know all those various events that sneak up on you and you can't find the perfect holiday/festive outfit to wear?!  I surely always run into this! 

Here are a few options to help you! Shop your closet, swap out an item or two, remix and you have yourself  more than outfit! Esp during the holidays when gifts take up precious space in your suitcase! 

Starting in the upper left we have the most casual and going clockwise we get a bit dressier! I personally am pinning to recreate EACH! I do not own a red button down and I must now!!!! Must! & I must find a faux leather skirt (kicking myself for passing up a jem at F21!) - What are you wearing for the holiday? 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

thursday treats

With the first snow looming I want warm and cozy foods in my belly! Its currently raining cats and dogs here with forecast of 4-6 inches of snow by nightfall! I want to make something hearty to warm me up and give me a big hug! I've always dreamed of having a big pot like this - I think it'd be perrrrfect to make a soup!!! 

What are some of your favorite soup recipes??? Please share! I just found this one and am dying to make it! 

And yes mom I'm partial to the orange - you know that by now! :) 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

so yea it happened

so yea, it happened. I was a bad blogger. There I said it.

Work got in the way. Holiday Parties got in the way. Sleep got in way. Shopping got in the way. Life it does that sometimes. I don't like being away I like spending time with all you! But ce la vie!

I've alluded to changes and new projects at work a few times over the past few months. They just keep coming and I'll admit my geekiness - I really like it! I love being busy, I love being pushed mentally to find solutions come up with answers. Putting together raw data and making sense of it - finguring out a story it tells. Nerd alert!!! A total natural adrenaline high for me! But wouldn't you know it, by the time one gets home from a 9 or 10 hour day, the gym, near two hours of commuting, tries to spend time with their pet or Husband they just kinda crash?! Odd no? I mean lets see, there was last week when I woke on the couch at midnight still in my gym clothes with my dinner plate resting next to me. Or the morning where I sat down in the shower to shave because standing was 'just too much'...and then woke from a tiny nap. Oh yea that's been me!

But I'm dealing. I just kinda reached the point where burning it from both ends really caught up with me. I had the past two days off work, because I am that person who is about to lose PTO days bc I haven't taken all my days from last year yet! Oh yeah I still have a few more to go before 2013, man they must love me - all work no play ;)

In 2013 I am vowing to change that!

Also, can I just say I love Homeland !! (The TV show) I know I am late to game - I just got half of season 1 on Netflix.....I watched 4 hours straight yesterday. I am hooooooked!!!! I can't wait for the next DVD to arrive! I must know what happens!

How are you loves?!

*All images from HERE

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

dear taylor

....dear's been a while since I've done one of these, and last week I got a request for another! So wahoo here we go! Her email read : I recently purchased a fabulous new pencil skirt in navy however I wasn't able to wear it very many times before the temperatures dipped. And I'd really like to wear it again but with what tights?! What are the best color tights to wear with a navy skirt? I'm stuck!

OOO girl great question! I love me some navy ...slacks, sweaters, but skirts those babies in winter can be tough! So I know the feeling. It depends on where you work or where you are headed. For me personally in the corporate environment I stick to a sheer-er navy tight, so there is some difference between the solid opacity of the skirt and my leg. I love ones with tiny navy dots! {This reminds me I need another pair, my old ones died, darn runs!} Or a neutral light grey. Again in the corporate environment I don't have much leeway  However if you are in a more casual workplace or going out with friends  I'd suggest trying a deep burgundy/wine color.

For shoes, I'd stick to a neutral color, I wear my heeled brown penny loafers. I'm not afraid to channel the nerd I am! ;) But a great charcoal, or navy pump would work fabulously as well. (Eeps...I really really want the babies below....)

For all I'd opt to have a bit of sheerness to the tight and not an opaque tight. And I'm kinda loving dotty tights right now, add some spunk but don't scream I'm a kid. But you can try a charcoal sweater tight and chunky knit sweater - depending on the formal-ness of the skirt. The options are endless, once you figure out what you are working with!

I think I want to wear mine next time kinda like this!!!!

1. Blouse // 2. Earrings // 3. Lips // 4. Necklace // 5. Watch // 6. Da SHOES

*I think I need these shoes!!! Imagine them here....then paired with denim....and with skirts, and slacks...Oh MY! And I do not own blue pumps!!! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Some girls look so chic in hats! Maybe it is my curly hair {which always gets ruined minutes after I stick on on, meaning if I go hat on a curly day I can't take it off} or maybe it is my self imposed 'I have the hugest head ever' .... It doesn't stop me from wanting a new hat/beanie. Nope! I am currently addicted to finding one with an obnoxiously large ball on top! :) And now the weather is finally cold enough - I may snow today! I can finally bust mine out! Well on the weekend, I rarely wear one to work...hey the hair! I can't seem to look chic at work after pulling one off from my commute in....really I can't help but look like a walking rat's nest if I do! ;)

How do you wear your hats/beanies in the winter?

Shop some of my favorites!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Oh Santa Baby

Oh Santa Baby..... :) I always have the hardest time picking items for my Christmas list. I really love the gifts that friends and loved ones choose that they think I'd love. They are always perfect! Here are just a few items I wouldn't mine calling my own. Feel free to add any of these items to the list too!

I can't get that giant pom pom beanie outta my head, I may have to pick one up for myself! And yes I am still pinning over that dinning room table & Prada print! Oh and I'd die to have any one of Gray Malin's gorgeous photographs {I'd be hard to pick between one of the a la plages, Prada or new balloon/Up & Away prints! Clearly I haven't made any headway on getting a new dinning room set-up! I'd also love a new pair of jeans, a new cookbook, another coffee table book, or a fab blouse, and maybe a YSL statement ring! I mean if you are asking I might as well share my whole wish list right?!

What is number one on your list?!!!! DO TELL! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gift Guide: lil LUXURIES

Was someone extra special and extra good this year??? Did Santa win the lotto? Sometimes a little luxuries for those you love are very necessary! I love treating those near and dear to me with items I know they wouldn't buy themselves!

Lulu Frost Tassel Necklace // Naughty Boy Cuff Links // Initial Necklace // Pom Pom Throw // Monagram Necklace // Mini Pashli Handbag // Red Wing Chukka Boots // RockStud Flats // Cannon Rebel T4i // Cashmere Beanie // Limited Edition EAMES Chair

I have the initial necklace and wear it daily, I honestly can't get enough. It is so delicate and wearable - perfect for all the ladies on your list (or your wife, or girl friend!). I could easily make room for a Lulu or some rockstuds, or an Eames.....:) little special splurges are so fun! Dear Santa, I'll Take them all! :) 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gift Guide: Under $100

Ok so yesterday I thought that was my favorite, well....I really really love today's  I have been a very good girl Santy Claus... PROMISE! :)

Those books, that candle....the ring the canister! And a place setting for 2 to 4 (if you can catch the sale) - who wouldn't want gold flatware!?!??!!!!!  Rounding up some great items for those you love! So many unique gifts to put under the tree! I am partially to the books - I am a nerd at heart and have been slowly finding great (not only to look at) coffee table/display books. The content means something too! :)

Did you find anything you could use to check a special someone off your list?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gift Guide: Under $50 - Stocking Stuffers

There have been gift guides galore allover in the interwebs already. I am either late to the game or really  I felt like people were rushing it!!! I had every intention of starting these last week, after Thanksgiving..... however last week was totes crazy pants for me at work! I love CHristmas, but personally have to wait until after Thanksgiving to get 'in the mood' (although I was done holiday shopping months ago!)  But my two projects are done, after a looooong day of work on Saturday! So I was finally able to breathe and format some posts for you loves!!! 

In years past I have done different formats, check out last years holiday fun here!! (Looking back, man I'd still love some of those items, proof if you edit and narrow down a gift will be good for more than just a moment in time! Hello this entire one!) 

This year I decided to sort them out by budget. We all have them, and sometimes you feel like "sticking to 'em" is the hardest thing ever! I occasionally fall into that boat, but it's mostly when I'm rushing. Without further ado....Here is my first gem: Gift Guide 2012, Under $50 & Some great stocking Stuffers! {Note: The gift Guides will include items for both the men and ladies on your list!....cuz we can't for get Dad or the Hubs  while out getting ourselves or our girlfriends some stuff ;) }

Personally this one might be one of my favorites!!! Quirky, thoughtful and unique! The perfect combo when picking out a gift! That little piggy bank would be perfect young to old, I'd personally write 'NEW PURSE!' or SHOES across her belly! And the fish corkscrew would be so fun for all the men on my list! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Deckin' the Halls

Things got festive round my parts this weekend!!! Man I love decorating for the Holidays! Bits of cheer everywhere I can around the house!!! This year, again, I opted against a tree, but went a differ route that last year (you can see last years Christmas decor here). This year I went with garland, and treated it like a tree! 

I strung my homemade paper link garland, and hung ornaments through out. It looks really cute! Totally turned out better than I imagined! I'll have to get some better pictures (Apologies for the crappy quality iPhone, my camera was dead and I had no clue!). It may be missing some twinkling lights, but it makes up for it in charm!!! And the location, the archway leading to the kitchen, is seen from everywhere, so that makes me happy! 

Also hung lights outside, and wrapped a sparkly red ribbon around my boxwood wreath on the back door! More people can see my backdoor than front, so I hung my wreath out here! Hey, someone has got to see I'm festive! 

I love this bunting! Looks homemade, but thank you after Christmas sale at TJ Maxx a couple years ago! The Silver and gold mix is perfect, it goes with everything!

Have you decorated for Christmas yet? Put up your tree?