Friday, November 16, 2012

tar-jay as they say

Target. Tar-jay, if you want to pronounce it all fancy-schmancy like. It's a beast that you love to hate or hate to love. It really goes both ways if I'm being honest! I can't ever leave without spending $50! It's like a new age urban legend or something, because I know I am not alone!

Well my new-ish found obsession on Instagram is.not.helping!!! If you don't know, thank/hate me later! I blame Tori for introducing me, but really I thank her (who you should follow on insta too, bc her fam is the cutest thing ever!!!!)!

Ok so back to my new obsession!!! On istagram there is a profile run by two of the cutest ladies, called 'Target Does it Again' {They also have a Tumblr, but I don't have tumblr so ....} And they feature the best little things from around Target, I continually think I need to won!!!

Focusing mainly on clothes, but also including anything from anywhere in the store to housewears to anything inbetween. Here are a few of my favorite recent posts!!! Enjoy!

Anyone else running to Target this weekend with me now?! :) 

They always post the price and the Target brand, so it is easy to find in store!! Kinda also loving the loafers and fringy booties they just posted too! :) 


  1. i love that cream sweater!!


  2. um i love everything on there.

    thanks for the IG recommendation. following now!


  3. Um that is my favorite instagram right now!! I just also wish that the stuff was online! GR

    1. Most of it hits online - it is just at a delay to the stores, so keep checking online!!! {I guess I sound like an addict, bc I know this....I check too often!}

  4. yessssss this is amazing! giiiirl sign up for tumblr if even just to follow people - such great stuff. and amazingly funny gifs. ps so good seeing you last night! sushi date soon!

  5. I wish that I had a target to go to....that wasn't really far away and really inconvenient. You can follow any tumblr in google reader :)

  6. YAYYYY!!! Those girls deserve every follower they get! Total fashionistas!

  7. Taylor,
    The orange and white sweaters at the top of your post are so pretty! I think I'm in love- sequins and studs!!

    XO Jenna

  8. I'm OFFICIALLY obsessed.
    xo Josie

  9. Oh shit. Guess my wallet and I'll be peeling by Target this weekend.

  10. love target. I used to spend so much money there so now I never get a basket... I can only buy what I hold!

    1. OMG!!! On Saturday i was in the candle aisle and i was grabbing more than i needed and a lady next to me said the same thing - she was like 'this is why i don't get a cart!' I need to get on that motto!!!

  11. ummmmmmm i totally need both sweaters asap.

  12. Following those girls is like crack for fashionistas! I screen print everything I want, plan a "date with myself" and go and search for everything. It is sick! I have the cream sweater and the NYC sweatshirt. Lol! I even have a schedule that I peruse 3 different locations each week. Commit me...I have issues!

  13. Oh man, that sounds like bad news temptation to me! I love everything in Target, and I have to limit my visits there - it is the only way to decrease the damage on my wallet! ha

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