Monday, November 19, 2012


I've kinda been a sucky blogger lately. Not by choice, but things happen. This is all to my Mom's dismay I'm sure! I currently have two rather big projects running concurrently and will both roll-out the same day. So the to-do lists are long and the conference calls are endless! By the time this little lady gets home, if I haven't already dozed off on the train, I am barely making the swap into PJ's before passing out on the couch! No lie I think I went to bed at 9 every night last week.....and even Friday night! Old lady status!! 

But I don't mind, I'm really enjoying what I'm doing (of course I wish I made more $ but... ) but something has to give. And sadly the blog is it. Normally I use lunch to start a post and the evening to fix it up and hit schedule post, but when one is passed out and sleeping those events don't really occur!! And this weekend really kept with that status. I woke up extra early each day and did a few chores then took a nap. Needless to say I slept a LOT this weekend. It was great! 

But as for a swanky post, this is all I have LOL - life via instagram! 

Comfy and casual Saturday! 
 Wearing: Pendleton Parka, J.Crew Sweatshirt, Joes Jeans, Minnietonka Mocs, Chloe Bag
The Hubs Homemade Metloaf!!!! Surprise Friday night dinner! 

How were your weekends? Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I am - days filled with sweatpants and naps! Cheers to a short week!!! 


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