Friday, November 9, 2012

happy friday

Happy Friday my loves!!!! First off isn't this pairing of colors great?! I love it! Would be perfect for the chilly fall weekend ahead (well at least that we will be having here in the Midwest!). I don't own any orange skinnies.....but this proves we all should! *wink wink* I am sure on an orange kick this week! 

These past two week have been insane for me at work. The Hurricane and a huge deployment project all happening at the same time. They have left me with little free time or much energy but its ok, I really enjoy it! And to make the pending weekend any better.....I get to spend it with my Mom!!!! She'll be in town for the weekend, so-a shopping and cocktailing we will-a go!!! I can't wait! 

Anything fun on your agendas? I can't wait to see James Bond personally (once Mom's visit is done) - I am a JB nerd, I blame my Dad! 


  1. Obsessed with that color combo! We are going to see Bond tomorrow... so excited!

  2. love this combo! and i need those boots!where is the image from so i can stalk the boots?!

    i'm also obsessed with bond (and sherlock holmes!) b/c of my dad!:)

  3. Hoping to see JB this weekend but its already sold out at the time slots we want - grrrr.

  4. Those were my wedding colors! Love...obviously. :)

  5. Happy Friday, lady! I looooove those orange skinnies.
    xo Josie

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