Thursday, October 25, 2012

thursday treats

Mama has a big new infatuation.......Holy I need!!! When the Hubs and I went looking for a new rug, I finally took the time to look and play with these babies in the store. And I fell hard. The Hubs even said 'those are pretty cool, I like them' - which means I wont roll my eyes at you when they appear at home but you know we don't need another kitchen tool! I mean I loved them since....forever online, but in much more!!!! They are on sale right now, I need a place setting for 4 ASAP. I mean I don't yet have a table for 4, but I will! They wouldn't be our everyday silverware, but dinner parties beware!! 

I love these so much I am tempted to not buy a blouse I've been saving for and get these instead!!!! Don't you agree that I need them


  1. i just ordered a 6 piece set of them for dinner parties (and especially thanksgiving next month!). i'm so glad they are even better in person--was worried about the quality since i never actually held them. the price is unbeatable. DO IT!!!

  2. YES, you need them! And now I think I need them too!!!

  3. They are pretty fabulous! I say get them! :)

  4. These are GORGEOUS!
    xo Josie


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