Tuesday, October 16, 2012

bundled up

Fall is here, and I'm already thinking about winter! I want to be prepped and ready. Ready to fight the chill all cute & bundled up!!! I am not going to lie, my first few winters, I was solely trying to stay warm. That big ugly puffy North Face coat - god love her and her warming ways, but seriously she is so not cute. And she is now reserved for the snowiest, sleet-iest and ugliest of days. I'm totally cool with admitting I let winter win. Or rather commuting in winter win. Hey, I was raised in San Diego, and if you weren't aware it is warm enough to go to the beach on Christmas day there, we don't worry or know how to do 'this'. So this has been and still is a learning experience for me! But not any more.

Since last year, I've vowed to step up my winter game. I grabbed two amazing coats last year on super sale! And started the process of updating to better winter accessories. Head over and visit Heidi and see the few pieces I'm hoping (no going!) to stock up on before we say good bye to 40's-50's......and hit 20-30's. SOB!  I'm hold down fort for her while she vacations....lucky girl!


  1. It only takes a couple years to adjust to the blistering frigid temperatures and just want to look cute. You are officially a Chicagoan!

    1. AWW YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to hear it!! Those first 2 years though man I would be near tears heading out to work every morning!

  2. I look like the biggest a hole in hats so like...I need to figure it out.

  3. want to share some cold weather with san diego? it's supposed to be 90 today and that makes me want to cry.

  4. I wish I looked better in winter hats, but I cannot pull them off. Loving your picks though! :)

  5. I love those gray pieces! They look so warm and cozy.
    xo Josie

  6. I've always loved beanies but I look like such a dork in them!
    ♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  7. I agree - In the winter when all people see are your coat and your extra warm accessories, it is important to kick the outerwear up a notch! I want to invest in a matching hat/scarf and leather gloves from J.Crew this year!


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