Monday, October 8, 2012

At Home

I think I blinked and two days of weekend passed. How does that not happen on days named Monday, Tuesday, Wed... etc?! Boo. I spent the better part of the weekend indoors at home. Well lets take that back, 95%. 

I packed up all my Summer gear. SOB! Goodbye sandals, shorts, and light sundresses. Relegated to a storage bin in the basement. Til next year babies!!! 

Spent a large majority of the time cuddling this little man on the couch, feeling like butt. Also busted out fall/winter gear. Boots and sweaters are now at the front of the closet instead of pushed to the back. 

Pulled out some festive gear. And the crock-pot! Homemade barbacoa - recipe coming up tomorrow! It was soo good. 

I need at least two more days off! Not feeling well totally cheated me of the feeling of having a 'weekend'. Although I got a bunch done.... Do you know what I mean?! What did you do?


  1. I think we all blinked and weekend just flew by. feeling cheated ;( but anyway, happy Monday! tell yourself that this week is going to be awesome :) and isn't cooler weather something to look forward to?

    {the Picablocks}

  2. awww love your doggie!!

    We tried out a new restaurant and then spent time with family-I agree-the weekend went WAY too fast!

  3. OMG your dog is too adorable!! And yes, I agree. Hate Mondays :(

  4. Ugh packing up summer gear was painful for me, and this morning I could not get out of bed. At least the cold wakes me up on a walk?? Trying to find the positive. Can't wait for your recipe tomorrow and hope you're feeling better! Such a cute pup.

  5. Replies
    1. :) They are some new DV booties i picked up for a song at TJMaxx SCH-WEET - you can get a super cheap pair that look exactly same from Target ( ) or here is the link to the DV pair ( )

  6. Love those little booties and the candy corn candle! So cute.
    xo Josie

  7. i hate being sick on the weekends!! hope you're feeling better!

  8. I did the same thing this weekend! It's sad, but you also feel as if you have a whole new wardrobe... for about 5 seconds. Then you want all new stuff :) PS - I have the same sparkly skull but mine is orange!


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