Monday, September 17, 2012

weekend friends memories

The past two days have been endless rounds of cocktails.Laughs. Stories. New memories. And the most amount of fun!!!! We had one of our best friends in town this past weekend and I can honestly say I didn't want it to end. He is like my big brother, and that is what true friends feel like. Family.

I am hurting a bit today. Yes, we 'drank' it up this weekend. Mimosas at breakfast after a late night out. But hey when in Rome. :)

Here are some snippets of what I wore:
Saturday Night/Top: Zara Blazer, F21 T, Hudson Jeans black denim, Rag & Bone Booties, YSL bag
Sunday Day/Bottom: San Diego Chargers T-Shirt, Joes Jeans denim, Converse

A weekend that made me feel very loved and very happy! We all need weekends like those! How were your weekends? 


  1. I made things in my crock pot. Freal. lol.

  2. Sounds like such a fun weekend. I love your outfits, especially Sunday's casual look. xo

  3. Your weekend sounds lovely. Glad you enjoyed yourself! :)

  4. love your blog! New follower from California! ;)

    xoxo Shauna

  5. sounds like a great weekend! loving those booties!

  6. These are the best weekends. Looove.
    xo Josie

  7. So nice!! I was checking out your instagrams, looked like a blast! XO


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