Thursday, September 20, 2012

thursday treats

Thursday treats have been missed for a few weeks, so I had to bring them back. I love sharing little bits or bobbles that catch my eye!
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Isabel Marant landed wedge sneakers on the map. Some like them, some don't. I was on the fence, except for Isabel's! But sold out everywhere and out of the price range for many those weren't an option, for me. I don't dislike the others them, but many of the others don't have the same appeal and the colors don't sing to me. Then Nike had to go and give me a pair I can totally get on board with. To me the mono-color in a more neutral color is the way to go. Styling these babies up tomorrow, to help show you the many ways these lovies could live happily in our closets! 

Are you on or off the wedge shoe train? 

PS- Babe, this are on the x-mas list! :) (Aren't you all starting your x-mas lists already?!) 


  1. i want these in black so bad because i don't have black sneaks and i think its pretty important, right? or maybe i love the olive. aaahhh!

    1. I could really see ALL of them fitting into your closet! Black would be great for winter/fall cuz they wont show dirt as much!

  2. i got a pair of olive green suede/grey felt wedge sneakers by 7 last year and got so many weird looks but i loved them! so comfortable and fun. if i didn't have those, i'd want this pair ASAP.


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