Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Outfit: T, Old Navy // Shorts, Paige // Belt, old // Sandals, Topshop // Purse, Chloe

Holiday. Unplug. Relax. Nap. Veg. Ride Bike. Veg again. That was me, and it was wonderful. Having gone 200 mph last week at work, I kinda crashed. Crashed hard. We had an extra day off on Friday, with every intention of being blog-productive... and...we know it didn't happen. I made it to Barre class, to get my brows waxed and then napped and putzed around the house. Saturday Barre class, grocery & putz. Repeat. Sunday repeat. Monday Repeat.

Being lazy at it's finest! My mind needed to not think. Add in a BBQ with friends, late night bike rides around an empty city, and a little afternoon stroll downtown I am ready to petition 4 day weekends mandatory at least once a month!

How were your weekends?


  1. I want a 4 day weekend every week. We'd probably be way more productive at work as well!

  2. That sounds like a lovely weekend to me....I bet that class is awesome!

  3. This sounds like the PERFECT weekend! Love it.
    xo Josie

  4. I also had a lazy weekend and enjoyed every minute of it. Sometimes we just need a bit of a break! :)

  5. super cute outfit! Loving your handbag and polish color! xo

  6. Adorbs ensemble. Sounds like a perfectly chill weekend. Good for you.


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