Friday, September 28, 2012

happy Friday!

Happy Friday Loves!!! I've jetted off, headed south. Warmer weather, where pre-winter has yet to set in. To celebrate and spend the weekend with the best lady I know. Mom. Join me in a 'Happy Birthday Mom!!!'

She's one of my very best friends. My most loyal blog reader! ;) And most of all she always challenges me to be the best me, no matter what adventure or turn I take in life. And for that I can say I have a pretty dang amazing Mom!

We are off shopping, and eating, and shopping, and a day at Disney World - why not celebrate turning 21 (again) at the happiest place on earth?!!!!! And probably some more shopping. What can I say we are pro's when we hit the stores together!


  1. Have a great trip friend! Let's get together when you get back. :)

    1. Yes Please, I think we need a burbs trips or outlets or something, or apple picking something FALL! And let's rally L&L!!!

  2. great blog! would you like to follow each other? let me know if you follow, we will follow back :)

  3. I love your mom and know how thrilled she had to be to have you there :) Happy Birthday, Mom! xo


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