Friday, August 24, 2012

My Fall Shopping List: For my Dreams

I had a lot of fun sharing what is currently on my shopping, oh won't you be mine list - some already are! (I've purchased 1 for my Feet/Flats, one for my Top/Blazer, and 1 for my Bottom/Slacks!) And I couldn't help myself by doing just one more.

If budget wasn't an option, these are two lovely I would love to own! They are on the shopping list of my Dreams! :)

The YSL Arty ring has appeared soooo many posts on this blog - I am in love. I love the statement it makes, yet the wear-ability as I see it is varied. Which for me is wonderful, since my current job dictates a corporate casual attire. I love splurges that i can use M-Fri! One day she will be mine! (Stone color - yet to be determined;) ) 

And these shoes...!!!! Palest of pinks, little studs. I need the spare $$$ for these!!! 

A girl can dream right?! What would you add to your closet in your dreams????? Do SHARE! 


  1. I'd be happy with any of the studded Valentino shoes, any!

  2. The shoes are just amazing! I was going to purchase an arty ring before but I could never decide on a colour!


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  4. I have wanted that ring forever.

    1. Sames! We should totally get matching ones! ;)

  5. ha, i have wanted that ring forever too. my hands just feel so bare without it! i'm currently stuck on the black stone with gold's amazing.

    1. That combo sounds STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hey, I'm your new follower! Love everything from your lists and your blog's name :)

    1. Welcome and THANK YOU!!!! So glad you found me, I hope you enjoy! xo-T

  7. That ring is just SO chic and fabulous!
    xo Josie

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