Monday, August 27, 2012

how it was

Life lately (according to Instagram):

Fall Catalogs, falling in love with pink suit a la J.Crew // OOTD Mini Pleats & Leopard
Summer in a bowl, juicy watermelon // Relaxing in bed, Sept issues, Snuggles from the Pooch & movies
Breakfast for Lunch on a rainy Sunday // Sept issues - Loving the clean fresh look in Lucky

Sunday night I got the best text from my Brother. Fashion advice needed! I pulled together some great pieces for a weekend off campus! Being in college limited closet space is an issue. He needs items that will last and can be worn in various combinations - here was one I threw together for him. (Man I missed my calling!) 

How were your weekends? Mine was great!!! I finished up some decorating, the kitchen - I absolutely love the way that little room feels!! I'll share pictures this week! And enjoyed a rainy day indoors on Sunday, relaxing and enjoying time kicking back.


  1. Hey lovely! Weekend was good, but we got a little rain as well which wasn't too bad since it was nice to relax a bit in the afternoons while watching the rain.

  2. great picks for the brother! i loved shopping with my brothers growing up :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. Dude your brother is going to be styling! Great picks!

    1. Thanks!!! Easy pieces I know a 20 year old could manage to put on and not be sweats! ;) I've got to find a sister-in-law! HA! My mom would kill me!

  4. loving those pleats + leopard print! can't wait to see pics of your kitchen!

  5. great choices.... for college guys, i suggest levi's raw denim jeans (last forever!), a nice pair of chinos in camel and in slate, an arsenal of basic button-downs, and a few chunky sweaters, if you are up north or in the mountains!

  6. Love those sneaks! Fall catalogs have been dominating m e too!

  7. Great picks for your brother! I know my guy would love any of these. :)


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