Friday, August 17, 2012


Happy Weekend Loves! 

Pheew, anyone else have just a crazy crazy week? ....Good to know I am not alone!!! I am excited to do some more stuff around the house (maybe narrow down the rung/coffee table search - I can't seem to narrow it down!), hit up the gym a bit - run off this stress! The air and water show is this weekend as well, and I hope to enjoy the show from our friends lakefront roof top! And sneak in a little shopping! hehe I mean it's only natural, the weather has drastically cooled off here (why I ask why!!!) so all I can think of is fall!

What are on your agendas?

PS - Isn't Jackie the eptiomy of chic!!! 70's tonal ensemble and even possible denim tuxedo, meow!!!!


  1. I love Jackie! And I have no idea what we're doing this weekend. We'll

  2. have a fabulous weekend!! i'm not sure i'm on board with the chilly temps. give me heat at LEAST until sept!

  3. It's been crazy to the max around here! A dear friend is coming into town, so I'm looking forward to relaxing and catching with her. Happy Friday lady!

  4. Have a great weekend my dear! I can't believe it's cooled off here already, but I think we may still get a little more warmth before Fall REALLY begins. Or one can at least hope! :)


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