Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Home: The Kitchen

The Kitchen. The first room/space in our new place that feels 'done'! And I am really loving the way it came together!

Still debating if I want to paint the butcher block shelf {maybe black? charcoal? paint base, stain top?} who knows! Right now I'm just enjoying how great it feels to have one room feel 'done'! Now onto the next one!!! But which to focus on next!?!???

Sources: Silver kettle (on stove): Crate & Barrel. Hand towel (on oven): Ikea. Baroque frame: Ikea (haven't found what we want to go in it). Silver frames: Ikea. Art: Mouse - Etsy, Arches - Ikea, Mars Cheese Castle - Local Gallery. Colt .45 Print: Vintage. Butcher Block Shelves: Ikea. Runner: Target. Stools: Dumper Dive (oh yea, I went there!), covered in random stickers. Lucite Tray: Etsy. Alcohol: Do I need to tell you?

If I missed anything and you are interested, let me know!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

how it was

Life lately (according to Instagram):

Fall Catalogs, falling in love with pink suit a la J.Crew // OOTD Mini Pleats & Leopard
Summer in a bowl, juicy watermelon // Relaxing in bed, Sept issues, Snuggles from the Pooch & movies
Breakfast for Lunch on a rainy Sunday // Sept issues - Loving the clean fresh look in Lucky

Sunday night I got the best text from my Brother. Fashion advice needed! I pulled together some great pieces for a weekend off campus! Being in college limited closet space is an issue. He needs items that will last and can be worn in various combinations - here was one I threw together for him. (Man I missed my calling!) 

How were your weekends? Mine was great!!! I finished up some decorating, the kitchen - I absolutely love the way that little room feels!! I'll share pictures this week! And enjoyed a rainy day indoors on Sunday, relaxing and enjoying time kicking back.

Friday, August 24, 2012

My Fall Shopping List: For my Dreams

I had a lot of fun sharing what is currently on my shopping, oh won't you be mine list - some already are! (I've purchased 1 for my Feet/Flats, one for my Top/Blazer, and 1 for my Bottom/Slacks!) And I couldn't help myself by doing just one more.

If budget wasn't an option, these are two lovely I would love to own! They are on the shopping list of my Dreams! :)

The YSL Arty ring has appeared soooo many posts on this blog - I am in love. I love the statement it makes, yet the wear-ability as I see it is varied. Which for me is wonderful, since my current job dictates a corporate casual attire. I love splurges that i can use M-Fri! One day she will be mine! (Stone color - yet to be determined;) ) 

And these shoes...!!!! Palest of pinks, little studs. I need the spare $$$ for these!!! 

A girl can dream right?! What would you add to your closet in your dreams????? Do SHARE! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Fall Shopping List: For my Accessorizing

Baubles and accessories - never too few or too many! These beauties need to come live with me on the ASAP!
Rock Stud // Valentina // Cushion Studs

I'm a stud girl through and through (discussed here, and here) - I love the little pop of color these Rock Studs will add to a drab all black cold weather ensembles - I say every year it wont happen but when it's mucky out - it inevitably does! Or maybe I need them in a bright blue - bright blue would go with my new plaid!!!?!! And what girl doesn't need another pair of big shinny sparklers?! We all do - and this great cushion style from Bauble Bar is such a great shape and variation. I must get! Like yesterday! 

And a purse is a fantastic accessory. I recently got the most fabulous, most dreamy Chloe bag. You've seen her once! She is utterly amazing. But I have a hole - I need a small little black crossbody bag. Need. And Chloe as I call her is like a suede type leather, I do NOT want to ruin her in any way shape or form! I love the vintage timeless feel of Valentina.

What accessories are calling your name for fall? 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Fall Shopping List: For my Bottom

Next up. Bottoms. Lower half, my gams, me stems. Someone stop me I could go on! ;) Now pants - I'm pretty well set. I slowly replaced all old denim/work slacks with quality denim and slacks. But I do want to find just a few to add to the closet!

F/W shopping list for my bottom half:
Camo // Wide Leg // Sweat

Now pick your jaw up from the floor - I know the sweat pants are not the norm!!! Let me explain. Oh so NOT to be worn in public, that's understood right (well I may take the dog pee in the alley in them, not gonna lie)? Ok pheew, who do you think I am?! ;) Every time the weather cools I like to get a fun new pair of cozy house pants/Pj's. A little tradition I started when I moved to Chicago, land of bundling up. 

Now onto the real pants. We already know I am obsessed with camo, and I really really want need these. And add a great pair of new wide leg black trousers. I won't tell you when I got my most favorite pair wide leg slacks (ok I will, pre college graduation, the were part of my first ever suit, circa '05), but lets just all nod in agreement they need to be replaced with a new fab pair. And these are pretty swanky. 

Anything fun on your 'Bottom' list? 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Fall Shopping List: For my Top

After yesterday's post I thought I'd keep up with it for the entire week. Breaking it down by region. Yesterday was about the feet. Today, for my Top. Top Half. Cover my chesticles if you know what I mean! ;)  hehe.

So my F/W shopping list for my Top:

I really want a fun new plaid - I think one new one a year will continue to make me the happiest girl! And a new blouse. A great new blouse is always a great investment - I love the novelty of the hearts but reads as a neutral so totally appropriate for work.  I just scooped up this jacket this past weekend, she sure is extra pretty in person! 

What is on your list for Fall/Winter for your top?

Monday, August 20, 2012

My Fall Shopping List: For my Feet

Lately I have been narrowing down what I'd like to add to my closet for fall/winter 2012. Sounds and looks kinda fancy right, F/W 12. Like a fashion collection. LOL I am so easy amused sometimes!

As of today this is my 'For my Feet' list. {It may change by tomorrow, but these 3 have held strong for more than a few weeks, meaning they are probably going to happen!}

Do you have any new shoes on your list for the coming cooler months? I have already started saving for these booties & I can't wait for them to be mine!!! (the flats are already on their way!!) 

Friday, August 17, 2012


Happy Weekend Loves! 

Pheew, anyone else have just a crazy crazy week? ....Good to know I am not alone!!! I am excited to do some more stuff around the house (maybe narrow down the rung/coffee table search - I can't seem to narrow it down!), hit up the gym a bit - run off this stress! The air and water show is this weekend as well, and I hope to enjoy the show from our friends lakefront roof top! And sneak in a little shopping! hehe I mean it's only natural, the weather has drastically cooled off here (why I ask why!!!) so all I can think of is fall!

What are on your agendas?

PS - Isn't Jackie the eptiomy of chic!!! 70's tonal ensemble and even possible denim tuxedo, meow!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

thursday treats

Sometimes you just need a little funky shoe to make you happy. Love em or hate em - I love um! I can't wait to rock mine!!!

I had to have them, and couldn't resist anymore! Fun option to have and can't beat the price! I especially can't wait to pair them with cuffed up jeans, a button down and blazer for an unexpected twist to a weekend look! {Well, yes I can wait, I am not quite that ready for fall just yet!}

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fall Predictions 2012

I have rubbed my magic ball, shaken my Magic 8 Ball ... looked into the ....Oh I just have a feeling that Wine colors {Burgundy's and Golds} and Camo will be a BIG 'ol HIT this fall! Two colorways we've seen before, but this year I definitely think they will take front stage. And I want MORE in my closet!!! 

 Guy or gal, you heard it need some burgundy/shades of wine and camo in your closet!!

I am debating on a fun camo jacket or pants. But leaning towards pants, since I have military/army green jackets. Alas Zara is kiling it with the camo jackets, so I may have to give in! And these deep burgundy/wine colored loafers, with the gold toe & that bangle?! Come on now!!!!

Will you camo or 'wine' with me this fall?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Bits of...

Bits of my weekend.

 Fresh Flowers.
 My new Toy (yes, I am excited fora new vacuum!) & Glimpse of the NEW PAINT! 
Inspired to (start) hang some art around the house.
Glimpse of new DIY artwork! 

How were your weekends? {not Pictured} Watching all the last bits of the Olympics I could & thoroughly commenting through the Closing Ceremony, Barre Bee Fit workouts, BIKE RIDES - to dinner Sat, and brunch on Sun!!! Cooking, and some relaxing! I love weekends like this! 

Friday, August 10, 2012


I have no big plans for the weekend, except oh yeah. Our place is going to get painted!!!!! The gods listened and answered my prayers, see this post! It won't be one of the colors I was debating (here). But it will be a darn close-ish color, a kinda grey/blue that is already in our bedroom (our landlord/management company are tough cookies!). Compromise & SO.MUCH.BETTER. And for purposes of my liking it, it will be all sorts of better!

Being inspired I have decided to pull the trigger and do a painting I had been planning on already for our living room area. I love the look of this piece that Jen Ramos had in her old house, and will be trying to recreate something in a pallet that works for us!

Moody greys, whites, a touch of blue, and maybe some black on a white background. I have a great old large print with a silver frame that will serve as my canvas. I can't wait to get started, finished and hung up!!! Progress people, progress!

Saturday we are trying to get a double dinner date with some friends planned. And I also have a couple Barre classes I'm signed up for. But the weather as dramatically cooled. I mean it's still in the 70's so I may opt for long run's outdoors instead! 70 ain't no 95+!!!

And cooking, found some fun new recipes I want to try out. Yes it is safe to say I am addicted to quinoa! Addicted!

And don't forget - watching the last of the Olympics. I will be sad to see it go, they are so much fun to watch!

**If you didn't weigh in yet, check out yesterday's post and let me know what you wish you hadn't let get away!

What are on your agenda's?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

those that got away

Don't you hate when you fall in love with something then it is sold out everywhere. I think we have all had a item or two!

This Rodarte shirt is one for me. Heathered Tee, vintage quality, fashion-y. Mama wants.

Now share what got away that you would die to have {Housewares, shoes, bags, dinner reservations, anything!}???  I want to make this something interactive - and will do a follow-up next week and share all of yours (if we get a bunch, bc I love these things!!) !!! So SPILL what was it? A shirt from 'Crew? Jacket from Zara?! Shoes from Nordies?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

around the house

Things around the house decor wise have been kinda stagnant. Not by any choice of mine. You know the whole landlord thing and them deciding to be I just feel kinda stuck with the mustardy walls. Yes Mustard. I don't want to do anything til it's done.

Evidence. {in a horrible iPhone pic, but you get the jist}

Now do you feel my pain?! It's everywhere. And the landlord thinks I am crazy because this is neutral. Neutral to who, a pet monkey? I really hope they just let me paint already. It will really just make the place feel brighter and 30257.98% better. I am hesitant to get a new rug or coffee table til then. But I am loving these images as inspiration. The mix of traditional, modern, that is what I want. Right now the more traditional couch and modern TV stand are making the Hubs second guess what I talked him into. And I know it will be great. But....uggh...seriously, can we get the painting over already?!

Simple and clean in the bathroom. 
 Lucite coffee table....tis what I really want! 

*images found here

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Make-Up for Dummies

{Title} <--- That is me anytime I try and buy new make-up! I am like a blubbering idiot, especially when the kind ladies at the counter ask varying questions as I stand there with glazed over eyes. Up until about, I don't know 10 minutes ago, well really about 2 years ago (my wedding) my routine was pitiful to say the least. My routine consisted of moisturizer (tinted if I was having a rough break-out week), the wrong color concealer, mascara and a really old eye-shadow 6-color thingy (like the Maybeline pack that has 3 or six shades of similar browns). And a lip gloss, a yup as in singular. Crazy complicated I know.

I am lucky. I was blessed with pretty decent skin. Save the random breakout, I never had a need to really wear make-up. Nor was I really allowed til near out of high school (but that isn't a conversation for right now! Hi Mom! :) ). And to be quite honest I never really felt the desire to! But on my wedding day, the first time I have ever had my make-up done (I am not counting a friend helping before prom), I was introduced to the amazingness that it really is. I was dead petrified that I was gonna walk out looking like a clown - and it was anything but! It was awesome - I looked like a better version of me (if I say so myself). So I vowed I would try and learn! {me so punny....did you catch that?!} 

Soooo.....over time I have tried. I now have the right kind of concealer to cover my dark circles not a random one grabbed on a whim. Amongst others!!! I even sat long enough to pick up techniques. No like really I can kinda sorta put on eyeliner now, just a little, but baby steps! 

With all that being said I wanted to share 3 of the items that have been rocking my world over the past couple months. So easy to apply (which is a must for me) & they make me look like I semi know what I am doing!!! 

Benefit Brow Zings - Brow filler, color greatness. I just use the tiniest amounts, esp near the outside tips of my brows, where my hairs are finer. It is amazing how much difference the tiniest amount of definition makes! 
Benefit Watt's Up - Highlighter, stick of glory! This stick I use on my cheek bones, instant dewiness, highlight, slight shimmer. And on the days I'm rushing, like 4/7 a swipe on the brow bone, hello I'm awake! 
MAC Technakohl Eyeliner - The easiest eyeliner I have found to put on. You don't have to press hard, which I think is my downfall of most, so easy to smudge and comes off easy on a q-tip for my err not so straight of lines! 

Do you have any great items I should try? Something that really packs a punch? I kind of want to try a BB cream. But all I can tell is it is a fancy tinted moisturizer....maybe in winter, when no amount of moisture is enough for my face! 

**I was NOT paid to write these nor given any of these products to try - I bought each of these products on my own, and these feelings are 100% my own. Just want to help a fellow-non-make-up girl out there if I can! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

thursday treats

I mean, really?! Heart patches on the elbows......SWOON!!! Office appropriate if styled correctly and so fun for out of work. Sign. Me. Up. I think I am going to get this baby!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Great Outdoors

You know what is great? Having a HUGE deck! Our new place, it has one of those. You can kinda see about a third of it from Monday's post. Yes just a third! It is awesome!!! And Huge. And plan ole amazing!!! We moved in a bit late in the game to plant a whole bunch of new plants - because lets face it my two tiny flower boxes are just that tiny! So those will probably wait til next year. Unless I can find some cool hearty and decent sized shrubs {Cuz they will need to last through the Winter!}.

Oh and lets not look at my poor BBQ and table. They were 95% of our old one. And now fill up 1%. I know. Which leads me into my recent finding.....
I mean the cute stuff ...the kind that I want. Why is it as much as an indoor furniture? Have you found any great deals for your yard or deck? I have been stalking different websites and Home Depot for their end of season sales. Craigslist too! Cuz I can't wait to have friends over to my own little versions of this!!!!!

*Patio furniture available here
*Patio deck image via. 

**UPDATE: I do not necessarily want the couch set above - just one I've seen while on the hunt. And the price...oy!. We def want a 4-6 person table and either a couch set-up or some lounge chairs...I am thinking loungers (cuz I love laying out and reading a magazine!