Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Moving Accessories

Everyone and everything can use an accessory now and again....Am I right? Cute outfit needs the perfect bag. Great dinner the perfect dessert. Why not moving?!

I shared last week the Hubs and I are moving. And I really think I need want to send out these....
via & tied for the win option#2

And I don't have anything now, but I think I really need a stamp with our new address....for the like 3 cards I send a year.

And while I'm at it. I never got around to ordering personalized stationary after our wedding, so now would be the perfect time no?

And a notepad for work - maybe work won't be that mean to me anymore with one?!!!! Personalized with my name for work & an 'us' one for home - Me thinks def yes!!! Wouldn't weekend chores & notes to each other be so romantic on one?!

Aren't these are the perfect accessories for moving, am I right?!?!!!! What are your favorite sources for personalized stationary? Allow me to rephrase that - personalized that won't break the bank!


  1. these accessories are adorable! I want mailing stickers too! That would make the whole moving accessories complete.

  2. Minted!!! I love love love minted.

  3. I think it's adorable to recieve a 'we've moved' notice in the mail. So classic and chic! Minted really does have the best! XO

  4. I love the first set! It's fun and super adorable.

  5. We are also moving and I was thinking the same thing! Loving the cute stamp!!

    xx Lynzy

  6. Good luck with the move sweets!

  7. YES to all of the above! i've been eyeing that stamp too, but was debating on waiting until we buy a place. but i guess there's no time like the present! i'm a huge fan of personalized stationery. my mom got me some really elegant embossed cards from american stationery, but it's definitely more formal than cute. xo

  8. ooh, all of those are so fun! I especially love the "we're moving" cards

  9. I vote for option #2...... ;-)))


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