Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Accessories - Home

We may still be amidst a little couch conundrum.... but I am not having trouble narrowing down accessories.

Currently on the short list are items that are modern, vintage, contemporary and very much us. We like shiny and new, vintage and full of hisotry. But alas all dream except for the very oversized 'alarm' clock &  a great vintage anatomy print for the main bathroom. A long way from being finished. The below are very 'cool' but what you aren't able to see - there is lots of wood - wood floors, all the baseboards and trim are great walnut/maple wood. Plus the large windows look out at the trees - we are on the top/third floor of the walkup.

1. There is the most horrible drop track lighting in the dinning room area - yeah I am not going to be able to live with that. And this knock-off Sputnick light fixture - Oh yes please. HERE.
2. Fun, every one needs a clock and why not insert a bit of humor. Super sized vintage style 'Alarm' clock. HERE.
3. I love simple towels, no embroidery for the seasons. These are the best and I wont be sad when they ultimately get stained - going to be replacing my current 5. HERE.
4. I have loved the vintage style of these Ikea lamps for quite a while. Classic and wont over power visually in the new space. HERE
5. A new dinning table and chairs are done the road. Hopefully by the holidays they will be in place. We are thinking rough old wood table and mod chairs - these are in the running. Couldn't you picture with the Sputnik above?! HERE.
6. I just think this is the cutest!!!! Again humor and function. Not sure just yet but would be a nice pause by the front door when you enter. HERE.
7. Both our bathrooms will have pedestal sinks, gasp. I use my under-sink storage - wave hi blow-dryer, curling iron, straightener, shall I continue? I thought in the second bathroom, this metal shelf styled up wouldn't look like an eye sore. Baskets, rolled up fluffy towels?! HERE.
8. The kitchen will be open to the living room but yet closed off & galley style. I want to bring in the grey's and we need straws for all the summer cocktails! :) HERE.
9. My coffee table book stacks are seriously lacking. And I've always wanted this Tom Ford book. HERE
10. This tulip side table is at the absolute top of my list. Top contender for a side table. Mama needs it!!!! I think I need this ordered like yesterday!!!! I can think of 10 hundred ways this can grow and move with us over the years. A smart choice in my book. HERE
11. If the above is a top for a side table, this is the tippy top of the coffee table. I love lucite. With a great basket below. The more I see them in traditional spaces the more I wannnnnt.  {See room in mid of picture} HERE.
12. Fiddle leaf tree. One of these trees in the corner just makes me get excited. I love greenery indoors. image from HERE.
I also need a rug, and a decorative basket or two. And can't forget some art. 

Man can I move already?! What do you guys think? Do the accessories I like make you lean one couch direction or another? We are going back to 'lay/sit/bounce' around on them to tonight. And then hit up on more store. Hopefully we will be able to pick!!!!


  1. I love the light fixture and metal shelves! I did that in our guest bathroom in our apartment and it worked out great. Looked good and was awesome storage.

  2. We have a tulip table for our dinner table, and it's a perfect piece!

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  3. I think the metal shelves would be a great addition for extra storage space! And I love the alarm clock too!

  4. I love your picks!
    The apartment in the picture is my friend MArtine's! She has amazing taste!

    1. You are so SWEET VIV!!!! Next time in Chicago I'll host a little drinks-a-la girls time!!! SO you can see in person! (I still can't believe I missed you in CHI!)xo

  5. I absolutely adore the umbrella holder. Definitely a must have in any entry way! :)

  6. Great picks! Loving the umbrella holer!


  7. that light fixture is A-A-A-MAZING! I LOVE IT. Such great finds friend! x

  8. Great picks! The tulip side table and the lamp got me smitten.
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  10. I love the touches of whimsy in your accessory choices -- too cute!
    xo Josie


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