Friday, June 29, 2012

As of late

Work & life have been very busy as of late, and then there is the big move happening this weekend. All that and coupled with my self imposed no shopping ban - I haven't been combing my normal haunts. But during a unusual lunch break I hint up one of my favs - Etsy! 

Here are some of the goodies I found and would love to get my hands on! 

1. 'Love' print // 2. Monogramed necklace // 3. White Lacquer Moose head - He is funky and fun - I wonder f he would work in our new place?! // 4. Kelly Wearstler Pillow - would love a new one for the bed! // 5. Tasseled Key Chain 

Have you found anything great on Etsy as of late??? I love supporting individuals via Etsy! And yes - I promise to list more clutches soon! I have a stack cut and ready to be sewed!!!

And a peak from Wednesday evening's PoshMark Party - the four co-Hosts! It was a great night! Was able to mix N mingle - meeting lovely Chicago Ladies, sipping cocktails and having a great time!
Hallie, Jessica, Helen & myself - Photo from Helen

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday Treats

Ain't she a beauty?!?!!!!!! I would love to have a PS1 but don't see that happening for sometime, but this little cutie would satisfy me just as well! I love the colors of the small card case/wallet. Yummy!
available here

Who is with me??? I'll take her anytime and any week as a pick me up! Do you have or use a card case? I've been thinking about getting one for quite some time, to hold the necessities while running around, in lieu of a full size wallet.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Did it.

I did it. I finally did it.

regular version available here

I pulled the trigger and finally bought myself these babies! (I've only posted about them 10578 times!) With my RX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Double down on the he** yes!!! So excited and sooo overdue! I'll be sure to let you know how awesome it is to wear my glasses and sunglasses at the same time. Cuz they will be one in the same!!!! ;)

It's the little things sometimes that really tickle my fancy! Do you have glasses? Do you have RX Sunglasses?! Do you love them?! Tell me all about the greatness I've been missing!

**And I hope to see a bunch of you tonight at the PoshMark party - either in Person or via the App & Twitter!!! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bits of the Weekend

Sorry I missed you Dolls yesterday, stayed up way too late packing boxes (then I wanted to watch my trashy tv - You know Keeping up with the Kardashians - can't let that sit on DVR for long!) - move is in one week!!! Actually, this time next week we will be waking up in the new place. Crazy! Crazy Excited!!!!

Still have a few more boxes to get packed up but we are actually in really good shape. Surprising myself with the ease of getting it all done. *She says now, days away from moving! We've donated a bunch to Goodwill, made plenty of new purchases (TV console, side table, kitchen stuff and many more), and still managed to have a fun low key weekend!

1. Started it out right - made 2... err 4 Moscow Mules! Man, those babies are goooood! 
2. Saturday morning I woke in a panic, thought the Hubs was late for work - nope! He surprised me and took the day off!!!! AND made me breakfast in bed!! Sorry ladies he is taken! ;)
3. Furniture and city exploring outfit. {White Jeans: Zara, T: Local Boutique}
4. Casual outfit for a humid trip to Randolph Market with the Girls. {Tank: H&M, Mint Cut-Off Cords: Levi, Crochet Flats: Old Navy (From this post)}
5. Surf N Turf. I am not a huge seafood fan, so cooking it is very daunting but oh so fun! 
6. Packing finds: In my 'Memories' box I found all old cheer uniforms. 4 years of high school, 3 years of all stars and 3 years of college. And the only trophy I kept from skating, my very first competition, 1st place. 

What were the highlights of your weekends? Anything fun planned this week???

Friday, June 22, 2012

dear taylor.....

Last week I received the sweetest email from one of your LOVELY readers out there!!!! *WAVING HI!* She wanted some fashion advice, from me! I was so thrilled - I seriously missed my calling, so needless to say I was thrilled!

The email read: Dear Taylor, I need your help with a "fashion" dilemma I'm having. I'm looking to buy a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac {GREAT CHOICE I LOVE MINE!} (which for me at this point in my life would be an investment). I am tempted to buy a neon bag but I'm not sure how long the neon trend will be around for. Any thoughts? Should I go neon or stick with a traditional brown?

Not an uncommon dilemma if you ask me!! I'm sure we have all been enamored by a 'hot trend', but when you are making an investment, or any type or size,  my opinion is stick with invest in classics - this is the motto I stick to myself. You will always get more use & wear out of them, and they will last you much longer, making it a wiser investment. You worked hard to make that money, reward yourself with something that will stand the test of time! So I whole heartedly recommend going with the brown, and down the line when the fad inevitably fades you won't be left with a hot pink bag that you rarely use. Plus classics can be worn with so much more - pair your brown bag with pops of pinks for an on trend look!

Want that pop of pink Hun, get the brown bag and what about replacing the brown leather tassel with a hot pink leather pull??? You'd have a purse unlike anyone else - totally unique!!! {I NEED one of these pulls like yesterday!!!! - hot pink too!!! :D }

Available HERE

Do you agree? Invest in classics and play with trends within reason? I'd love to help you with all your fashion dilemmas as well - shoot me an email - I can help you plan an outfit around a certain item in your closet or help you pull together outfit inspiration for an upcoming event! I'd love to start this as a reoccurring series! 

PS - Happy upcoming weekend Dolls! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

POSH Party

Next week - Lets PARTY!!!!! 

I am sooo excited to be one of the 4 co-hosts for PoshMark's 'Summer Staples' Party!!! Have you heard of PoshMark? No, It's great its like the easy, mobile version of Ebay - but you get to shop the closet's of some of your favorite ladies!!! Plus you too can list your own items with ease, and make some $$$ to put towards new stuff!!! I recently downloaded the app - and I sense so major fun ahead!!!

Party and details below - I hope to see many of your faces in person!! And if not, online shopping the event!!!

• What is Poshmark?

  • Community of fashion enthusiasts across the country who meet on the Poshmark app to sell clothing and accessories. 
  • fun, engaging, and easy way of allowing your friends, fans, followers, and blog readers to shop your closet!
  • community who loves to discover fashion, shares their style inspiration, and most importantly, has fun!

•Where can I download Poshmark?

  •  Poshmark is available to download for free from the App Store: At the moment, Poshmark is only available for the iPhone.

• What is a Posh Party?

  • Posh Parties are our virtual, real-time shopping events where thousands of women across the country meet-up on the Poshmark app to shop and sell clothing and accessories.

• About the LIVE Chicago Posh Party:

  • ARE YOU LOCAL???? You are INVITED to come to join us!
    • Where: Bar, 610 North Rush Street
    • When: Wednesday, June 27th 
    • Time: 6-9pm CST 
    • Meet and shop the closets of MY CLOSET & my fellow co-hosts:
      • Helen of Hel Del Chic 
      • ME! Taylor of Curly in the City 
      • Hallie of Corals Cognacs 
      • Jessica of Bows & Sequins 
    • Theme: Summer Staples 
    • Join us for a night of cocktails, selling, mingling, and shopping! 
  • RSVP mandatory by June 26th:
  • If you are not local DON'T FRET!!!! You can still join in on the fun from their iPhones. They just need to download the Poshmark app:

WINNER OF THE RANDOLPH MARKET TICKET - LARA!!!! Congrats girl, hope to see you there! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2 years

Two years ago, I made the best decision of my life. Happy Anniversary Love!!!!!

Every day things seemingly get easier, better and make me yearn for what's to come. I can't wait for 200 more years just like this!!!!  I love you Babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012


Hey Chicago Ladies!!! I have a FAB BLIZT GIVEAWAY for you!!!

Want a free entry into the Randolph Market for THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!  I'm headed and can't wait!!! The Randolph Market located in the West loop is hands down my favorite vintage market around!!!

Some of my Snapshots from last year - see original post

Entries accepted today through 11:00pm CT tomorrow 6/19, all you need to do is comment & include your email to WIN! Winner announced on Wednesday afternoon!!!!


My Dad was in town this weekend. I was able to get in some much needed family time, celebrate his birthday, celebrate Father's Day, and run around the city with one of my main men! We did a ton - it was a blast!!! It was a scorcher - but that didn't stop us!
Wearing: Top: T By Alexander Wang // Purse: Marc Jacobs
Wearing: Sunnies: Karen Walker
Wearing: Dress: Vince // Watch: Michael Kors

Do you play tourist in your own city? I highly recommend catching a Cubs game, taking the Architectural Boat Tour and being sure to explore the sights downtown {If you are ever in Chicago, let me know - I'd be more than happy to share my favorites!!!}

***And I ordered a couch - which means I decided!!!! Weee-Hee!!!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Well, ever since THIS I cannot stop thinking about a vacation. And man after this week - I am in more need than you all know!!! COUNTING.DOWN.THE.DAYS. The drama & stress seemed to snowball. 

With vacations and pools, and bikinis on my mind something occurred. When I dress for the pool I tend to go Edgy or Sweet. Edgy- stark contrasts, bright colors with mainly B/W. Or Sweet- calm, relaxed, light colors and serene. 

Edgy: Baroque Sunglasses // Graphic Bikini Top/Bottom // Striped Tunic // Sandals
Sweet: Necklace // White Romper // Aviators // Mint Bikini // Straw Tote

How do you dress for the pool? {Can someone please gift me both these bikini's?? I NEED THEM!!! Clothes Shopping ban remember?!}


Thursday, June 14, 2012

thursday treats

Another installment of Thursday Treats coming at ya!!!! I am already loving this new little tradition!

I am forever forgetting my bulkier sunglasses & eyeglass cases when running out the door. And man, I really hate myself if they are to ever get a scratch. How sweet & fun is this Rebecca Minkoff case?! Mama LOVES!!!! Smaller and cute, I wouldn't ever forget the have this around! Plus - I'd totally use it for a tiny wallet when running to the grocery, for just my important cards!
Available HERE.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

new option

Yesterday I almost had an anxiety attack*. Happy to report I am now just fine, and it is what it is. But to ease my mental-breakdown-nearness I went shopping. Online.

I am currently on a one month hiatus. Self Imposed. Ya know be smart by house stuff not clothes or shoes?! I've been doing great, haven't even thought about it. And haven't mentioned it because denial is tool for acceptance, right?! I kid.

Online shopping is a cure all. It really helps! Now I want a new bikini for an upcoming trip! We've been hitting the pool lots this year, plus a vacay - a girl can never have too many options! Here are some fun new ones I found. Give your vote!!!

I need to add something(s) new for the vacation, right?!!

*In case you want to know read on, or if you love hearing those silly crazy stories that never happen to anyone you know.....well here you go. Going on about my merry way, it was my lunch so I decided to make a few moving related calls. I called our current building to let them know when we'd be moving out so they would have the pads/blankets put up in the elevator which they do. Little to my surprise the office informed me that date was booked and I'd have to pick a different date. Booked?! err.....When we moved in 5 years ago you didn't have to 'book' anything. Needless to say I was a ball of nerves until I could get ahold of my landlord. And essentially I told him, very nicely, since he is the owner and this is HIS condo he needs to fix it. I feel only slightly better. Wine was required. I'll be sure to keep you updated. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Accessories - Home

We may still be amidst a little couch conundrum.... but I am not having trouble narrowing down accessories.

Currently on the short list are items that are modern, vintage, contemporary and very much us. We like shiny and new, vintage and full of hisotry. But alas all dream except for the very oversized 'alarm' clock &  a great vintage anatomy print for the main bathroom. A long way from being finished. The below are very 'cool' but what you aren't able to see - there is lots of wood - wood floors, all the baseboards and trim are great walnut/maple wood. Plus the large windows look out at the trees - we are on the top/third floor of the walkup.

1. There is the most horrible drop track lighting in the dinning room area - yeah I am not going to be able to live with that. And this knock-off Sputnick light fixture - Oh yes please. HERE.
2. Fun, every one needs a clock and why not insert a bit of humor. Super sized vintage style 'Alarm' clock. HERE.
3. I love simple towels, no embroidery for the seasons. These are the best and I wont be sad when they ultimately get stained - going to be replacing my current 5. HERE.
4. I have loved the vintage style of these Ikea lamps for quite a while. Classic and wont over power visually in the new space. HERE
5. A new dinning table and chairs are done the road. Hopefully by the holidays they will be in place. We are thinking rough old wood table and mod chairs - these are in the running. Couldn't you picture with the Sputnik above?! HERE.
6. I just think this is the cutest!!!! Again humor and function. Not sure just yet but would be a nice pause by the front door when you enter. HERE.
7. Both our bathrooms will have pedestal sinks, gasp. I use my under-sink storage - wave hi blow-dryer, curling iron, straightener, shall I continue? I thought in the second bathroom, this metal shelf styled up wouldn't look like an eye sore. Baskets, rolled up fluffy towels?! HERE.
8. The kitchen will be open to the living room but yet closed off & galley style. I want to bring in the grey's and we need straws for all the summer cocktails! :) HERE.
9. My coffee table book stacks are seriously lacking. And I've always wanted this Tom Ford book. HERE
10. This tulip side table is at the absolute top of my list. Top contender for a side table. Mama needs it!!!! I think I need this ordered like yesterday!!!! I can think of 10 hundred ways this can grow and move with us over the years. A smart choice in my book. HERE
11. If the above is a top for a side table, this is the tippy top of the coffee table. I love lucite. With a great basket below. The more I see them in traditional spaces the more I wannnnnt.  {See room in mid of picture} HERE.
12. Fiddle leaf tree. One of these trees in the corner just makes me get excited. I love greenery indoors. image from HERE.
I also need a rug, and a decorative basket or two. And can't forget some art. 

Man can I move already?! What do you guys think? Do the accessories I like make you lean one couch direction or another? We are going back to 'lay/sit/bounce' around on them to tonight. And then hit up on more store. Hopefully we will be able to pick!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012


So hot and loving it!!!! This weather brings me back to my childhood - super hot summer heat, pool days, shorts N' flip flops, BBQ's and bike rides. Now as an adult, those activities are more than just 'fun' they help me reconnect with myself and force me to unplug from the stresses of being 'adult' (ie WORK).  Separating work from the rest of my life is hard - my mindset about work is one that never turns off. I define myself by how I am succeeding at work - not a healthy trait, I know. I'm proud to say for the past month I have been doing lots of 'me' stuff verses my routine of doing things to prep me for the next week. And as hard as it is for me to admit to myself it is what I should have been doing all along.

Saturday Errands outfit {Tank H&M, shorts Target - pooch optional!} // some Snapdragons for the week, Organized fridge - yes I may have a slight case of OCD // Sunday morning decision - which suit to wear to the pool // I went with the mulit-colored sequin {Dress old Elizabeth & James, Bikini old VS} // Brats {boiled in beer before charred on the grill}

How were your weekends? How do you find the balance of personal and work life?

Friday, June 8, 2012


It's Friday. 

Nothing can bring me down!

My week was full of calls, conference calls, support calls, moving calls. 

Spreadsheets & reports. 

Moving is 3 weeks away and coming fast.  

Can't decide on a couch. 

scratch all that - it's practically the weekend!!! 

What is on your agenda? 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday Treats

Some weeks making it to Thursday is a feat. Slump-ville USA. So close to the weekend yet oh so very far away! I am not sure about you but Thursdays are my hardest days. The thought of another meeting or conference call just makes you want to curl under my desk and hide! Spreadsheets and reports oh my! So I'd thought I start a little tradition for the blog, share a little treat that would make us all happy girls (if they were ours!) And hopefully they all become ours!

I love how simple, bright, and sear-sucker-esque this little gem is! Plus Nixon watches are the shizz, they are very high quality and seem to last forever - I had one in High School which had it's last days just a year ago.

Would you love this little treat this week?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Couch Conundrum

The hunt for red octobe....a new couch is still going strong. I think we've narrowed it down to three. Now comes the hardest part, there are pieces of each we like - alas they aren't all on one! But isn't that always the case?! Of course right. As of today, the short list is:

#1 - Majorly comfortable, love the vibe. Charcoal velvet-y goodness. Wish the back-pillows were two vs a bunch. #2 - Ready for a long afternooon nap - this is the spot! Love the updated classic lines, buttery soft velvet. Don't like the nail head detail along front (you can see it better below - its along the rolled arm and bottom.) #3 - Like the single bottom cushion. Digging the durable linen-esque style fabric. WT-heck on the blonde legs (barf.... And Hubs isn't sold on staining something we just purchased) & the arms are really non-existent in real life.

I am worried #1 is 'too fancy' for us, and maybe #3 those arms after a month would drive me nuts. And #2's nailhead - why can't they disappear?! I want a casual glam, updated classic, collected feel. And yes, grey is the color - we have had various tan couches for...shoot I've had a tan couch since college (different ones through the years), the Hubs had one when I met him - so I think we've reached the tan-threshold for now.  Color and punch will come in plants or accessories.

All of the couches have their matching chairs. We are thinking a couch, chair for now and down the line I'd like to add a third seat - a white Eames Rocker or vintage side chair. You can see the arms and lines better on the side view better.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!!!! Weigh in - and share any more resources where you've seen fabulous couches!

#1 & #2 from ZGallerie, #3 from West Elm 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Moving Accessories

Everyone and everything can use an accessory now and again....Am I right? Cute outfit needs the perfect bag. Great dinner the perfect dessert. Why not moving?!

I shared last week the Hubs and I are moving. And I really think I need want to send out these....
via & tied for the win option#2

And I don't have anything now, but I think I really need a stamp with our new address....for the like 3 cards I send a year.

And while I'm at it. I never got around to ordering personalized stationary after our wedding, so now would be the perfect time no?

And a notepad for work - maybe work won't be that mean to me anymore with one?!!!! Personalized with my name for work & an 'us' one for home - Me thinks def yes!!! Wouldn't weekend chores & notes to each other be so romantic on one?!

Aren't these are the perfect accessories for moving, am I right?!?!!!! What are your favorite sources for personalized stationary? Allow me to rephrase that - personalized that won't break the bank!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Green Thumb

I'd like to think of myself as a gardening maven, a green thumbed doll...I am not so much. I try and that's what counts!!! ;) Living up, leaves room just for a few flower boxes and a container or two. This year I decided to go simple & mono-chromatic - all white flowers, and green.

Can you spy my little basil plant peaking out from on the table?!
Dinner with the door open. 

The weather was great this weekend, gym clothes and bathing suits - only outfits required! We BBQ'd, went to the pool at a friends & enjoyed our new flowers. What did you do?