Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Now&Later: One Dress Two Ways

Last week while making a return, I of course made a round around the store. I spotted this dress. The color. The exposed back. The reasonable price. And the number of ways that instantly popped into my head as to wear it.

I haven't stopped thinking about it! I think I will be needing to head back and grab it - I love an exposed back in summer!

The Dress // Cocktails: Blazer, Statement Sunnies

Would you wear this dressed up for drinks? Or a date? And then the next day with flats to Brunch or the outdoor market? (Well next day not necessary but another day?). And on a summer vacation?! And when it's too hot to wear much, with a giant top knot?! I think I'm a definite yes sir-E!!!!


  1. Oh my, that dress is amazing. Also, you know what else is amazing? Today. Today is your birthday. Happy Birthday!!!! :)

  2. Oh beautiful dress. You should go ahead and grab it soon, it's really a great piece.

  3. So fun + flirty! I think I would go with black accessories to allow the dress to steal the show!

  4. Absolutely love this! So perfect for a warm summer day or night! Happy birthday lady! xo

  5. Both outfits are perfect! The back of that dress is stunning.

  6. I LOVE this dress - so gorgeous!

    PS - happy birthday! xx

  7. Love that dress, so bright and pretty!


  8. Oh, my gosh. I'm OBSESSED. What a pretty little frock!
    xo Josie

  9. I think I'd wear it with the blazer AND the flats. So cute!!

  10. That dress is A-DORABLE!!! Did you have a good birthday?? Hope you're feeling better. XO

  11. That's a perfect summer dress!


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