Friday, May 4, 2012


Do you notice something in all 4 of these images?

Hint: Two Wheels & peddles?! Yep Bikes!!! Chicago is a total bike city, and you know the Hubs and I are bike people (here) {We both have Bianchi's - I have a Pista Via Brera, and the Hubs a Pista}. But WHY can't I feel like our bikes in our living room look this chic?!

Maybe because there are two of them {His and Hers}. Maybe because they aren't the same color. Maybe it's because Mother Nature hasn't given us anytime to ride them yet this year!!! Although the temps have risen and if the rain holds off - this will be the weekend copious bike rides commence!!!!!


  1. I am a bike person toooo:) But I can't picture myself putting it in my living room. It would be like an elephant in the room:) but looks kind of cute in these pics!

  2. I would have to agree with you. I don't think having a bike in a living room is as chic as the photos above. Hopefully the weather holds out for you!

  3. I did notice them, I always notice bicycles because I don't know how to ride one, and so it always jumps out at me.

    Beautiful collection of photos. :)

    ~Natasha Fatah~

  4. I hope you get to ride this weekend. NYC will have rain and cooler temps - yuck. Enjoy your wknd! xx

  5. I love this. Hope you get to ride this wkend! Was at the Bonobos HQ and they had a bike in their showroom. It was turquoise. You would have loved. Have a great weekend my darling! xx

  6. I love biking too! It is such an escape to get out there and just ride!

  7. my husbands four bikes would never look this good in our house - that's why they live in the basement! i think a ride to the green city market is in order! opening day for the outdoor market!


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