Thursday, May 31, 2012


Boxes and moving are in my future!! The Hubs and are moving to a new apartment in a month - I can't wait!!!! And beyond the extra space, hello second bedroom and second bathroom, exposed brick & HUGE deck, I am sooo excited to redecorate!!!! We-HEE!!!!! Be prepared for multiple posts on decor coming right up!! I've started pulling together some inspiration for our new place, if you follow me on Pinterest you may have noticed a new Board called 'New Place'!!!

The Hubs and I have decided a new living room (couch, et all), new dinning table/chairs are in our future. And its sooo exciting, but I'm totally starting to freak out! I don't want to rush any decisions, yet don't want to sit on the floor for months! ahhhhhh......

Clean, bright, relaxed, modern mixed with vintage. Do you have any favorite resources? Great couch I should look at? I'm excited to take you all along on my process!

images: emily henderson, casa de valentina, desire to inspire, made by girl, decore8blog, my ideal home, skonahem

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So Good

This weekend. Oh. So. Good. 

Stripes, Ripped Denim & Top Knot  // FAV's from Randolph Market: Stunning 60's cocktail set 
// An array of vintage painted Marais chairs  // My date for the vintage market - My Best Bud. 
Can't get enough of these two lately: Snapea crisps & ice water // Girls night prep 
// Girls night get-up: Blazer, T, & 6in Wedges // Sunday Funday Pool day!!!
Enjoying every minute of Friends & Sun @ the pool // The sweet smells of summer 
// Padres vs Cubs - GO Pads! // Mini Mojito's to end the weekend

I had a FAN-TAB-U-LOS weekend!!! A beyond perfect way to kick off summer - I am counting down until next weekend!!! Thankfully for instagram/cell phones otherwise I'd be left with little more than a full belly and a baby-bit of sun on my shoulders!! 

What were the highlights of your weekend?! 

What I wore: Striped Top - Gap, Ripped Denim - Zara. White Blazer - Zara, Dark Skinnies - Joes, Wedges - Loubitain

Friday, May 25, 2012

kicking it off

My favorite weekend of the year has arrived. Memorial day to be has always been the quintessential kick-off to 'It's Summer'!!! The time is here, and I'm soooo ready to be kicking off my most favorite season! Time to grab your favorite summer essentials and hit the outdoors! Pool, beach, park you name - it's the season where the outdoors reigns king!

My summer essentials are a fab pair of sunglasses, a shade providing hat and a great pair of flat sandals. Preferably many combinations of them, too! :) Cuz a girl needs options, duh!!!! And of course sunscreen (we have to take care of our skin) & a cute new bikini! I really love all the above....That hat would go great with my new white jeans & a tank....Those glasses with my black maxi dress and a crazy bun.... Those sandals with, well anything, I love how simple they are!

are you stocked up and ready for summer??? I still need to get some Rx Sunglasses - I swear my eyes are getting worse, been wearing my glasses daily. But I have pairs on standby, and a new bikini ready for the pool this weekend!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I know it is barely summer (well, is it even technically summer yet?) but when I saw these I couldn't help but think of Fall. I am in love with sneak peaks at Madewell's Fall 2012 look-book! I can see myself in all of these looks! I definitely plan on adding some of these pieces to my wardrobe! You???


BUT wait!!! Back to summer - because that is a season where no day can not be enjoyed!!! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Let's play 'Dress with Numbers!!!' Just like your childhood color-by-number! Every Outfit starts with #1 - a fun neutral, and barely noticeable polka dot denim. I tried these on, soft and perfect! I seriously want them!!!!

#1 + 2 + 3 + 5 + 6 + 7 = Fun day look, I'd cuff the jeans for a more relaxed look.

#1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 7 =  Brunch, dressy but relaxed & summer chic

#1 + 2 + 3 + 6 + 9 = Heels give everything a girly touch, I'm think roof top patios & concerts!

#1 + 3 + 4 + 8 + 9 = Dinner date and cocktails!!!

I could go on for days - classic items and staples are so easy to remix with! Let's see you play, what would your combo be???

Monday, May 21, 2012


The weather, ahem....90 degrees.... more than welcome. The Hubs and celebrated with a picnic in the park. More than perfect.

Yes, I had juice-boxes of wine. I mean why not!!!!

How were your weekends?

Friday, May 18, 2012


<--- this is something I really need to work on. I over-think, I get in my head and can't get out. Then anxiety builds, failure thoughts tumble down...I really am way too hard on myself. Work was mentally taxing this week for me I'm ready to unwind.

NATO is is town, so I am working from home today and Monday (Avoiding all forms of chaos please) - which is kinda like not working but working.  A true novelty to someone who treks into an office every day and has everyday since college graduation, gah closing in on 10 years soon! (Really a fun treat! Let's see I am doing laundry chores that normally take up precious weekend time. I am able to run a couple errands at lunch hour - beyond the pharmacy type runs I can downtown. Like real ones, dry cleaners, grocery, florist! Clean clothes, cocktails makings & fresh florals - those are the important errands!! hehe)

The weather is to be GORG this weekend, hello 80!!!! I will be riding my bike, getting a much over due and much deserved mani/pedi, and riding my bike around some more!!!

Happy weekend dolls!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blazin' Baby

Lately I've been on the hunt for a new Blazer or two. I don't have but two, so I obviously could use more right?! These are a few I've eyeing. I wish they could all live with me!

I think the Teal and the Cream below it are my favorites....must make some decisions!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pretty Summer Work Wear

Well aren't you a pretty spin on Summer 9-to-5 work wear!!!!

More Blouse Options: Here / Here

I need to recreate this ASAP, esp now that the weather has turned!!! Finally!!!

I think a summer weight pencil skirt is a closet staple & one I would love to own asap! I have pencil skirts but they are mostly a heavier weight. And same with blouses - most are winter based i.e. long sleeve. I guess what I'm saying my work summer wardrobe could use a little updating - tis true didn't update or add many pieces for this season last year. This new outfit would be welcomed without hesitation in my home!

PS - No I don't wear hats to work :) but I'd carry to throw on after - or wear something like this for a fun al fresco meal! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer Saving

Sometimes, just sometimes, something similar to the original will do. Sometimes they just work!

I grabbed the ON little crochet flats on a whim - they look MUCH MUCH cuter on, as an easy alternative to flip flops and a bit more beachy than ballet flats for a casual day look. I got them in black, and I'm thinking the white need to happen! And then on my wild Saturday night outing to Target, I saw these shorts. I didn't grab any but I am heading back to - at the savings vs the Crew - I can get 3 pairs for the price of one. And I'm sorry, with a T over the waist band who is going to know, but you?! No one I tell ya!!!

It's isn't often you find a look for less, Splurge vs Save, Copy Cat Chic - call it what you will, that works, but when you do you do! Are we in agreement?

Friday, May 11, 2012

DIY: Stone Petal Necklace

Loren Hope version HERE

When I saw this necklace I fell in love!!! Simple but wowzas! I knew I could wear it so many ways - work and play! However the price wasn't jiving. So what does a girl do.....make sure she gets what she wants that's what!!! I had some of the supplies on hand while others I ordered. Et Volia!!! I'm in love!

What you'll need: Chain, jump rings, clasp, crystals, and jewelry pliers.

You will use the jump rings to attach you clasp, and crystals. I used 2 jump rings connected together to use as link for the clasp to connect to - my clasp wasn't large enough to go around the chain I had selected. 

I made one with three crystals and one with five. I love them!!!! 

What do you think? Would you like to see some in my Etsy store?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

short & sweet

Lately my outfits  have felt like they fit into some defined categories. My 9-to-5 work outfits have been feeling 100% classic - Slacks & tucked in button-downs, Pencil skirts and cardigans. My weekend wear has been feeling a bit more Edgy - Denim paired with Leather Jackets, Ripped denim & Blazers. But sometimes you just need something short & sweet!!! (And extra girlie!!!)
Necklace {My DIY version coming soon!!} / City Bag / The Webster at Target Dress / Aviators / Sandals

What do you consider your 'style'? Do you change it up? 

Have you seen any of the items from 'The Shops' at Target? I saw this dress and had to order it - I hope it looks as cute one as I'm hoping!!! The above, with a giant top knot - sign this girl up!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


If Winter dressing is all about black, then Summer dressing is all about white! Keep it simple and effortless - I definitely abide by the 'Less is More' when the temps heat up! And you can sure bet I will be pulling a Copy-Cat out on this one!

Get The Look: White Tank, Aviators, Simple Chain, White Denim, Coach Bucket Duffle, Flat Sandals

I mean really how could you not?! Farmers markets to al fresco dinners. To vacations abroad to grilling in the backyard - this look will go the distance!

You could even DIY your own white denim shorts with some old jeans!!! Man why did I just get rid of my old pair?!?!?!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Bits of the Weekend

WORE: {Old} Urban Outfitters Blazer, Tank 'You Me Oui' Striped by French Connection, Ripped Denim, A. Wang Wedges, YSL Muse, Michael Kors Watch, Assortment of Cuffs(Alexander McQueen, J.Crew, Anthro)

Saturday Cinco de Mayo & Belated Birthday Celebration with Friends - A Chicago crew that consisted of all San Diego people. An old commonality, but new friendships!
Post-Celebration Injuries & the Cause. Now, take it easy on the shoes, It isn't their fault - blame goes to the wearer too! They had never been worn & we walked probably 3 miles. And best part they didn't hurt a stitch while wearing them!!! Or maybe that was those birthday shots numbing me! ;) 

Sunday spent relaxing, cleaning house, and hiding out from the rain. 
Surrounded by lots of candles, of course!

How were your weekends? 

Friday, May 4, 2012


Do you notice something in all 4 of these images?

Hint: Two Wheels & peddles?! Yep Bikes!!! Chicago is a total bike city, and you know the Hubs and I are bike people (here) {We both have Bianchi's - I have a Pista Via Brera, and the Hubs a Pista}. But WHY can't I feel like our bikes in our living room look this chic?!

Maybe because there are two of them {His and Hers}. Maybe because they aren't the same color. Maybe it's because Mother Nature hasn't given us anytime to ride them yet this year!!! Although the temps have risen and if the rain holds off - this will be the weekend copious bike rides commence!!!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Frequent Flyers

Over the past 6 months or so I've been doing something. Something subtle that you may or may not have noticed. It's pretty simple - I've purposely been having some 'frequent flyers' in my posts. What in the world is a frequent flyer in a blog you ask. Why is she making things up? LOL. Well I've deemed a 'frequent flyer' is an item I've used in inspirational styling posts many-a-time, ie used it over and over! hehe. So no I haven't been lazy - there has been a purpose!

In the blog world: whether you are a blog writer, reader, or both. Being a consumer it is easy to be swept up & carried away. Far away from reality. It's easy to get swept up into 'I need this', the I 'have to have this - newest, hottest, flashiest item'. But style, isn't that. Style is what you make it, while living within your means, and creating a life you want to live.

So, I've tried to do a little in way of demonstrating you don't need to get everything you come across or see someone else wearing. Probably one of the hardest things I have learned. I would love a new this or that constantly but what I love even more than that is a pretty growing savings account and to continue to live debt free. Just say no to credit card debt! I stick to a strict shopping budget and dare I say I've been getting more frugal or rather selective in my older age?! I would rather go on far away vacations or mini adventures around town, for those memories will last me far longer than the newest pair of denim (as wonderful and amazing as they may be!!! and they usually are!). And yes, Mom I promise to actually take time off work and go on one of those there vacations!

By re-using these pieces over and over in styling posts I've been able to get more ideas for ways to update /reincorporate/ rework items I already own and show you too. Also to show you that you can buy something that you love, whether you buy it impulsively or save up for it! Also that treating yourself to something you really love will pay off, you will get plenty of wear out of it! To have items that will really go the distance, just by pairing differently. Styling different outfits where item is the center  of or supporter in an outfit. Below are a few (there is also this bag, and this ring to name a few!) of the beauties that you've all seen more than a few times in the past.

Did you pick up on these 'frequent flyers'? Do you find it helpful? 

*Note: I do not mean to come across as 'preachy'. I just want to provide insight and support. And ultimately to share a point of view. Spending is a sensitive and personal subject, I just know over the past few years of reading and then writing my blog I have found myself amidst the cycle above. So, I wanted to put it out there that you aren't alone if you've felt that way. Dialog and feedback welcome in the comments!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Now&Later: One Dress Two Ways

Last week while making a return, I of course made a round around the store. I spotted this dress. The color. The exposed back. The reasonable price. And the number of ways that instantly popped into my head as to wear it.

I haven't stopped thinking about it! I think I will be needing to head back and grab it - I love an exposed back in summer!

The Dress // Cocktails: Blazer, Statement Sunnies

Would you wear this dressed up for drinks? Or a date? And then the next day with flats to Brunch or the outdoor market? (Well next day not necessary but another day?). And on a summer vacation?! And when it's too hot to wear much, with a giant top knot?! I think I'm a definite yes sir-E!!!!