Monday, March 19, 2012

Bits of the... Weekend

The weather was beyond gorgeous in Chicago. Green is now out in force {on Saturday it was drunk St Patty's Day goers - seen while running errands & hitting up barre class (I avoided that debauchery!)} and now it also in plants!!!! I swear this has appeared over night! I guess that is what a week of 70 plus will do! The view from my balcony of the building across the street.

New Shoes were able to come out and play! Got to love the thought of packing up boots for the season!

I spent many moments soaking up sun on the balcony! Early mornings with coffee and evenings with the grill on and a drink!

Picked up a new dress from Zara  - can't get over the details!

I am ecstatic that we can play outdoors with ease, again!!!! So amped for next weekend! What did you lovelies do this weekend???


  1. I love the dress! And the shoes - wowza! Looks like a fantastic wknd in the sun ;)

  2. I saw that as a skirt at Zara but I must have missed the dress! Don't they have the most amazing spring collection right now?

  3. Those shoes are INSANE! Looks like a perfect weekend! xx

  4. That dress looks gorgeous! I am loving your leopard wedges too! What a great sounding weekend!

  5. Loooooooove the leopard print wedges!! perfect for any season, really.


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