Friday, March 30, 2012

The List: my current Closet List

As I have mentioned many a time before, I'm a list person. I love nothing more than checking items off a to-do list, they are essential to keep me on track and they feed my OCD hyper-organizational side with ease. Although my most looked at and used list is a little one I keep in my Phone. My Closet List.

Now that spring is here, well it was 80 last week and it's currently 40, so.... it will be here soon! You can sure bet it's been updated. Plus who doesn't love peeking into what others have been buying (so you could have that chance to snag as well, if you want before they are gone) and what they have their eye one.

Here is a peak at my current list, what tops my 'Want' & what has recently been purchased, the 'Bought' - checked off the list!

Want: (1) Sandals, (2) White Jeans, (3) Jean Jacket, (4) thinking about newPerfume
Bought: (1) Parka, (2) Bright Top

Want: I still need to find some more flat sandals, essential for summer days with dresses or shorts or jeans. New white jeans - my old ones bit the dust majorly plus being almost ahem 6 years old - it's time for an update!!! I think a skinny white jean will find their home with me soon! A denim jacket - I have fully determined I need a new one. My last one was again old and not a style I liked so I never wore and donated it to good will. This faded cropped version is in the running! And lastly - some new Smell Goods (that's my nick name for perfume!) I'm torn between Victor & Rolf Flower Bomb and Chloe's L'Eau de Chloe {which the original Chloe Eau de parfume is my fav!} 

Bought: New Parka style light jacket - I had been searching for something neutral, casual & cute. I scooped up this parka, in a lighter kahki & couldn't be happier. Rustic yet refined and can easily be worn in so many ways! Also purchased a new bright colored top! I love a patterned top but solids get the most wear, and I love the lace detail on this top - and the back is even better, all lace! Can't wait to wear it!

Oh and I NEED RX sunnies & a brown cross body bag.... amongst others. But the above will becoming home first me thinks! I'll be sure to let you know!

What items are your list for spring that you still have to get? What have you already purchased???

PS - Happy Friday & weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Closet Staple: White Button Down

Inspiration: 1 / 2 / 3

Every girl needs 1 or 15 different Classic White Button-Downs!!! Truth. They are a classic and an essential item to have. Whether you borrow one from your guy for a more relaxed vibe, leave it slightly untucked with blue jeans. Tucked into a pencil skirt for the office. They really are a piece that can take you everywhere!!! I have 3 long-sleeve button downs of various styles, a short sleeve and then a handful more classic plain white tops. They are my go-to!!! 

And best part so easy to wear!!!! Silk, or cotton - Woman's or mens - tank, short-sleeve, or long-sleeve - they are all great!!! Pair them with any style jean, colored/patterned/floral. Toss on a fab pair of earrings, or simple flats, or a knock out pair of heels. You will feel great and look like a million bucks! 

Shirts (L to R): Silk, Classic, Mens, Tank
Pair it With: Boho Drops, Fun Flats; Denim: Floral, Colored, Patterned

How do you wear your White Button Downs? 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Now & Later: Floral Dress

Flats to Heels, Tote to Clutch - I love when you find a piece of clothing that doesn't take much to completely transform it!!!! This Hi-Low {Business in the Front, Party in the Back!} Floral Dress is just the item!

Does anyone want to head shopping? I need this Dress, Jean Jacket, Tote and Heels ASAP!!!

Are you going to rock the hi-low trend? Do you have dresses or pieces that can easily transition from Day to Night?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Peggy, Joan or Betty?

ooooooo Mad Men is BACK!!!!! It feels like it took forever for the annual Sunday night drama to return, but it's back!! I can't wait to see how this season unfolds - the ending of last season had be anxious for more!

Now the important part: Are you a Peggy, Joan or Betty Fan? Or I guess whose style do you prefer??!

Getting the look isn't that hard, their looks are classic and timeless - and so easy to recreate with updated pieces! I only need a fun new sheath and some killer Cat-Eyes and I'm ready to hit the office in style!

Did you watch? Is it on your DVR? Lets chat in the comments (I don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't yet watched, but once you do come join us!)!!! What was your favorite part of the first episode? Which outfit was your favorite? And will you ever dress like you stepped off set?!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekend Plans

Hi Week, You were sure long and occasionally irritating! But even better, Hello Mr Weekend, I see you!!!! This amazing weather has made me look forward to every minute I can spend outdoors and hopefully there will be plenty this weekend!!! Now, Mother Nature let's play nice and cooperate, k?

My weekend plans are shaping up to be something like this:

Hair  //  Poster

Starting off with a trip to the salon!! Hey Gray get-outta-here!!!! And maybe a few more ombre bits with darker roots?! Then lots and lots of biking!!!!! The Hubs surprised me and took the weekend off! {he works weekends so this is a treat!} Who knows I may run home from the salon Friday evening and bike out to dinner & drinks!!! I already know I want to head to Lula, a favorite, for an early breakfast on Saturday then nothing but fun! Rides along the lake, reading in the park...who knows!! And you know I'll probably include some shopping somewhere in there!!! ;)

Maybe another adventure in the kitchen!!! These treats are looking soo good and healthy!

How were your weeks? How are your weekend plans stacking up?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cooking: Gnocchi

Earlier this week I had a hankering for gnocchi & the desire to get messy and dive head first into an adventure in the Kitchen. God love Pinterest and it's ability to bring so many options to your finger tips! Enter Sweet Potato Gnocchi with a Gouda Cheese Sauce. DIE!

Normally trying new recipes is very scary for me! They either turn out great, or not! Which leads to disappointment when they fail! The lists of ingredients are extensive or outrageous. This Gnocchi sounded insanely delicious & didn't look too difficult. But this was Gnocchi, like halfway to home to pasta?! & Flavored?! Alas, there I went. 

Success!!!Turned out FAB! The Hubs has not stopped talking about it (true testament to reciepe success & tasteiness!) and we are both ready to have it again! 

I served it along side a crisp salad with grilled chicken.

Have you ever made Gnocchi before?? 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Windy Wedges

Warm Breezes and 80 degree temps on Sunday called for a dress & wedges that have been hibernating since purchase! The Hubs and I took in an early movie, a meal al fresco at a Summer staple - Pint - which has sidewalk seating which is some of the best people watching around, and then a bit of window shopping.

It was bliss!!!! Plus the details of the dress made it extra fun! Wide sleeves, tassels, and beading details!
Dress: Anthropologie. Wedges: Christian Louboutin. Purse: Louis Vuitton. Glasses: Lookmatic. Watch: Michael Kors.

Have you had the opportunity to wear a dress without tights this year?!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bits of the... Weekend

The weather was beyond gorgeous in Chicago. Green is now out in force {on Saturday it was drunk St Patty's Day goers - seen while running errands & hitting up barre class (I avoided that debauchery!)} and now it also in plants!!!! I swear this has appeared over night! I guess that is what a week of 70 plus will do! The view from my balcony of the building across the street.

New Shoes were able to come out and play! Got to love the thought of packing up boots for the season!

I spent many moments soaking up sun on the balcony! Early mornings with coffee and evenings with the grill on and a drink!

Picked up a new dress from Zara  - can't get over the details!

I am ecstatic that we can play outdoors with ease, again!!!! So amped for next weekend! What did you lovelies do this weekend???

Friday, March 16, 2012


WEEE-HEE it's Friday!!!! Instant happy-maker! The weather here in Chicago is downright GLORIOUS!!!! 75+ WHAT?! I know, I'm soaking it all in! Cuz you never know where we will be next week!

I hope to get lots of relaxing in (With the doors and windows wide open!!), maybe a bike ride or two, and hopefully the inspiration I've been feeling stays strong. I'd love to use the inspiration (shown below) to have some fun this weekend!

1 - Inspiration for a Shoe DIY?! 
2 - Experimenting in the Kitchen {Sweet Potato Gnocchi
3 - Inspiration for DIY Denim shirt

What are your plans?? Esp my Chicago/NorthEast ladies what are you doing outdoors - it is supposed to be beautiful!!!?

Oh and drumroll......WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! There were 295 amazing entries to teh $100 Shopbop giveaway. I used to pick a number, the choosen # was 120! And the winner is GILLIE! Congrats Girlie!!! {I will send you an email today!}

*All image sources linked above, you can find them all on my Pinterest boards as well! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Don't Forget!!

Today is the LAST day - YOUR LAST CHANCE - to enter the $100 ShopBop Giveaway!!!! What are you waiting for, you better go ENTER!!!!!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Duo

I tend to waver on nail polish. I go neutral for a while, then color,  & in winter I'll throw in a bunch of dark shades. And I hate nothing more than getting a manicure and then not loving the shades you get. I'm happy to report I found the perfect colors and probably my most favorite combination to date! Both are on order and will be on hand for me to use whenever I need a pick me up!

Essie Better Together (on Fingers)
Essie Clambake (on Toes)

What are your favorite colors? I know we polled about the best red before (here) but any others??

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bits of the... Weekend

1. My Love Bug, Grayson.
2. Sipping coffee enjoying some fabulous 60 degree temps!
3. Sporting Hot Pink Gingham & my Maya Brenner 'T' Necklace - new closet additions! and NO JACKET!
4. The BBQ out from winter hibernation! Inaugural Meal - Burgers!
5. End of the weekend cocktail - Rum, Pineapple Juice & Blood Orange Soda floater! DELISH!
6. Burger & Onion rings!!! Welcome back summer staple eats!

What have you been up to lately? How were your weekends?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Bits of Inspiration for the Weekend

What a busy week!!! I've been hitting the gym (and Barre class) hard - so props to myself! Now to get my eating in check...Darn those little cracker snacks -oh carbs!

Some pretty items from this week - inspiring me!

I ADORE her hair!!! I'd totally rock it if mine would do this. {If I have a little girl (Not preggers, but one day!), I will make her hair like this!} Plus her outfit is rocking!!!

I love Bubble Baths & Music. This is looking like a MUST!!! The Ducky is a floating, water-proof speaker - AMAZEBALLS!

My dating anniversary is coming up....I wish I'd ordered this sooner, darn!!! How cute! Do you keep track of when you started dating after you're married? What is the process on that?! The Hubs and I were an official item St Pats day many moons ago...

And DON'T FORGET TO ENTER the $100 gift card GIVEAWAY for SHOPBOP!!!

*All images can be found on my Pinterest Page & are linked to their sources below each image. Find them HERE and let's PIN! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Splurge or Save: Bangle

I've been in love with the Cartier Love bangle for sooooo long. I often put it out of my head, it's such a luxury item & nothing I ever thought I'd get. But them in my Blogger Gift Guide Miss Alex, chose it as her lust gift from her Man (Who could argue with her?!) and then all over my trashy TV shows (insert *shame* Kardashian's in NY, Kourtney wears two constantly).

Needless to say, I now have a radar for them. I spot them everywhere. On a lady while out shopping. In an ad. Random photos, everywhere! Then I saw this....Save version.

It is not the same. But so close. And fun?! Is it ok to get a space saver to tide me over????

Would you Splurge or Save?

Do you know the story behind the 'Love' Cartier series? I had heard it long ago and all I could remember is the key used to lock the bracelets on the recipients. How cool!!! But I looked it up - and what an amazing story!! Now I really NEED the splurge version - HUBS, DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!?! (Full Story VIA)
The Love Bracelet was Aldo Cipullo's interpretation of the Chastity Belt, a device husbands are said to have locked around their wive's waists to ensure fidelity while the men were away. Cipullo designed a two piece bracelet that bolts together around the wrist. It comes with a tiny screwdriver to take it on and off, symbolizing a "locked up," committed relationship. Cartier loved the bracelet and implemented a policy: customers could not buy a Love Bracelet for themselves. (LOVE THAT!)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Now & Later: Floral Denim

March, the time of year when all the stores are inundated with Spring and warm weather fashions - yet here in the Midwest we are still in the grips of Mother Nature & much cooler temps. Lets see this past weekend it snowed!  In an attempts stay true to the reality of the temps, yet while bracing Spring Fashion I'd thought I'd start a new series on the 'ole blog. Now & Later. How to wear something now and then later - how to transition it into the next season! 

Fun right?! Nothing like buying something and getting to wear it now, vs having to hold onto it for some months. First up - major spring trend of 2012 printed and or Floral Denim. There are a wide variety of versions out there and all price points - I personally am most drawn to the more subdued and neutral versions, like these Citizen 'Mandy's'. 


LATER: Breezy TopGold WatchSimple Studs w/ Pop of Color, Bag, Wedges

Are you getting any printed/floral denim this year??? 

**The aviators, watch, purse & scarf could easily be worn in each! Gotta love that! Classic pieces will always go the distance in your wardrobe! 


Monday, March 5, 2012

Treats: Giveaway

*This giveaway has now Closed! 

Whenever I get a giftcard I'll do one of two things. Stockpile it and wait for more, or run out and buy myself a 'treat' - treat myself to an item I've been lusting after for some time! What's all this talk about a giftcard you ask?!

Well, Ladies it is YOUR lucky day!!!!! I've teamed up with Shopbop to host a lovely giveaway of a $100 Gift Card just for you!!!! What WHAT?! Yes, just for you!!!! I'm TRES jealous!!!

Now, do you treat yourself to something special? Like a fabulous new swanky lingerie set, from the likes of Cosabella or Jenna Leigh? (Two of my personal favs!) Or a budget girl - go with the classic DKNY intimates? and a stock pile of other goodies?! 

Or do you save it and 'Add' it a bigger wish-list item??? This Bag, is on my wish list! (If only I could pick a color or style...Rocco or Diego? Black or Tan)

I canNOT honestly say I'd be able to choose, a new bag and fancy under pinnings are my FAVS!!!! Or new shoes?! Or anew Dress?! Choices, you have so many choices!!!!

To Enter:
- Follow Curly in the City with Google (Simple, just press the 'Follow' botton over on the Right side) And leave a comment below which includes your email & tell me 'What would You BUY?!'

For Extra Entries - Please enter each extra entry as a separate comment for them to count! :
- Follow Curly in the City on Facebook
- Follow Curly in the City on Twitter
- Tweet about the Giveaway including BOTH @CurlyintheCity & @shopbop!!!

*Giveaway will close on WEDNESDAY March 14th, and winner will be announced Friday the 17th! 

Friday, March 2, 2012


Oh weekend you are sooooo close, WAHOO!!! Had some fun new things happen this week, so that was a positive lift after a few rough weeks (at work!). Took some time to get a mani afterwork yesterday - so necessary! And I have Barre this weekend! So everything is looking pretty good about now! 

How were your weeks? And how is it March already?!!? And what are you doing this weekend?

Be sure to pop over to Christin's {The Real Mean Girl}, I'm sharing five little known facts about myself. If you care to learn more by all means, and no laughing (they aren't all that special, but just little interesting tid-bits about me!)! LOL!!! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Necklace Love

Yesterday was shoe love, today it's about the Necklace LOVE!!! Each are probably my most favorite items to look at & buy...well let's be honest I love to look at a lot, but lets just say these are both FAV's!!!! Cuz that's true!

I have been eyeing the Maya Brenner letter necklace's for soooo long! The dainty and understated glamor factor are undeniable!!! But what's even better - she has so many different styles! Numbers, states and Zodiac's!!! A few of my fav's below!

Of course, I'd choose a 'T' for Taylor, '1' for my birthday, California for DUH all the obvious reasons!!! And the Zodiac - Taurus.... yes you guessed it! I'm am most definitely a Taurus, in every sense!!! The best part - WE CAN ALL enter to WIN!!! Just head over to Maya Brenner's Facebook Page and enter to win! She is giving a Zodiac necklace away for every sign all year long!!!! Just head to the 'What's your Sign' app & enter! I already did!!!!

Now to just get my hands on one (a Letter!) or ALL!!! Do you have any????? What are your favorite necklaces? Do you go understated or big and bold?