Friday, February 3, 2012

It's been a Busy one, Let's Recap!

What a busy week over here at Curly!!! Lots of fun things have gone down, so lets recap!

( 1 ) We started the week with the Ruby Room Spa Deal! Ruby Room Spa in Chicago is offering $20 dollars off and 60 minute massage! Read the full details here.

( 2 ) Quickly followed by the announcement of the Refinery29 'Next Style Blogger' Search, which I've entered! I'm not one to ask, but if you haven't voted already, I'd true appreciate your votes! {ANd if you want to ask your Mom, Boyfriend/Husband too, it'd mean the world to me! My hopes for winning aren't that high, but I'd love to pursue this amazing opportunity for as far as I can! Any and all support is more than I can offer thanks for!!!! {So thank you for all your votes, and thank you in advance to all your future votes!} VOTE HERE (you just have to find my picture and then click the little heart!)!

( 3 ) Next up was another INCREDIBLE DEAL for you Curly Girls!!!!! Lookmatic is offering a 20% off discount for the next month on your orders!!!! Who doesn't love new specs (with RX lens) for under $72!!! No deal-hunting-fashionista I know!!!! You can read full details here.

( 4 ) And then yesterday, a GIVEAWAY just for you!!!! I've teamed up with Refinery29 to host a By Boe jewelry giveaway!!! I still can't believe you can win one of these fabulous pieces!!!! Enter and get all the info here - Be sure to stop over the giveaway doesn't end until next Tuesday. So be sure to get your entries in!!! I made the ring mine, by opting to purchase right away directly through th R29 Reserve site - which is a great option for all your V-Day gifts!!!!

( 5 ) Pheew, busy one right?! Now go book your spa appointment, order those glasses, VOTE and enter to win!!!! Done??? Ok, now onto the weekend....What are your plans???


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