Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oxford Love

Spring is most definitely in the air, although I know we are at least a month out from true warmer temps. But in the 'I'm over wool socks and boots' type of dressing, so on warmer days I've been rocking ballet flat, and loafers as much as possible. And by warmer I mean high 30's - mid 40's!

Chilly tops of feet are easily negotiable when you have been wearing heavy layers for 3 months! I spotted these last week at Nordstrom & I can NOT get them out of my mind! I can think of sooooo many ways to wear them - from casual work wear to funky weekend jeans and a T.

The blue top my list, the punch of color....but them that lime yellow....or maybe more neutral with pink....Need your help - Start the Voting!

Cole Haan - via

Which would you choose?! Should I get them?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh What a Weekend!!!

**Sorry this went up late, I was obviously not paying attention when I hit publish! whoops! 

I had an AMAZING weekend!!! It was PERFECT!!! Happy Hour on Friday with Lesley, was more like hours and bottles of wine!!! I couldn't have asked for a better date or food! Saturday's Shopping, lunch and West Elm Event with Danielle was pure bliss!!!!!!!!!!! Scooped up so many goodies, and talked and giggled lots. We had a blast!

Here is what I walked away form Zara with 1, 2, 3 - YIPEE!! The upper right #4 & #5 were online orders since they were out of my size in store.

Sunday= PJ's all day & Oscars. Perfectly relaxing! The fashion was either good or bad, possibly a full recap coming but these were by far my favorites!

How were your weekends????

Friday, February 24, 2012

New Desires

Carrying on about my merry way while wrapping up an extremely long a conference call early yesterday morning, multitasking in all my glory.... I was making my rounds through my regular repertoire of shopping sites and BAM!

Now Zara did you really have to go an upload all this greatness all at one time?! Hot Damn! Calling on my every desire for warmer Spring weather! {Yes, all non-Chicagoans, we are currently in storm watch 4-6" of SNOW! Not complaining it's been a great year, but it was 40-45 all week!}

Item List: Soft Blush leather jacket. Modern Cut white dress, Various Sandals, Lightweight jacket, Bright Blush Heels

I need them ALL!!!!! Not lying ALL of these will most likely be in my closet ASAP! Sorry Hubs & any other item on my wish list - you just got demoted. Mama's in serious lustful overload!!! And it couldn't come at a more perfect time, this Saturday I have a shopping date with Danielle, inwhich I've already instructed her that we will be going to Zara (amongst others)!

What are you guys up to this weekend? Any shopping? Dinner Plans? Oscar parties?

Me- Happy Hour Tonight with the lovely Miss Lesley, an extended shopping excursion tomorrow with D and Sunday, relaxing and napping before another work week!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Food food FOOD

If you follow me on Pinterest (if you don't you TOTALLY SHOULD!) you might think I have a bad addiction, addicted to food (and fashion/clothes & decor). Well, if you do, you aren't wrong on any of those conclusions! I love to eat. And even more, as of late I love to cook. I've even started baking...well lets be honest I did bake once and twice I used a mix to aid. But who is counting?!

Any-who, lately I've been scouring the internet to find food I love to eat when out or updated versions to some classics I already love. Behold:

(Clockwise): Chow-Mein, Teriyaki Chicken, Salad, Lemon Pasta, Savory Griddle Cakes, Mac' N Cheese
You can find them all on my 'YUMM Food' Board!!! these are a few current favs! 

Where do you go to find inspiration for cooking? How do you come up with new versions of the norm? I think I may try out the Chow-Mein and Teriyaki chicken this weekend!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

H&M + Marni

We've been hearing the rumblings of the Marni + H&M collaboration for months now & the time for release is growing near! But after this past weekend, we now get to actually see the collection! I'm in love! Now the question is - Am I going to wait out all night again???? {Read my H&M <3 Lanvin tales here & here

There were preview parties last Friday in LA, the photos were FAB!!! Now with the full lookbooks out - I've narrowed my Lust list down. Well I tried to whittle it down!!! The long-sleeve cardigan, dress (below) and accessories are at the top of my list! But really there were a bunch of items that I really like, so Marni and so my style!

- via

Anyone else as excited as I am for this????? And more importantly.... Do any Chicago Girls want to do it with me?!?!?! I'm not sure I want to do it alone again, but I really do want to go! Takers???? 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Bits of the...Weekend

Peak into my weekend Instagram style! Shall we?! {Sorry Mom, I know you don't 'get' these style of photos! :) }

1. Danity Duo of rings on Friday - left H&M, right By Boe.
2. Happy Hour Cocktails with a Buddy - we both needed one or five after a long week!
3. Saturday Cleaning. Look at that gleam on those floors, mopped by yours truly!
4. Sunday Morning Mani - Essie Mademoiselle
5. Sunday Brunch Outfit - classic staples always the easiest way to go{basic black sweater, skinny jeans and loafers}
6. After brunch Latte from my favorite coffee shop - Wormhole

Friday, February 17, 2012


Weekend. Nuff said!!! I can't wait - no plans, maybe a drink or two with a friend. Maybe some overdue shopping! Only time will tell.....just a few hours now! Probably some of the requisite laundry and cleaning but at this rate it's welcome - this was a long week!!! What about you??

{All images via, layout edits by Me}

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sunny Disposition

Sometimes you just need to shift the way you think about things, taking on a 'Sunny Disposition' about it! Whether it be dealing with work, love or life. Just stepping back & remembering what you love - and WHY you do! I've done this a lot lately, on the work front and having a new perspective takes the weight of the world off my shoulders and is making everything easier and more fun!

Now, if Mother nature could fix the gray skies of this dreary week. And spring would come early I'd love to be rocking these sunnies to take on the world!!! {These two are on my lust list for the summer!}

Top: 'Taylor' by Elizabeth and James (A sign I need them right?! Obvi!!!)
Bottom: 'Artista Aviator' by RayBan

How do remind yourself to stop a negative tendency and return to a positive place? And does anyone know where I can get Rx lens for the E&J Taylor's?! I really want them for summer - and this old lady needs prescription lens!!! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Inspiration: NYFW 2012 Street Style

Currently NYFW (New York Fashion Week) is in full swing, besides being jealous of so many bloggers who were able to attend the IFB conference, the Currently Obsessed party and of course, fashion shows, duh! I am loving the street style photos that are starting to pop up online. Below are a few of my favorites....

What about you? Have you found any non-Runway (Street style) looks that you are loving so far?


*All images are pinned on my Pinterest page. Via: Team Peter Stigter, Harpers Bazaar, Tommy Ton for

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Inspiration

From the palest of Pinks & Blushes to the most vibrant of the Reds - pulling together some inspiration for you for the upcoming Valentine Holiday!!!!!

I don't have anything planned, got the Hubs a cheeky little gift, being under the weather still makes for a low-key holiday. And I don't mind one bit!!! Do you have anything planned with your Hunny or girlfriends?

*Thank You all SO much for all the well wishes these past few days! It means so much!!!! I'm still a bit under the weather, and will be taking my rear to the doctors if by lunch I'm not feeling better! 

**PS - Don't forget the LOOKMATIC discount is still going for the rest of the month - have you gotten yourself a a pair yet???? 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Splurge or Save: Leopard Denim

I stayed out of the Jason Wu for target craziness this past weekend, nothing really spoke to me to wait in line for. But I did have to stop by to grab some normal household items, so Monday night I made the venture and spotted something that had to come home with me.

Now I beg you to answer - splurge or save?

I saved, and happy to admit it! I went with the Camel Leopard although seeing the Grey Leopard above, I think I need these too! I have wanted the Current Elliot version for quite some time, I ogle them every time I'm at Saks and Nordstroms....but didn't like the price tag on the more trend driven item. And I'm not feeling an ounce of guilt for buying this knock-off cheap version....and then maybe a second pair - together for under $45 bucks! 

They are so fun and are much more muted in person - and really read as a neutral. Celebs have been spotted all over in them - because they are so fab! 

Here is one way I plan to wear them! 

For a fun night out - classic yet updated and fresh!!! And quite possible exactly what I'll be wearing Sat night for a little girls night out!!!! Now add a pop of color in the shoes? Red pumps, Purple pumps or Basic black?

Are you going to save too?? What do you think??? 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Combating the Cold

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday, this little lady is currently down for the count with one nasty cold. Guess I was too good of a care taker this weekend, tucking in and making sure the Hubs was on his way to getting better - I caught it! Next time he's on his own! HA!

In all seriousness, sinuses are nothing to battle with! The sinus pressure, congestion, extreme headache are  really taking me down! I am one of those people who goes to work no matter the illness - but I took yesterday off! I plan on heading in today, but if the Hubs has his way I'll be bed bound again. Which may not be the end of the world. {silly reasoning, but I like to save my PTO for fun stuff, not for being sick!} We shall see!

But being knocked out so hard, and given that it's the time of the year when it goes around I thought - let me share how I combat the cold! In addition to pounding OJ, water and a stack of cold meds & tissues, here is my arsenal:

1. A great candle. A must! Although your nose may be stuffy, the flicker and feeling a candle gives is a total relaxer. {Another favorite here}
2. Deep Conditioner. Now what in the world, I know what you are thinking! Follow me here for one moment. You are congested, exhausted and worn out - run yourself a hot bath, get in and relax. Let the steam work on the congestion and then this is where the deep conditioning comes in! Apply while you are relaxing, double duty! Plus once you are better you will have great hair! {This one is my personal favorite!}
3. Tumbler. Keep water, juices and lots of liquid handy! I love having a cute bright colored one handy - hey I'm a girl the gimicks work! ;)
4 & 5. A Good book and a stack of we really need an explanation? Good, I knew you'd agree!
6. Nail Polish. Enough reading, napping and trashy daytime TV? Along with the bath/deep condition I like to do my nails. A non-strenuous activity that once I'm back on my feet will help me feel put together and cute! I'm ready for spring and starting in with the brights!

Has anyone come down with a bug yet this year? What's in your arsenal to combat your cold??

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tale of Two Cities - Let's Decorate TOGETHER!

I am SOOOO excited to announce a new collaboration - starting today I'm part of and a FUN new project that all of you can join in!!! A Tale of Two Cities: Chicago & DC! Together with Anne (of Signature Style blog, and wedding/event planner extraordinaire behind the same, Signature Style Events) will be hosting monthly fun challenges - matching the two cites up for some amazing visual inspriation !!!!

And best part, we want YOU to join in the fun!!! Be sure to pop over to Anne's Blog to get all the details and to sign up - but essentially we are going to be PINNING, together with you, as we decorate two sweet City abodes for some especially stylish Lady!  We will all share our ideas, on how would this fabulous lady live should she live.....the of course blog all about it!

In a chic urban 'Chicago Loft' {Anne's & I current home}:

Or in a vintage, classic DC walk-up in 'DC Vintage' {Anne's half-home & hometown}:  

As you can see from the above we started pulling some really fun inspiration - and WE WANT YOU TO JOIN IN!!!! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to let me know!! Pop over and SIGN-UP and see you out there Pinning!!! (You all know I'm already addicted!!)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was about getting better, getting the Hubs healthy again and for me it was about letting go of the stress of last week's work nonsense, and gearing up for a new week! So we laid low, and I only left the house once! Pure bliss!!! {And yes, I showered before I ventured into public!!! It was a toss up, but my oh-so scary hair had to be tamed!} At the grocery I grabbed myself a bright bouquet of flowers, which are now a happy welcome when you come into the kitchen/living room! I love a good monochromatic bouquet!

And of course we watched the Super Bowl, I was in it for the commercials & the finger food - since my Chargers were out of it long ago!! My takes.... Clint Eastwood for PRES!!!! And oh David Beckham.... (wipe the drool) you look so tasty! HA!

I enjoyed the halftime show, although of course I have some critiques! HA!! There was no singing until the end, which is sad. I loved the Vogue imagery, talk about great product placement - iconic and so cool! And really how did no one notice MIA flip the bird, I was shocked when there wasn't a big uproar on the internet once that happened! But in my book Madonna is too iconic and pretty awesome no matter what, and most of all she looks amazing. Her outfit and hair were oh so pretty! I pulled together a little board inspired by her leather, black and gold ensemble. I'll take them all!!!

How were your weekends? What did you do? Did you watch the Super Bowl?

*PS: Don't forget to enter the By Boe/Refinery29 Giveaway, ends tomorrow night!!!! 
**PS: Don't forget to check out the Lookmatic Discount, 20% off your order!!! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

It's been a Busy one, Let's Recap!

What a busy week over here at Curly!!! Lots of fun things have gone down, so lets recap!

( 1 ) We started the week with the Ruby Room Spa Deal! Ruby Room Spa in Chicago is offering $20 dollars off and 60 minute massage! Read the full details here.

( 2 ) Quickly followed by the announcement of the Refinery29 'Next Style Blogger' Search, which I've entered! I'm not one to ask, but if you haven't voted already, I'd true appreciate your votes! {ANd if you want to ask your Mom, Boyfriend/Husband too, it'd mean the world to me! My hopes for winning aren't that high, but I'd love to pursue this amazing opportunity for as far as I can! Any and all support is more than I can offer thanks for!!!! {So thank you for all your votes, and thank you in advance to all your future votes!} VOTE HERE (you just have to find my picture and then click the little heart!)!

( 3 ) Next up was another INCREDIBLE DEAL for you Curly Girls!!!!! Lookmatic is offering a 20% off discount for the next month on your orders!!!! Who doesn't love new specs (with RX lens) for under $72!!! No deal-hunting-fashionista I know!!!! You can read full details here.

( 4 ) And then yesterday, a GIVEAWAY just for you!!!! I've teamed up with Refinery29 to host a By Boe jewelry giveaway!!! I still can't believe you can win one of these fabulous pieces!!!! Enter and get all the info here - Be sure to stop over the giveaway doesn't end until next Tuesday. So be sure to get your entries in!!! I made the ring mine, by opting to purchase right away directly through th R29 Reserve site - which is a great option for all your V-Day gifts!!!!

( 5 ) Pheew, busy one right?! Now go book your spa appointment, order those glasses, VOTE and enter to win!!!! Done??? Ok, now onto the weekend....What are your plans???

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love Knot

Well, I mentioned on twitter Sunday I was excited for this week.....Lets see Monday we started with a great discount to Ruby Room Spa in Chicago. Then yesterday another Fan-Tabulous discount  for some new specs on Lookmatic. And DRUMROLL......... a GIVEAWAY just for you!!!!

I teamed up with Refinery29's Reserve to offer you ladies a fabulous new piece of Jewelry & just in time for Valentine's day!!!! And you get to pick what you want! Choices, even better!!!!! You will get the opportunity to win a sweet piece from the 'Love Knot' by By Boe.  {By Boe: Known for their signature delicate designs, this cult jewelry brand has gone from opening a small NYC workshop to developing a worldwide following, including some of the hottest celebs in Tinseltown.} I love the sentimental symbolism behind the 'knot' because how many hearts and kisses do we need to see?! Plus I'm thinking longevity - this is a classic style! I personally can't decide between the ring or bangle...or maybe both!

 To Enter:
- Follow Curly in the City with Google (Simple, just press the 'Follow' botton over on teh Right side -- > ) And leave a comment below which includes your email & which piece would you choose (Earrings, ring, bangle? all?!)?

For Extra Entries - Please enter each extra entry as a separate comment for them to count! :
- Follow Curly in the City on Facebook
- Follow Curly in the City on Twitter
- Tweet about the Giveaway including BOTH @CurlyintheCity & @refinery29!!!

*Giveaway will close on Tuesday Feb 7th, and winner will be announce Friday the 10th! 

But fear NOT me Ladies..... You don't have to wait until then to grab one or two of your own, you can make sure you get one NOW!!! And maybe they will be the PERFECT Valentine's gift for your girlfriend/mom/sister/anyone/YOURSELF! Just head over to Refinery29's Reserve for by Boe now!

R29 Reserve:
Just in time for V-Day, By Boe is offering up their exclusive Love Knot Collection—just for R29ers.   Pick from two sizes of hoops, rings, and bangles, all adorned with linked loops that represent the love bond between two independent individuals. And there you were thinking we weren’t sentimental. Simple enough for everyday and stunning enough for a special occasion, these designs are the perfect gift… even if it’s for yourself.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

You got the 'LOOK'

I'm sure have noticed a new pair of glasses in a few of my most recent posts, no? Would you like to see me model them a bit more????

Aren't they FAB?????!!!! I ordered a pair from Lookmatic, a great online retailer of fashionable, and reasonably priced eye-ware.  As soon as I got them I knew I had to share and then order more!!! Well the amazing folks over a Lookmatic want you looking good too!!!

510410_Branding Banner 300

Lookmatic is offering ALL Curly readers a CANT-PASS-UP-DISCOUNT!!!! For the next month, if you enter 'curly20' during check-out you will receive 20% off your order {Expires on March 1st}!!!! That's HUGE considering they are under 90$ with prescription and all - You can even grab sunnies, they have tinted lens!!!! Ladies new glasses for about $70 - crazy good right???? I know!

*In case you were wondering which style mine are: Apprentice in Tortoise 
**Be sure to use the box above or the link in the sidebar to get over to Lookmatic - so they know who sent ya!!!