Friday, January 13, 2012


These pictures have nothing in common, other than I like them! And that's enough for me, HA!!! I love finding inspiration in many areas- through imagery, written words - any medium really - Pinterst is my addiction to catalog them. Record everything in one place. J'adore! This week has been a rough one, but buckling down and getting it done was the only way to go. So I'd thought I end the week with a little top ten list of sorts!

Top Ten 'randoms' for 2012 thus far:
1. I've watched less TV and more reading - I completed The Girl Who Played with Fire, and and 1/2 done The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest!! Yay for reading!
2. I was 'on track' for healthy eating all week!
3. Gym'd it 4 times this week!!!!
4. Tried out Barre Bee Fit - first timers nerves gone, and now addicted!
5. Got new glasses & LOVE them!!!
6. These shoes are rocking my world - they just arrived!
7. Had lots of great convos with some good girlfriends - those are so necessary!
8. Snow!
9. Knowing I have 3 day weekends for the rest of January!!
10. My Mom is in town this weekend! Love when she visits me!

Any pretty pictures I should check out that you love, leave me a link! What has been great so far this year for you?

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  1. love that first piece!

  2. Wow you've been so good with your resolutions (unlike me). And I haven't been able to stop thinking about those shoes since you posted them- love!

  3. Congrats on your to-do lists! You are getting a lot done! I have been doing really well with eating better & walking at least 2-3x a yay for me!

  4. I just bought pillows exactly like those furries <3
    Happy weekend love!

  5. It looks like 2012 has been really great for you so far! I've kept up my fitness and health goals, I've been washing my face {almost} every day, I've found a yoga studio I like, and I've learned how to do a few new things in photoshop. Enjoy your weekend with your mom!

  6. Sounds like you hit the ground running in 2012! Have a great time with your mom this weekend! xo

  7. Have a fun weekend with your mom! Obsessed with this trio of images. xoxo

  8. I want that first painting....BAD

  9. Hopefully I will love my Barre class this Monday and see you lots there :)Have a good time with your mom this weekend. xoxo

  10. love those shoes! and your pictures and quote you posted are wonderful.
    I think my motto recently would have to be "Make today RIDICULOUSLY amazing" found here {}
    So far this year has been great because I am giving myself some "me" time and am also on the look out for fun new opportunities in my town!
    have a great weekend

  11. I just HAD to click on the link for the shoes, and see that they have my size left. Oh dear. They are so wonderful!

  12. Oooh, you're doing so well! Have a good weekend, Taylor!
    xo Josie

  13. Omg. THat quote was seriously talking right to me. Wowza.

  14. You've had a productive week at the gym, love it! Have a fabulous weekend with your mom.

  15. i totally vegged out yesterday and ate chinese instead of going to the gym.... you are inspiring me to kick my butt into gear!

  16. I'm enjoying your blog!

  17. LOVE these randoms:) haha. and more time with girlfriends. See you Friday! hooray. xo

  18. That quote is very moving and that bedroom is gorgeous!


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