Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Golden Globes

Award Season is a fun time of year. Not necessarily for the actual award show (for me), but for the fashion!!! I couldn't imagine what it would be like to have gowns galore to try on and play dress up in - I would love it!! Then followed by pampering with Hair and make-up. And yes, I'm sure it sounds so fun to me, an outsider, but I'm not sure getting decked out would ever get old!

The Hubs and I only watched snippets - mainly to catch Ricky Gervais and all his antics (love him!) - but of course you know I was scouring for all the gowns! Here are my 'umm, What was up with you mirror today?!' Bad List.

Angelina. Madona. Reese. 

I still don't quite get the red little sash along the top of Angelina's dress {Atelier Versace}. Then you couple that with the red lip and purse, umm no thank you! If you got rid of the red purse, and sash making them the same neutral as dress - then just kept the lip it would have been a whole different situation. Oh Madonna, Madonna {In Reem Acra}. Why would you ever want squares all over your tush....never I say!!! I love the top - but from the waist band down - toss it, barf, boo, not so cute.  And last of my not so favorites was Reese {in Zac Posen}. I do not get the hair - not one bit. I am pretty sure this is what did it for me, it's what threw me off. I just don't get it. And then there is something about that silk/satin of the dress where I don't quite love the way it falls. Just not my fav for her at all. 

Now for my favs!!!!!! When I watch these shows, I love picking a favorite - then dreaming they'd send it over so I could wear it! I love these gowns, and how they are styled, but given the fact that I can....I'll add little swaps I'd make if I was the one rocking them! Ready for my favs?!!! Love List. 

Rooney Mara. Jessica Beil. Laura Dern. Charlise Theron.

Rooney, from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, stole my breath with this dress {by Nina Rici}. Stunning, simple and so my style - I want this for a gala ASAP! I know it isn't anything 'wow' but that is what I love most. Understated glamour and refined glitz - imagine a pair of wild colored shoes concealed beneath and I'd have added a simple huge sparkling bracelet to top it off! I adore this look on Jessica Beil, and of course it doesn't help she has a beyond amazing body!!! Her loosely curled hair against the formality of the high neck and lace - a winning dichotomy! I would have loved to see the monochromatic look with a bright colored shoes, maybe a cobalt (Hard to say but I think just something would have sipced it up a touch)? Some may say dowdy but I love the super high slit and freshness that her undone hair brings - a winner to me. 

Oh Laura. Damn...... I want to look this good now and when I'm her age (44). A stunning stature and physique!!! I wouldn't change a thing - Not many people could pull this off, but she certainly does it!!!{Dress by Andrew Gn}! Love! And lastly Charlise. I will first start, I don't love the headband (I know I may be alone in this) but I don't. The dress, and miles long slit - meow {by Dior}! She surprising isn't orange a la spray tans like in years past, yet nor is she washed out and too pale - a perfect mix and the dress is stunning! 

Did you watch on Sunday - What were your favorites? Who did you dislike? 

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  1. Charlize Theron was my fav! She looked amazing in that Dior dress

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  3. I love madonna's and jessica biel's dresses the best!


  4. Finally someone who didn't like Reese! I thought I was the only one! Definitely not her best. Totally agree with you on Madonna's dress and to me, Angeline Jolie looked like she just came out of Twilight.
    I didn't watch the show (no live stream to be found!) so I terribly missed Ricky, love him!

  5. Laura Dern looks stunning. Love the emerald green.

  6. love laura dern and charlize! but really, when does charlize wrong? not often. i had a hard time with reese too but most people loved her.

  7. we have a lot of the sames! angelina madonna and lea michele were my least fav. and charlize and emma my two favs overall. i am undecided on jessica biels. at first i loved it but then sometimes i think it looked a bit dowdy and didn't fit her quite right...

  8. Laura Dern stole Larua Linney's golden globe. Hated Angelina's dress. I LOVE reese and think SHE looked so pretty but that dress wasn't my favorite. I wasn't crazy about Jessica Biel's dress either. Maybe it was just me?

  9. I thought Charlize looked AMAZING!
    xo Josie

  10. i usually love Reese no matter what she is wearing, and while I think she is "cute" in this, she isn't her norma knock-outself. And yes, the future Mrs. Timberlake is stunning... maybe a little post engagement glow!
    thanks for sharing

  11. i agree, the red clutch was too matching, but, that versace gown is such an incredibly stunning structure, it is scary.

    zac posen did not fare well with me this year either; too boring and 1980s prom.


  12. My favourite is Reese's dress - girl next door and a bit of a curve. Perfect. xx


  13. I agree with your "bad" list. Angelina's look was horrible. I loved Laura Dern's dress -- that color!

  14. I agree with you...What the heck was up with Reese's hair?! It looked like she just finished her workout and then slipped on that dress! Jessica Biel's dress was definitely one of my faves...loved the slit in the front and that gorgeous lace!

  15. Thank you SOOO much for this post... I didn't watch NOR have I had a chance to see any pics! I completely agree with your best/not so best list (Reese was very disappointing-bad prom night at best). xo

  16. Great post... I hated Angelina's too. My faves of the night were Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain, and Zooey. Loooved Michelle Williams too. Oh and Charlize looked stunning as usual. ;)

    XO, Liza
    fashion over groceries

  17. i LOVED jessica biel's look too and i felt like i was the only one!! yay, i'm so happy i'm not alone

  18. I shared my faves on the blog yesterday :)


  19. I love Jessica and roomeys dresses. They're so different but they're both gorgeous.


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