Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Refinery29 - 2012 Search for the Next Big Style Blogger

I'm not against a little shameless plug/self promotion.... I have to ask for a favor from you lovlies. I have entered the Refinery29 Next Big Style Blogger Competition, and I'd love for your support & 'Hearts!"

No obligations - I know I'm amongst some amazing ladies, although I'd truly love your vote! And if you want to help me, feel free to spread the word, tell your Mom and all your family to vote for me too! You (and all of your crew) can vote daily!!! Many thank you's to YOU in advance and as always for your amazing support! I'm excited to see how this competition unfolds!

Muchas Gracias loves!!!!!

My Look: Sailing

Jacket: Burberry. Blouse: Equipment (similar). Jeans: Ben Sherman. Boots: J.Crew. Glasses: Lookmatic

I love how pictures can totally mask how warm or cold it really is outside! The absence of snow or a beach filled with ladies in bikini's, there is no real gauge to temperature in a picture - but I'll give you a hint, it wasn't warm this day! That's ok, I happen to have been wearing one of those outfits that make you feel like a million bucks. Nothing truly special, but it just worked & made me feel good! ....you know those days? Well this was one of them - great 'Curls' day, a fun shirt (which I love!) with sail boats & my favorite coat! {I love the chiffon detailing on my new-er coat! A super score, thanks to the Hubs fabulous eye! She is the warmest and chicest coat I own!}

Of course just a few days later, the temp have risen dramatically {now in the mid forties, instead of mid 20's} - guess Mother Nature isn't sure if she giving us Chicagoans a break on winter or not! Well at least when it drops again, I could throw this outfit back on and feel great!

UPDATE: PSST, I am part of Refinery29's next Style-Blogger competition - I'll love you even more than I already do and I'd truly appreciate if you could hop over and vote for me! You just need to click the 'HEART' by my picture! And don't forget to forget to VOTE DAILY!!! You have no idea how much it means to me!!! VOTE HERE.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Ruby Room

This weekend I had the pleasure of massage and experiencing all the Ruby Room has to offer! And let me start by saying it's a lot!!! Ruby Room is a whole experience unto itself! And I had FUN!! Walking down Division you would never have any idea what is laying inside for you to discover!

Ruby Room is a spa with a different view point than any I've been to previously. Not in a bad way but in the way it focuses it's goal to healing to you the client. It is a 'Spiritual Wellness' center that is spa, salon, energy center and much more. In lay terms, it is a spa who's motivation is to get your spiritual self better along with healing your physical self. Kinda cool, right? Right before you go in for whatever service you choose, you'll pick a card of intention - which align with your chakra's {Now admittedly I was a little skeptical} but it was great!

I had such a GREAT time and I can't wait until I can go back! And Ruby Room wants YOU too as well!!! For the next month every Chicago 'Curly' Girl will get 20% off a 60 minute massage and a free 10 minute card reading at Ruby Room! All you need to do is, mention "Taylor's Blog - Curly in the City" to receive the discount.

Has anyone had a card reading? Or been to a place centered on spiritual wellness? I had such a blast - I love experiencing new adventures like this!

*I saw Gwen for my massage - she is AMAZING!!! She found my trouble area (my neck) without me telling her - ladies, she knows what she is doing - you need to go see her! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Current 2012 Spring Lusts - Pastels

My first post on 'Spring Lusts' was all about Brights & neutrals. And today it is all about the Pastels & maybe a few more Neutrals! Best part about both color ways? Besides being pretty fab, they could be incorporated now, with a few extra layers (of course!) but of course again when the temp rise a bit! And who doesn't need more and love neutrals?! They are so versatile! Neutral items are interchangeable and can be worn in many-a-way - and with both the bright or pastel pieces!

Here are my neutral picks!!!
Card Set / Seafoam Sweater / Peach Tank {on sale!}/ Sunglasses / Mixed Metal Wedges

I need some more notecards and this sweet refreshing set of cards is just perfect! And the rest are just right on, right on my radar!!! HA!! I just scooped up a sweater just like this - and I'm in love!!! I think I'll pair it with some stark black for winter and plenty of white come spring!

So we are in agreement - super bright and sweet pastels for spring?! Ok cool!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Current 2012 Spring Lusts - Bright

My current 'Wish/Lust' list for Spring 2012. Here is part 1- its parts neutrals and brights. I would be the happiest girl if these bright slacks and dress were in my closet, like now! (These sadly had to go back, they din't work on me at all! Off to the races, looking again for a wide leg colored slack!) Then toss in the center 'neutral' items - and a fabulous candle because who doesn't need an other?!

Are you going for a bright or light spring?! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Simple Leather

Well Miss Winter rearer her ugly head late last week, and decided she was gonna stick around for a bit. Well I stuck my metaphorical tongue out and went sandal shopping! I am craving simple leather sandals for summer. I'll take one of each of these, please!!!!

From Upper left: Proenza Schouler  /  Unknown  /  Topshop

I'm probably the first one thinking about sandals....unless you are lucky and have a vacation to somewhere warm coming up!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Splurge or Save: Bright Flats

In my 9 to 5, commute to work life I am a flat lover, ballet flats to be exact! Gasp, I know. I love me some heels like no other, but commuting in the them is for the birds! And boy am I hard on my flats - literally wear them to the bone! They are saviors for your knees and mine! :)

For spring and summer bright flats are every where...everywhere I tell ya! I want to grab them in every color!!! Now, given I'm so hard on them & I have so many colors I'd love in my closet - do I Splurge or Save?

Are you going to get any? Splurge or Save?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tres Ready!!!!

This week has been tres long and quite stressful at times but it's FRIDAY!!!! Time to celebrate!! Getting me through the week was gleaming light at the end of the tunnel - a fun Girl night was ahead! I have a little French Themed Movie night with some of my favorite ladies tonight! There will be cheeses, wines, Champagne, other nibbles and oh yeah a movie, Midnight in Paris! I can't wait!!! I haven't figured out what to wear - going to channel the chicest little french lady I can! Thinking ballet flats, stripes skinny jeans.... I need to pop over and check Grace's new series for some ideas!

I love a good theme party!!! Don't you! What are your plans? Have you seen Midnight in Paris yet? I can't wait to see it!

{All images via, layout edits by Me}

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stud Lover

I am such a stud lover!!! Sparkly study lover! But we've gone over that before....oh come'on you naughty birds what did you think I was talking about?! ;) Earrings, duh!!! When the kind folks at Anjolee* asked if they could send me a pair of Diamond Earrings, you know I had to say yes!!!!

I had such a hard time deciding what style to get, a stud earrings obviously won out!!! The versatility and everyday chicness/wearablity make them a definite closet staple!!! I own a few different varieties of a faux-diamond stud but for the past couple weeks these have won out each and every time - the quality and sparkle is second to nothing I own! I don't know why I've steered away from buying a higher quality earring for so long - I am now a forever convert!

Anjolee has so many amazing pieces from amazing quality diamonds and stones in every style under the sun! I found the diamonds to be a great price and their service was amazing! I wish I liked hoops more, some of these Diamond Hoop Earrings, are fab!

Have you made the jump from a Claire's version stud to a high quality CZ or Diamond Stud?? You totally should! And if you have - where were you and why didn't you tell me?!!!

*This is a sponsored post written by me.  All opinions are 100% mine!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Golden Globes

Award Season is a fun time of year. Not necessarily for the actual award show (for me), but for the fashion!!! I couldn't imagine what it would be like to have gowns galore to try on and play dress up in - I would love it!! Then followed by pampering with Hair and make-up. And yes, I'm sure it sounds so fun to me, an outsider, but I'm not sure getting decked out would ever get old!

The Hubs and I only watched snippets - mainly to catch Ricky Gervais and all his antics (love him!) - but of course you know I was scouring for all the gowns! Here are my 'umm, What was up with you mirror today?!' Bad List.

Angelina. Madona. Reese. 

I still don't quite get the red little sash along the top of Angelina's dress {Atelier Versace}. Then you couple that with the red lip and purse, umm no thank you! If you got rid of the red purse, and sash making them the same neutral as dress - then just kept the lip it would have been a whole different situation. Oh Madonna, Madonna {In Reem Acra}. Why would you ever want squares all over your tush....never I say!!! I love the top - but from the waist band down - toss it, barf, boo, not so cute.  And last of my not so favorites was Reese {in Zac Posen}. I do not get the hair - not one bit. I am pretty sure this is what did it for me, it's what threw me off. I just don't get it. And then there is something about that silk/satin of the dress where I don't quite love the way it falls. Just not my fav for her at all. 

Now for my favs!!!!!! When I watch these shows, I love picking a favorite - then dreaming they'd send it over so I could wear it! I love these gowns, and how they are styled, but given the fact that I can....I'll add little swaps I'd make if I was the one rocking them! Ready for my favs?!!! Love List. 

Rooney Mara. Jessica Beil. Laura Dern. Charlise Theron.

Rooney, from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, stole my breath with this dress {by Nina Rici}. Stunning, simple and so my style - I want this for a gala ASAP! I know it isn't anything 'wow' but that is what I love most. Understated glamour and refined glitz - imagine a pair of wild colored shoes concealed beneath and I'd have added a simple huge sparkling bracelet to top it off! I adore this look on Jessica Beil, and of course it doesn't help she has a beyond amazing body!!! Her loosely curled hair against the formality of the high neck and lace - a winning dichotomy! I would have loved to see the monochromatic look with a bright colored shoes, maybe a cobalt (Hard to say but I think just something would have sipced it up a touch)? Some may say dowdy but I love the super high slit and freshness that her undone hair brings - a winner to me. 

Oh Laura. Damn...... I want to look this good now and when I'm her age (44). A stunning stature and physique!!! I wouldn't change a thing - Not many people could pull this off, but she certainly does it!!!{Dress by Andrew Gn}! Love! And lastly Charlise. I will first start, I don't love the headband (I know I may be alone in this) but I don't. The dress, and miles long slit - meow {by Dior}! She surprising isn't orange a la spray tans like in years past, yet nor is she washed out and too pale - a perfect mix and the dress is stunning! 

Did you watch on Sunday - What were your favorites? Who did you dislike? 

{All images via, layout edits by Me}

Friday, January 13, 2012


These pictures have nothing in common, other than I like them! And that's enough for me, HA!!! I love finding inspiration in many areas- through imagery, written words - any medium really - Pinterst is my addiction to catalog them. Record everything in one place. J'adore! This week has been a rough one, but buckling down and getting it done was the only way to go. So I'd thought I end the week with a little top ten list of sorts!

Top Ten 'randoms' for 2012 thus far:
1. I've watched less TV and more reading - I completed The Girl Who Played with Fire, and and 1/2 done The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest!! Yay for reading!
2. I was 'on track' for healthy eating all week!
3. Gym'd it 4 times this week!!!!
4. Tried out Barre Bee Fit - first timers nerves gone, and now addicted!
5. Got new glasses & LOVE them!!!
6. These shoes are rocking my world - they just arrived!
7. Had lots of great convos with some good girlfriends - those are so necessary!
8. Snow!
9. Knowing I have 3 day weekends for the rest of January!!
10. My Mom is in town this weekend! Love when she visits me!

Any pretty pictures I should check out that you love, leave me a link! What has been great so far this year for you?

*images via

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Window Shopping: Purple Friends

Say Hello to my new little friends!!!!

Scooped up on SALE - 50% off retail - Don't you love that!!! Go grab yourself a pair too! (Available here in Purple, Black, & Grey) They are very Prada-esqe no? Well, except for that there the price tag - zing!!

The Outnet is one of my FAVVVVVV sites to scour, it is the little sister of Net-A-Porter - chalk full of designer items at deep discount (essentially their sale site/store)!!! Barely a season old, items regularly hit their virtual shelves upwards of 50% off! Score!!! {No, they didn't pay me to write this, I just love this site sooo much - I had to share and make sure all of you were taken care!}

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Get Sweaty

Ok, so this may sound cliche but to me I find it true - When I like what I'm wearing I walk taller and generally have a better attitude about life. Well, regarding my work out gear - it's the same! Cute gear, feeling good about myself = pushing it harder at the Gym. Plus wearing old T-shirts and ratty sweatpants is so 90's work out video! Below are some of my arsenal, that make going to the gym that much easier! {Since I'm back at it, I'd thought I share my current favs!}

1 - WorkOut Shirt - In winter I like a long sleeve, breathable shirt - Summer tanks/T in the same fabrics. I just got this one and love it! So light and specifically designed for ladies & working out/running
2 - Ear Buds - Time to ditch those free-be's that come with your iPod. I have a similar pair to these, they stay put while bouncing around and sound great (muffle out all those grunts and weird sounds boys make!)
3 - WorkOut Pants - These are my jam! err.... these are my number #1 pants. A word to the wise, invest in good pants - they wick sweat and no ladies not every legging/yoga pant is created equal! They need to be thick - you are bending and contorting - they need to remain black and 'covering' when stretched if you catch my drift!!! (Nothing worse than someone who isn't wearing a 'good' pair and you can clearly see their underware. Barf!)
4 - Shoes - Invest in quality shoes. I learned this the hard way (read 09's adventure here). You can 'run' out your shoes literally, you need good support and a shoe designed for what you are doing. I love my Lunar glides - light and fit my orthotics perfectly! {Note, size up in running shoes if you plan on running - you foot will slide forward, you will jam your toes & nails if you run in shoes too small! Health fact, if you didn't know!}
5 - Valuables Pouch - If you are like me, I try to hit the gym on my way home from work, you need a good pouch to keep your jewelry. You don't want to lose anything, I learned my lesson the hard way, wave high to the single stud whose mate is forever gone 'Hi!'. Plus you don't want to workout & sweat all over your pretty necklace/bracelets! Sweat isn't great for semi-precious metals, it tarnishes, and come-on you are at the gym we don't want to see you in your 'crown' jewels, so to speak!

Now spill, what are you work-out arsenal favorites (I can always use more work-out gear!)??? I'm also pretty excited tonight Leslie and I are heading to Barre Bee Fit, my first time - for some kick butt classes - so excited!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Healthy Girl

This weekend was really all about getting back to a healthier place. The Holidays are so joyous and fun - so many outings with Friends and Family but tend to be laden with dinners out and flowing adult beverages (not that I'm complaining!). But I tend (well, really try!!!) to be healthy with my choices day-to-day. I do good all most of the year til about Turkey day, then I'm lax for a month - with no time like the present - I got back on that 'healthy' course.

I stayed away from the Boob Tube and read for hours. No literally, hours - I think I clocked near 7 total hours - 3.5 in bed on Saturday morning!!! I am currently engrossed in 'The Girl Who Played with Fire' - totally recommend it!

Stocked the house with more 'fresh' choices to snack on.

Made a batch of homemade granola (Shown over plain yogurt)- which by the way, so easy and soo good!!! You can see the whole recipe here.

And hit the gym hard! Boy was it rough - taking a break from going to the gym is always nice during that period but once I go back I always curse myself.

How were your weekends?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Jacket Swap

What a difference a Jacket makes!!! A Blazer over slacks - totally 9 to 5 ready! Slacks paired with an edgier Moto-Style Leather jacket ready for a night out! I love when classics paired together {Classic Wide-Leg Trousers, basic T/tank/button down, classic pumps/booties in winter & simple jewelry} can easily transition from Boardroom to Happy Hour!!! Gotta love those items you can get wear out of in multiple avenues of your life. 

I tend to get items in a 'you are work wear', 'you are non-work' & then get frustrated when I can't find anything to wear! I just added these Slacks to my closet, scooped up on sale and am excited to get plenty of wear out of them! And yes I realize, this is the 7,942 time I used these Booties in a post, you'd think by now the trigger would have been pulled- almost, they were on sale at NM's and of course not one in my size left in the entire company and online retailers haven't let them go to sale - I am stalking! All the rest are already items/variations of, that I own - wahoo! 

Jacket: Blazer  /  Leather Moto

In addition to my jacket, I'd swap my work tote for a clutch {a CurlyInTheCity Fold-Over black one of course :)}, add an extra coat of mascara and lipstick - then I'd be ready to go!!!

Do you have any tips or tricks for taking your Day looks into Night? What items swing double duty in your closet in your Day and Night lives? 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lobster Mac

On Christmas Eve the Hubs and I headed out for what is becoming a new tradition for our little fam - dinner out at a swanky restaurant. We indulge in little luxurious not normally eaten in every day. This year it included a Lobster Mac appetizer, then surf & turf, a few rounds of tasty cocktails and of course, ending with a sweet dessert!

Starting with a decadent Lobster Mac N'Cheese was definitely the way to go!! Let's just say it didn't last long, and it was beyoooond good! So before we get full steam back into our eating healthy gym routine {we kinda took Dec off, you know like a good person does! ;) } we knew we needed it one more time (or two!). So we decided to try it at home!

It was soo easy, and you can sure bet we will be making it many more times! We used Langoustine tails in lieu of Lobster- as the Hubs states they're  Lobster's little cousin - similar in taste and what the grocery had! We used good old Ina as a guide and then went with it!

Do you ever try to recreate food you love at home? This is something the Hubs and I really enjoy doing together!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Recharged & Ready

Wow, what a break and what a wonder it does for the soul!!!! Sometimes just stepping back and unplugging is more necessary than you realize - and let me tell you I didn't know how I needed. I tend to be a go-go-go personality, in both work & personal life but these past 2 weeks I've had the opportunity to turn it down and get back to center. And I'm ready to roll!!!!

Movies, naps, copious laughs with the Hubs, home cooked meals, cuddles from the pooch and time cleaning to get ready to go for the new year!!!

 Biscuits, Over Medium Eggs & Bacon
 My version of Lobster Mac N'Cheese {Recipe coming - HERE}

How were your Holiday weekends? Anyone else unplug and recharge??? How were your NYE?