Friday, December 16, 2011

Gift Guide: Blogger Picks

For the last gift guide of the year I sent out a few "What do you want?!" to a few of my favorite bloggers...with a few caviots. I gave them a few prompts - 3 different scenarios, and asked them to send back their picks....and let me tell you they rock!!! These ladies sure know their stuff and I would LOVE every item to be mine (dream world living here!)

They were given the following....asking their gift 'wishes' for {Images are displayed left to right below}
   1: One item from your Significant other - if you could only exchange one gift (Cheesy, real, inexpensive or pricey)
   2: Something for your bookshelf
   3: Secret Santa Gift for <$50 (What would you bring to a party?)

Behold their FABULOUS picks {Name, links and descriptions below}:

Alex Things That Sparkle1: Cartier 'Love' Bracelet (DIE, mee too!), 2: Christian Louboutin Book, 3: Archipelago Black Forest Candle

Grace Stripes & Sequins1: Khepri Handbag, 2: Lanvin Book (similar), 3: BirchBox Membership delivered under a sparkly ornament!

Audrey A Lovely Escape1: Love a trip to Brazil, but these Mui Mui's would suffice! ;) (I have to agree, to both!) 2: Home-Love Book,  3: Celestial Coasters {GORG!!!}

Liz Sequins & Stripes1:  Faux Fur Throw, 2: Corali Bickford designed Scott Fitzgerald Books 3: Nest Holiday Candle

Lesley Six Twelve Place1: Marc Jacobs Handbag, 2: Black & White: Interior Design Book 3: Ralph Lauren Candle

Rosa Rosa Loves... : 1: 35mm 1.4 lens 2: Dior Book 3: Fancy Chocolates from her fav DC shop

Carrie This Free Bird1: Weekend Getaway in Big Sur 2: Gold Wishbone 3: A Great Bottle of Wine and fun opener {You are welcome anytime my love, I'll take both!}

Nicole Frankie <3's Fashion1: Rose Gold 'Love' Necklace 2: American Fashion Cookbook 3: Japanese Quince Candle

Dana Possesionista1: Hermes Handbag 2: Flowers 'In a Can' 3: Debra Lipman Nail Polish Trio

Lara Simply Irresistible1: A Home Cooked Meal by her Man!!! 2: Bossy Pants Book 3: Glimmery Coasters & Wine

How AMAZING and FUN are those picks right.....may dream wish list is ever growing thanks to these ladies new books, candles and vacations are now swimming in my head.....just like sugar plum fairies (Sorry had to make the reference, tis' the season and all!) 

So tell me, give those 3 questions what would you choose?! 


  1. That Cartier bangle is GORGEOUS!
    xo Josie

  2. Looks like candles and books are the big ticket items. Mine too! Check out my gift guides!

    Doux Rousse

  3. alll great ideas! i really love that bag lesley picked out! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  4. These are all SO great! I'm dying for a Cartier love bracelet, but that is NOT going to happen any time soon.

  5. love that you gave guidelines!! i would mz wallace work bag, the dior couture photobook, and a candle from anthro. xo

  6. i love bossy pants! that's a great gift idea for a white elephant! encouraging people to read and have fun!

  7. Taylor, this post looks great!! Good work, gf! Thanks for having me XO

  8. What a great guide! Love them all - and so honored to be a part of it. My bf bought me the love bracelet for my birthday last year... it was while we were on vacation and so romantic! I've never taken it off.... still probably the best gift I've ever received! It's always so fun to see what other bloggers choose... I really love the glimmery coasters that Lara chose.

  9. wow, talk about a wish list that i'd love to have! that cartier bracelet... swoon! birchbox: love. Mui Mui heels? yes! Bossypants-- best book. ANd, that Deobrah Lippmann polish? Adore!

  10. I love the guidelines you gave everyone! It made for really great picks : )

    a dash of GLAM

  11. I want that nail polish trio! Thanks for this roundup-- it's always nice to look at pretty things :)

  12. So fun to see what everyone has in their wish list! Thank you for asking me to participate.

  13. I think I need everything that each person asked for. All unique, and so beautiful! xo

  14. this post is so good!!! Thanks for including me lady! loves u. xoxo

  15. I love how many people picked fashion books, reading "brand washing" now and have bought the book for 3 for my girlfriends.

  16. I love this!! Japanese Quince candles are my absolute fave...perfect w/a bottle of wine. So many great ideas here.

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  18. wow these are all really great ideas! my head is spinning now from all the prettiness! the birchbox gift looks like a nice pick. and i love all the books!

  19. Loving the bag Liz has on her gift guide. I think I found the perfect black over-the-shoulder bag. These are all wonderful!



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