Monday, December 19, 2011

Bits of My Weekend...

Had a really relaxing weekend, which was very needed after a very long week of work. Saturday started off like this: 

Yes, snow {I was admittedly excited, since it is ok to snow in Dec - though after Jan 15th no thanks}, so I took the opportunity to get all my chores done (you know adult stuff like laundry, and mopping) and then rewarded myself with a nice nap & some take-out. An very enjoyable day in.

Sunday, I dropped a huge stash to Goodwill, and sold a bunch to CrossRoads (love that place!), then Brunched it with my main Man (aka the Hubs)! Pretty fab day if I say so myself! 

How were your weekends? 


  1. nice weekend! love a girl who enjoys food as much as I do (and takes pics of it, too!).

  2. sounds like a great weekend! i was excited to see snow too! just as long as we don't get TOO much ;)

  3. Looks like a delightful weekend. I got a lot of adult things done this weekend as well. A huge closet reorganization I feel so much better about too!

  4. sounds like the perfect weekend!! And that brunch looks SO YUM!! xoxo

  5. Looks like the perfect weekend. What Goodwill was this?? might wanna go and check out the stash, haha.


  6. Looks like you had a great weekend, with yummy eats :) I just finished my first semester junior year and enjoyed my weekend relaxing and catching up with family and friends! I hope you are enjoying this holiday week and check out my giveaway on Twirling Clare xoxo


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