Friday, December 30, 2011


Photo via, edits by Me.

Wow, this year flew by!!! Just a day left in 2011 but I am so exited to see what 2012 has in store! I wish you, my internet friends & family nothing but joy and happiness in all your endeavors in the coming year!!!

The Hubs and I don't currently have any plans for NYE, but if anything comes up, I'll def be pulling this little beaut from my closet to don! I plan on relaxing as much as I can over the long weekend. And get ready to hit the ground running come Tuesday, 2012! 

Do you have any big plans for the weekend, NYE? Any big resolutions? What are you looking forward to most in 2012 {Big Vacation, wedding, moving?!}

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays!!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Festivus, Hanukkah!!! Whatever you may be celebrating this season I wish you the best of it! I hope you all have a perfect holiday with your families and friends! Have safe travels, copious amounts of laughs (&wine!) and enjoy all the time spent with those you love! I am excited to have a few days with my man and our some time with friends. We don't have big plans this year, but some QT relaxing is a gift unto itself! I may be sporadic in posting next week - recharging for the new year! I am excited to see what the new year brings and wish you all nothing but the best!  

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Red & Dots

I've held onto the image below for quite some time. I love it. Classic, but unexpected. And yet a totally attainable & easy look to recreate - quite possibly with items you already have in your closet!!! I replicated it, but swapped a red coat for a black one & same for dress - red vs black. I finally have a black coat, I just need a fun little red dress & polka-dot tights!!! (If only the cute red one I've been eyeing wasn't suddenly out of stock....otherwise this would be my Holiday dinner outfit with the Hubs for X-mas eve!!! Queue shopping trip after work!)

Inspiration / Coat / Shoes / Sweater Dress / Tights

Do you have a classic look you often replicate? LBD? Just change up with fun tights or some statement jewelry? 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mid-Week Window Shopping

Dear Santa, In case you need an extra gift these would be welcome under the tree....You know just throwing it out there! Size 37 HA! {too much?!} Does anyone else Window Shop on Conference Calls?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Bits of My Weekend...

Had a really relaxing weekend, which was very needed after a very long week of work. Saturday started off like this: 

Yes, snow {I was admittedly excited, since it is ok to snow in Dec - though after Jan 15th no thanks}, so I took the opportunity to get all my chores done (you know adult stuff like laundry, and mopping) and then rewarded myself with a nice nap & some take-out. An very enjoyable day in.

Sunday, I dropped a huge stash to Goodwill, and sold a bunch to CrossRoads (love that place!), then Brunched it with my main Man (aka the Hubs)! Pretty fab day if I say so myself! 

How were your weekends? 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Gift Guide: Blogger Picks

For the last gift guide of the year I sent out a few "What do you want?!" to a few of my favorite bloggers...with a few caviots. I gave them a few prompts - 3 different scenarios, and asked them to send back their picks....and let me tell you they rock!!! These ladies sure know their stuff and I would LOVE every item to be mine (dream world living here!)

They were given the following....asking their gift 'wishes' for {Images are displayed left to right below}
   1: One item from your Significant other - if you could only exchange one gift (Cheesy, real, inexpensive or pricey)
   2: Something for your bookshelf
   3: Secret Santa Gift for <$50 (What would you bring to a party?)

Behold their FABULOUS picks {Name, links and descriptions below}:

Alex Things That Sparkle1: Cartier 'Love' Bracelet (DIE, mee too!), 2: Christian Louboutin Book, 3: Archipelago Black Forest Candle

Grace Stripes & Sequins1: Khepri Handbag, 2: Lanvin Book (similar), 3: BirchBox Membership delivered under a sparkly ornament!

Audrey A Lovely Escape1: Love a trip to Brazil, but these Mui Mui's would suffice! ;) (I have to agree, to both!) 2: Home-Love Book,  3: Celestial Coasters {GORG!!!}

Liz Sequins & Stripes1:  Faux Fur Throw, 2: Corali Bickford designed Scott Fitzgerald Books 3: Nest Holiday Candle

Lesley Six Twelve Place1: Marc Jacobs Handbag, 2: Black & White: Interior Design Book 3: Ralph Lauren Candle

Rosa Rosa Loves... : 1: 35mm 1.4 lens 2: Dior Book 3: Fancy Chocolates from her fav DC shop

Carrie This Free Bird1: Weekend Getaway in Big Sur 2: Gold Wishbone 3: A Great Bottle of Wine and fun opener {You are welcome anytime my love, I'll take both!}

Nicole Frankie <3's Fashion1: Rose Gold 'Love' Necklace 2: American Fashion Cookbook 3: Japanese Quince Candle

Dana Possesionista1: Hermes Handbag 2: Flowers 'In a Can' 3: Debra Lipman Nail Polish Trio

Lara Simply Irresistible1: A Home Cooked Meal by her Man!!! 2: Bossy Pants Book 3: Glimmery Coasters & Wine

How AMAZING and FUN are those picks right.....may dream wish list is ever growing thanks to these ladies new books, candles and vacations are now swimming in my head.....just like sugar plum fairies (Sorry had to make the reference, tis' the season and all!) 

So tell me, give those 3 questions what would you choose?! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Question for you

What is the BEST red for a manicure? Spill your thoughts!

What is you go to manicure color? I vary between pale pink, dark maroon and red. I try many in between those but these are my go-to's. I am on the search for the perfect red & would love your suggestions!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gift Guide - For Mom

The next Gift guide was pulled together with Mom in mind. I love to give my Mom, and all Mom's on my list - gifts that they may not normally get for themselves. Little luxuries they truly deserve - well really they deserve the whole list!!!! It's all about simple, chic luxuries!!! 

1. Orchid - give her something that will last long after the Holiday's, a treat she will remember you by long after you have returned back home! 
2. Perfume - Give her a fancy new perfume, maybe your personal favorite!! She'll be sure to love!
3 & 4.  Lingerie - I love treating my mom to fancy under pinnings - she'll buy them for me in a minute but saves on herself, its a little something I love to do to spoil her! 
5. Sparkly Sweater - Thrown on over skinny jeans & pair with chic ballet flat, give her a sweater that will make her feel & look like a million bucks.
6. Glam Piggy Bank - Help her save up for a girls trip or something special in style - plus how glam would this be for her! (Esp the silver & gold versions!) 
7. Glamorous Candle - My mom loves scented candles like no other, and gifting her one of this caliber will light up her day (and many days after!) 
8. Handbag - Add something she wouldn't normally pick for herself to her collection - I know this one is on my Mom's list! 
9. Luxurious Tablecloth - Every dinner party will feel extra special with this fun new addition! 
10. Cozy Soft Throw - Get her a cozy embroidered throw - every time she cuddles up on her bed or couch she'll love it! 

What are you getting for your Mom or the Mom's on your list???

Monday, December 12, 2011

Deck'd the Halls -Tis The Season

There was some decking the halls round these parts this weekend!!! The house now glimmers and sings it's the holiday season! After much internal debate I eventually decided against a tree and used some of my inspiration to decorate - it turned out fab, so different and still so festive! The garland I made last year is strung all over the house & coupled with white lights the house is aglow so I'm not missing a tree (yet! The smell is the one thing I think will get me the most, which I could solve by a great candle or wreath)!

Foreground: Cinnamon Scented Pinecones and Birch branches with ornaments! 
Background:'Tis The Season' banner hung across a large print with lights! 

Are you loving your decorations this year??? Haven't figured out where the presents will go, but I'm sure that will be an easy decision! ;) Hubs & I went on a little 'burbs shopping adventure where a fab coat was found and walked for hours in my new boots which were sooooo comfortable - totally recommend if you are in need!

Friday, December 9, 2011

gift guide - page turner

I love giving a great book as gift!!! Whether it is a gorgeous coffee table book full of images, the newest design book for a decor-minded Bestie or finding a limited edition print. Books of all types make stunning gifts. I have rounded up a wide variety which would make great Holiday gifts (all of which can find a home with me!)!

Do you have a favorite book right now? To gift or on your list?! {There are great book ideas on the Hostess & Boys guides too!}

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gift guide - Jewelry Box

Who doesn't love a bauble? Another trinket for her jewelry box? No lady that's for sure!!! hehe  This is a great list to leave up on the screen for the boys... Hiya Boys!!! Looking at you... *blushing* we like accessories! 

I'd personally take ever single one of these... in the following order: 5, 3, 4, 1, 6, 8, 2, 7 in case cough cough any particular readers need so more guidance {Hi Santa!} - just in case LOL!!! hehe!!! Do you like accessories as gifts like me? What baubles are on your list - Spill!!! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gift Guide - For the Hostess

Next up on my Gift Guides is one for the Hostess (Hostess with the Mostest!!!!). Do you have a Mom, Sister or Girlfriend who always hosts gatherings? I sure do! One who loves to decorate their place, loves to add little trinkets to their home? These gifts can apply to more than just a Hostess, and would be loved by lots of ladies I know {present company, ie ME, will take them all!!}!!!

Do you agree - Wouldn't most of your ladies love any of these? Simple, timeless and every-time she looks at it she will know you know her too!!! I love how this iPhone printer is really pulling multiple-duty for so many different people on our lists! A Party Host can have all her friends print pictures from the evening to save or post on the fridge. {Maybe give her an awesome framed cork board!! Throw a coat of black chalk board paint over the basic brown cork et volia!!! May need this for myself!} 

Also, be sure to hop over to A Lovely Escape, Audrey is featuring a great gift guide (With a fun theme!) with a few of my picks! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gift Guide - For The Boys

Starting off this year's Gift Guides with on for the Boys in our lives! Dad, Brother, Boyfriend, Husband any and all apply! 

Get him stylish, functional gifts he'll love!!! In addition to the above, a new wallet is a great idea, or give him something funky & cool for his office (I think my brother would love this one!)!!!

Have you gotten your 'Man's' gifts figured out yet? What did you do?  

PS- Hop over to Stripes & Sequins - Grace is featuring her favorite Etsy shops..... guess whose is there!!! :D Lots more clutches coming this week, just in time for the holidays - for yourself or your ladies!!! 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Bits of the Weekend

Temps of 70-80 degrees, NICE! Lots of unpacking and assembling of furniture & decorating my Mom's new house, so fun! But don't worry we always find time to reward ourselves (with tasty treats, drinks and shopping!)!!!
 Some of our Adult Beverages.
 Miu Miu loves them! 
 Brunch on the water.
Family Photos. 

How were your weekends???

Friday, December 2, 2011


One of my favorite songs of all time! via 

Sometimes all you need a little reminder, something to spark a happy memory to cheer you up! When I saw this print a big smile came over my face!!! And after this week, which was particularly rough, it came at the perfect time! I usually use Window Shopping (and real shopping), music, lighting every single candle & plenty of trashy TV to get me out of my funk! What are your little pick me up's?

Jetting off for the weekend, to warmer temps to visit my Mom - Can't wait!!!  What are you doing? Getting your tree? Holiday Shopping?