Monday, November 28, 2011

this and that

I hereby start the petition for regular 4-day weekends, can I get a second?! It was one of those weekends where I did a bit of this a lot of that, and am fully recharged for another week! I did more relaxing and a snuggling on the couch - and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way!!! Pure bliss!!

There was a bit of shopping! Hubs and I braved Black Friday crowds, which weren't all that bad and when it was - just taking a step to the side and people watching more than made up for it! I mean we saw Ben Franklin and either Jefferson or Edison rapping on Michigan Ave - yes rapping, who knew! hehe

Finally found some new boots & wouldn't you know it I find a coat I love and want.... AND there are NO MORE LEFT, not one single one left, in my size in the entire company (They searched/tracked for me!)!!! Back to the drawing board I guess. I love the boots so much I want them in black too - but restrained.  

There was lots of sewing.
I found two GREAT new fabrics - a super thick and super soft carmel-y tan and a deep luscious burgundy! I listed a bunch of new ones with the zipper colors many of you have requested!!! PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT FOR YOUR LADIES!!!! (Sorry had to!) There are also two-toned and Gold Sequins listed!!!!

There was LOTS of eating and Holiday Drinking. With Friends in town last weekend (for a long weekend) I'm sure I've gained at least 5 pounds! So I ended on a healthier note - 1.5 hour gym trip, sushi for dinner!

Spill how were your weekends? Did you score any holiday shopping deals?

PS - Stay tuned! I have a full line-up of Fab Gift & Holiday Guides for you ladies & can't wait to share!!! 


  1. That coat is GORGEOUS. And so are the booties. Huge drag about your sizes; I'm so sorry!
    xo Josie

  2. Great pick for the coat, that's stunning! Too bad about the boots, I hate it when that happens, you search and search for the perfect things and then you cannot get it because it's sold out on your size. You'll find another great option, you'll see.

  3. so sorry to hear about the coat, boo! can we officially petition congress for four-day weekends? :) I'm on board!

  4. I'm on board, too! The last few days have been perfection.

  5. I'm with you about 4 day work weeks! Way better in my opinion ;)

  6. Ahh and the coat hunt continues! I will keep looking for you!

  7. Love love those boots!

    And I too found it very necessary to get back on the healthy train last night.

  8. Love those little booties! Glad you had a good weekend! Xo

  9. Coat is gorgeous -- try eBay maybe? And those boots are too cute. Off to check our your shop, so addicted!

  10. that coat is absolutely AMAZING! Seriously can't believe there is not 1 in your size...that blows! On to the next search! And those little booties are perfection...way to bring it home sister! x

  11. Great score on the boots and thanks for the heads up! I picked up the black heeled pair and will give you the 411 once they arrive. Keep checking back for the coat b/c sometimes one or two will get returned and they re-list. I'll keep my eyes peeled for something similar, too. It's the worst when you find what you want and the mother is sold out. Why??

    And I'm with you on the 4 day weekends. A girl can dream.

  12. oooh it sounds like you had a phenomenal weekend! i couldn't agree more - i would love for 4 day weekends to be a regular thing.

    i hope you can find that dream coat somewhere! did you try seeing if anyone is selling it, on eBay or elsewhere?

  13. Aw..I hate when you find something you love (after a serious search) only to find it is sold out. Great coat...bummer.
    How is it, I always am too late to the party...and miss when you post all of your new bags...sigh..I have a burgandy clutch, that camel would have been perfect...I suppose I need to get better about stalking your etsy. lol.
    Hope you had a nice thanksgiving:)

  14. I found a fabulous printed maxi in the black friday sale at Reiss, and online at Barneys I found a sleek little Alexander Wang number but I just missed out.... I was a big fan of the amazing offers around, but the queues at some of the shops in Manhattan were insane!

    Such a shame about your boots! I hope you can find a similar pair...

  15. Shop the latest boots in Chicago at City Soles in Wicker Park!


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