Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chicago Shopping - Kiehl's

On a recent shopping trip I noticed a sign for a new store - a giant Kiehl's Flagship store right downtown {located in The Shops at North Bridge, in the Nordstrom shops}! And the doors open this week on November 17th!!!

I don't currently use their products, but often wish I did - I get afraid trying new items. And I'm sure it's not just me (right?), I often get dismayed when asking questions to a sales person who is quite pushy and obviously trying to push products on me. I always get home with something that I am unhappy with - and with my skin this a not a good thing, read break-out! But this new location, with dedicated & knowledgable staff and all it will offer - a perfect way for me to stop by pick their brains & quite grab a few items!!!
I've only heard great things about their products. And I personally can't get enough of & love the simple lines of their apothecary style packaging - simple and to the point. Right up my alley!!!! {They even have a bottel return & get credit program, Love a green company!!} I struggle with my skin, occasional breakout, rough patches and heading into another long winter I can't wait to head over and have a personal consultation and try out a bunch of possible new-to-me products!!!

Do you use Kiehl's? What is your favorite product? What do I need, need to try? Please send any tips/tricks you may have for skin care - I still can't get this winter thing down!


  1. I've never tried Kiehl's products but I've heard they're fantastic -- be sure to let us know what you get!
    xo Josie

  2. okay girl give em a try. i've used the avocado eye cream and their coriander line is amazeballs. from bath/shower stuff to the body cream. yahooo!! totally justified purchase for winter months.

  3. Awesome. We have a Kiehls store in DC but hardly ever go there. I need to start using their products as everyone raves about them. Can't wait to hear a full report.

  4. I have used their Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser and the Calendula Herbal Extract Toner (shown in your image above!) and I love both, esp. the toner!

  5. I have always wanted to try Kiehl's but I get nervous with skincare because I am afraid to spend money on something that may not react well.


  6. I absolutely LOVE Kiehl's - I have been using their oil free moisturizer with sunscreen for forever, and it's amazing. I got a sample of the Midnight Recovery Treatment and loved that too - I just forgot to go buy more, but you've reminded me!! I also love their body lotions - the creme de corps is unreal. Oh, and the boyfriend LOVES their Facial Fuel!

    As far as tips go, did you get a Clarisonic yet? I love mine... it's so worth the money. Great for rough patches too - my skin gets SO dry and sensitive in the winter... yuck.

  7. And to answer your comment about Stiletto Hardware... I love them all but I wear so many flats that I'm particularly obsessed with the heel cushions! xx

  8. I love Kiehl's lip balm. I hoard lip products like the crazy wackos on the show, but I have a problem of having dry lips during this time of year so it's a necessity for me to stock up when I can.

  9. I'm a huge Kieh's fan. Try the Avocado eye cream, it has become my new favorite. The Creme de corps body lotion is wonderful as well.

  10. Ohhh, this is right across the street from my office and I had no idea it was there. Thanks for the tip.

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  12. i fell in love with kiehl's products last year when i started going to equinox gym!

    they are so fabulous!

    at first i was skeptical about using their hair shampoo & conditioner on my hair but i loved them.

    and i agree that the creme de corps is very nice.

  13. just heard they're opening too - ive only used a lipgloss of theirs and its one of my favs!

  14. i've been meaning to try their stuff too!! i have tricky combination skin that is prone to breakouts, yet gets dehydrated super quickly. womp womp. i was going to try dermalogica, but i think i'll check out kiehls first!

  15. I have pretty sensitive skin too, and I love their Midnight Recovery Serum. I ran out of it (which is saying a lot for me -- I'm a serial new-product person), but when I had it I got lots of compliments on how my skin was glowing. Hmm, this is a good reminder to get more!

    Ann Marie

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