Friday, October 7, 2011

smart craving...

As I have gotten older err... more mature I strive to be smarter with my purchases. Less impulse buys, less buy an item-only-to-never-wear-it-again purchases. Now, I won't say it never happens cuz come-on I have those days where my closet is filled with junk, have nothing to wear and run and grab a new dress - only to have it sit untouched forevermore. But...... I am trying not to do that any more. Splurge on cravable classics that will last, save on trendy and just overall be smart and satisfied with what I have!

Also, find those pieces that can transition. Fancy to casual. Work to play. Essentially making my dollar and closet work for me more than I work for them! And overall I've been pretty darn proud of myself!!

But come-on most of you know me well enough by now - I am a shopper! I do still have a 'Closet List' & I thought I'd share a few of the items remaining on it, that all stick with my moto above.

1. Leather Jacket - Blazer style cut, updated color & versatile for both work/play
2. Tortoise Watch - I've been wanting another watch for quite some time & this color has always stood out. (Another version)
3. Bangle - I love the design and I have been looking for a unique bangle to add to my collection.
4. Statement Ring - I have been lusting after a YSL Arty for over 2 years...I think lusting for that long means you really want it!
5. Classic Blazer - This updated classic is a modern version of a basic black plus part tuxedo blazer - the edginess of the leather captured my eye, and hasn't left my brain.
6. This sweater is just me in every way!
7. Colored Denim - I have lusted after the bright blue J Brand denim since they hit S.Bop in early summer - but wasn't interested in paying full price on a trendy item - this Old Navy version has me singing!!!

How do you maintain the wallet, yourself, work attire and then want you crave?

*Oh don't worry THESE are most definitely at the top of the list... !!! Eeks I want them! 


  1. I did a post yesterday about save vs. splurge! It is a tough battle, especially being a part of the blog world and exposed to so many lovely items!

  2. This is definitely the way to do it... have to be careful!

  3. Love the bangle and ring! I wore your clutch in my post this past wednesday! Check it out!

  4. Great picks! I love the sweater, so warm and cozy...and very classic! Congrats on the Old Navy find!! They look terrific. Have an absolutely wonderful weekend xoxo

  5. I love that gorgeous ring, great outfit too! I'm your newest follower here and on twitter! Loving your gorgeous blog.


  6. Oooh I love your list! I blogged about that leather jacket too - it's amazing! And wrote about the cobalt skinnies last night... great minds! Dying for one of those YSL rings, and so in love with that chunky striped sweater. Have a fabulous weekend!

  7. I'm OBSESSED with that Madewell bracelet. I think it's so gorgeous!
    xo Josie

  8. I love the tortoise shell watch. I've been eyeing the Michael Kors one. Such a great piece.

  9. me too sister!! i've been trying to find more pieces that are versatile for work, day/night, and parties. it's hard work.

  10. love love love that blazer

  11. what sweet picks! I am a sucker for anything cobalt blue :) and I've been coveting a tortoise shell watch like that for a while day, it will be mine! btw, this post tells me you'd be great at Friday's Fancies, just saying! I'd love to have you! enjoy your weekend! xoxo {av}

  12. I need to make a closet need list. I am so bad about buying things that I like upon seeing without thinking about how they fit the rest of what I own. I need to go through everything and figure out what I need and what would tie everything together...

  13. I can't WAIT to get my cobalt skinnies! I think the burgundy Arty is going to be on my holiday wish list!

  14. I'm number 5'in in for sure! I've got a small list of things I want and I'm working that list while looking for less expensive alternatives. I'm so glad I lived through 80s fashion. As a result I want VERY LITTLE of what's out there right now. Whew!


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