Monday, October 3, 2011


I honestly do not know where the weekend went. I blinked and it was gone - I think I may have been duped and shorted a day or something - I can not believe it is not Sunday today. Oh well - I guess 'til I can figure out how to stop time off to work I be!

Hard Cider!!!

I had a great time all weekend - after a successful trip to the fabric store {3 new styles will be listed and featured soon!} I grabbed a tasty lunch with the Hubs and then ventured out to the Suburbs for a close Friends wedding! Loved my new dress and can't wait to wear it again - she will be a fun piece to re-wear in multiple ways this fall/winter - I will also to be a good blogger and photo it ;)

His & Hers Wedding Shoes - Closest thing I have to an OOT - Shoes and snippet of my dress. Snapped under the dinner table! 

And yesterday after sleeping in later than I can remember doing in a long while (I'm sure it had to do with the activities the night before but I'm not quite sure...) we shopped our way back to the city - Burbs and their good 'ole malls! Fell in love with a new pair of shoes at Neiman's and discovered the greatest new to me store, Aritzia- will be doing some damage at their downtown location asap!

**Sorry for missing you at the end of last week!!! Thursday night, Mother Nature took on the power and won! Crazy high wind gusts knocked out the power on my block for a couple hours - and by the time it came back on I had given up sitting in pitch black and knocked out for an extremely early night (read near 8pm!) Glad to be back! 


  1. Cute Shoes!

  2. oo i cant wait to see the fabrics you picked out! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. Agreed, such a q uick weekend!! Looks like yours was lots of fun

  4. a. love the shoes.
    b. ARITZIA!! so glad you found it!! it's Canadian and one of my alltime MUST stops when I go back home. prepare to spill your wallet out all over the ground


  5. Oh girl... I totally hear you. I feel exactly the same way!! Life is just moving too quickly these days! Love the shoes!

  6. Love these photos!!

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    LoveFaye xoxo

  7. What?! I had no idea Aritzia has a Chicago location!! Exciting!

  8. um...I could not agree more. It was waaaay to fast! Love the his and hers shoes shot...perfection! xo

  9. The weekend went so fast for me too!

  10. This sounds like such a fun weekend, Taylor! Can't wait to see what's new in your shop.
    xo Josie

  11. im with you - the weekend was MUCH too fast!


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