Monday, October 17, 2011

Bits of...My Weekend (10.15-16)

How quickly things change in a week. Last weekend I was singing songs of Indian Summer, this weekend it was most definitely tunes of Fall. Here are some snippets of how I spent the first Fall* weekend here in the city!

Chunky Knits. Pumpkin Spice Scents. Chai-Cider =Cha-ider (recreating my new favorite drink from my favorite coffee shop - how to coming!). New Bedding (new down, duvet, and winter layers for the bed). Metallic Knits (a new sweater dress that I can't wait to wear). New Fall Curly Clutch color-ways being created (Coming in Shop this week!).

How were your weekends?

*First weekend it actually felt like fall - I loved getting to wear layers and a Blazer that I haven't touched since last year! However I'm sure this novelty will wear off soon. 


  1. beautiful pictures, I love picture posts!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. We had a LOVELY weekend of family, shopping, and food, lots of FOOD! Diet starts today :)
    Lilac and Grey

  3. Ok with those new metallic colours I have my eye on your Etsy shop! I have given your clutches to so many of my friends back in England, they love them!

    I agree - NYC was the same in terms of weather, very hot last weekend, this weekend it was like fall... I had a lengthy cinema session and went for brunch with my knee high boots and black cape. Love layering up again, finally.

  4. Cha-ider sounds amazing! Perfect for fall!

  5. Looks like such a lovely weekend!! xoxo

  6. Can't wait for the Chai drink how to! Also excited for the new clutches, they will make such good holiday gifts !!

  7. Fall is my favorite! I love all the layering possibilities. Can't wait to see your cha-ider recipes...a mix of my two fall drinks, sounds wonderful.

  8. I love this post - adore all of the textures! Looks like it was a lovely weekend! xo

  9. I agree with Grace, I love all the textures, and warm colors shown! How fun!

  10. oooo the clutches are looking great!!!

  11. Love this post! Fall is my favorite season. And I need new bedding too!

  12. This weekend was the perfect Fall weather. :) Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  13. Your pictures are phenomenal! I love the chunky knit sweater!

  14. Loving the colors, patterns and textures.


  15. Such a lovely post. Your blog is great. If you want visit my blog and let me know if you want to follow and I will follow back.

  16. Imma need that Cha-ider recipe stat! I shared a home made pumpkin spice latte today if you're interested!

  17. Aw, this post just screams "fall"!! I love it! The first photo of the knit sweater looks sooo incredibly cozy, and I can't wait to see the metallic sweater dress on!

  18. This is quite possibly the most gorgeous fall post I've seen! Couldn't think of a better weekend :) xoxo

  19. Those metallic clutches are GORGEOUS! I love, Taylor!
    xo Josie

  20. Taylor great Autumn favorite time of the year!!

    I have a Designer Pillows Giveaway I hope you will join!!


    Art by Karena

  21. Love all of the close-up shots. The clutches are fantastic! Hope you have a wonderful week xoxo

  22. METALLIC GOLD CLUTCHES?!!!! get out of town with that hotness....LOVE!

  23. What shop do you get your fabric at in Chicago?! Can't wait to see them, I'm newly obsessed with making these clutches! PS. I can just tell that sweater in the first shot is going to be amazing!

  24. I love this - it's such a cute idea.


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