Monday, October 31, 2011

Black & Blue

Jacket: Anthropologie (old). Top: Club Monaco. Jeans: Old Navy. Shoes: Theyksens' Theory (similar) - I last wore them here

Girl's night called for Bright Jeans and super fun heels!!! And my NEWEST sequin clutch!!!! {Will be listed this week!}

The rest of the weekend was spent low key (Cleaning, dinner and relaxing - then a late brunch, many blood mary's and escaping the chilly evening rain on the couch). How were your weekends?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Guest Posting

SOOOO thrilled to be holding down the fort for Grace at Stripes & Sequins today!!!! I am sharing some sneaks at some current DIY Inspiration - COME VISIT!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Whirlwind & Unwind

What a whirlwind week - full of ups & downs and mountains of work. So excited for the weekend!! I've made a lofty to-do list for myself for the weekend....Besides the regular chores (Dry cleaners, groceries, laundry) I'd like to do a bit of this:

DIYing (Some recent inspiration).

Order new glasses!

Relax and Sleep IN!!!!

I'm most excited to get crafty! A week of far too much computer work has left me yearning to use the other side of my brain and to really use my hands. I have a few up my sleeve - if they turn out, they should be INSANE!!!!! Oh and of course I will probably hit up a few stores....and I will be sewing lots more!!!

What are on your agendas? Anyone attending a fab Halloween party? Dressing up??? We aren't - but we are festive with a little decor on the door (last seen here)! If you are have a BLAST and stay safe!!! 

*All images via

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I have an earring thing. I am very set in my earring ways... where all other jewelry I change color and style not my earrings.

I've had my ears pierced for as long as I can remember. And for just that long I have worn the same style of earring, daily - a stud. Either a diamond stud or a gold/silver ball. I solely blame my Mom, she wouldn't allow hoops or any dangly earrings, nope, no she wouldn't! Sorry Mom, You know this is true!*

I don't know how many countless pairs of earrings I have purchased over the years in attempts to cross over - lots of big dangly stunners. I put them on only to take them off less than an hour later, they all get tossed in my purse by the time the first drink arrives or as soon as I get to work. I guess I've never been able to get used to the feeling of a heavier earring swinging about. Call me crazy but I can't!!! They usually end up donated to a friend, Mom or Goodwill.

Then two new pairs came into my life, and now I happily rotate!!!
Left: c/o JewelMint **& Right: c/o HUBS via local Boutique

Variety is the spice of life folks.... well my 4 version variety has been rocking my world!!! Where have you found great earrings?

*In high school did get the ubiquitous second and third holes & belly button...come'on I grew up on the beach we all had them! No top of the ear cartilage piercing though - that was outlawed in our house too! oh but there was a...err may have been rebellious tongue piercing on one's 18th birthday....Yes I am talking about my self and yes I am not using the correct tense...Thinking back it wasn't my proudest moment, ahh to be young and wild again.  

**The AMAZING folks over at JewelMint want to make sure you are decked out and Fabulous too!!! They are offering ALL Curly in the City readers 50% off their first purchase....50%!!!!!! Access the site here, and then enter this code - BOCT50 Code Expires on Oct 31st, so hurry over and grab yourself something fab!!!! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In the Kitchen: French Fries

Every meal is way better with French I right, or what (maybe even ones that are a touch too crispy, read burned?!)?! I love them myself! Truffle Fries, Garlic Fries, Chili Cheese Fries...Carne Asada Fries - catchin' my drift. Now a traditional fry is not the healthiest, all fried up in its goodness. Tasty but not good on the waste line. So for our regular funday-Sunday football food I wanted to try a different version. Oven Baked Fries. I went off this recipe and I really liked them.

Make sure you serve them along something tasty!!!! I made sliders - with all different toppings: Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Bleu Cheese, Onion, name it. 

Have you ever made baked fries before?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Clutches

When the change of season was on the horizon I started searching for some new patterns or colors of fabric to create clutches out of. And I searched some more, patience was key - Couldn't be more excited with what I found!!! Landed great new patterns, colors and styles of materials for some new clutches. At last they are sewn and ready to be listed!!!!! Here is the first release of new clutches...Bronzed and Glimmery. Black/White Graphic. Gold Sequin Dots.

Bronzed & Glimmery is a super soft pebbled faux leather that has an added matching Zipper Pull! 

What do you think???? The Bronze & Glimmery is a personal fav!

And not to worry if you were looking for some repeat styles those are there too! I'm so excited that I am finally ready to share these with you!!!! Make sure to grab yours quick and not to worry I will remake more if they sell out! SHOP HERE.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Collaboration Funnies

So the funniest thing happened to me yesterday- I got a text from my Hubs asking if I knew who the next H&M designer collaboration was going to be? 'No' I casually replied - hadn't heard anything. He quickly responded back 'Versace' .....  then 'Who is true the Fashionista?' HA! I mean really!!! I could help but laugh & then hop online!

Well, ladies he is definitely the shoe-aholic of the family.... but I will never admit true defeat... Back to the collaboration - Release date is 11/17 and both Men's/Women's will be released. Its a tad more old-school Versace for my taste (read, silk shirts, wild pattern and 90's vibe) but there are still some fun pieces. The Studded leather pieces are my personal favs.

via - You can view whole collection here

This skirt is my favorite piece, I don't think I will wait out all night again (Like I did for the Lanvin) But I would def love to have this skirt in my closet should one be at my store at a reasonable hour, ie when they open! Is anyone planning on grabbing any items? Was I the only one who didn't know about this? 

Happy Weekend Dolls!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Da Boot Debate

Every year when the weather starts to turn my shoe desires go from strappy sandals to boots. Boots and boots for days! No girl can't every have too many boots, am I right? This year I am getting stuck on which short - ankle height boot to get. I can't decide between a near flat (<1") or a pair with a touch of a heel (>1.5"). Which pairs are you leaning towards?? {I said pairs...I know - Hey it took me a while to narrow it to these!} 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Styles #2 & 4  are my current front runners..... and then I need to determine which color, each of these come in both brown and black and I can think of 'reasons' I need a pair of each color! I have a feeling the annual boot debate is common amongst my shopaholic-lady-friends (ie YOU!), am I right? Which would you choose? 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just Browsing

Often before/after appointments or as a de-stresser after work I walk the downtown shopping area by my work. A little window shopping to take the edge off - then easily hop on the bus home! Over the past few months I've noticed something - something happened to Old Navy!

There are still Mom jeans and various items I wouldn't necessary categorize as fashion forward, however mixed in there are some jems!! I'm sure we've all seen the utility vest that appears to have made homes with many a lady (present company included, at that price point how could you not!). But there are quite a few others!!!

While browsing around I found the following - I wouldn't mind all some of these appearing in my closet! Esp # 3, 4, 5!!! (How fun would a leopard coat be to spice up dreary days?!)

Some super fun & on trend items and at such a steal! Have you stopped in an Old Navy lately? Have you grabbed anything*?

*I got a simple cable knit in cream - drop dead ringer for the 'Crew version & 1/3 the price - wore her today she was sooo warm! And the vest mentioned above a few months ago. 3-5 may be my fun fall purchases for the season! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bits of...My Weekend (10.15-16)

How quickly things change in a week. Last weekend I was singing songs of Indian Summer, this weekend it was most definitely tunes of Fall. Here are some snippets of how I spent the first Fall* weekend here in the city!

Chunky Knits. Pumpkin Spice Scents. Chai-Cider =Cha-ider (recreating my new favorite drink from my favorite coffee shop - how to coming!). New Bedding (new down, duvet, and winter layers for the bed). Metallic Knits (a new sweater dress that I can't wait to wear). New Fall Curly Clutch color-ways being created (Coming in Shop this week!).

How were your weekends?

*First weekend it actually felt like fall - I loved getting to wear layers and a Blazer that I haven't touched since last year! However I'm sure this novelty will wear off soon. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

dark & stormy....

It's like a black cloud has been hanging over this week. Incredibly busy - life & work. Work obstacles that seemed impassable. Migraines that make you wish be-heading was a viable option. And the sudden elimination of sun, warmth & summer.

This week was dark and stormy to say the least! Thankfully its Friday. I have a lunch date with one of my best Chicago girlfriends today. And I can see the weekend from here!!! Inspired by my week here are a bunch of dark & stormy closet staples.....I really want that coat, beanie and booties! {Lusting after the bag is a given!} 

Did anyone else have an incredibly 'funky' week too? If so, here is to a FAB weekend dolls!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


While looking at my recent 'Pins' on Pinterest....yes I'm obsessed - I've already mentioned it like 12,376 times and will probably reference/say 7,532 more, you'll forgive right? Thought so. Ok, so back to it. So while looking through my pins a clear idea was evident. Borrowing.

Borrowing staple items from a male closet, yet retaining a chic and feminine look. Drapey Sweaters. Loose & Sexy button downs. Mensware done for a Lady. Borrowing shirts, sweaters, jeans and inspiration!


Sending out warning to my Hubs now, I've got my eye on a few of your shirts! Have you or are you going to try this trend? Whether borrowing or adding pieces with a nod to the boys? {I've been borrowing for some time already - see it here}

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the Straight on the Curls, Sponsored

If you have read the 'ole blog for any length of time, you may have picked on a certain lack of 'Curly' in this here City. My hair is mostly shown straight or with big barrel curls/waves - artificial curl. So it really appears I am some sort of joke-ster, with my name....I am not, the curls are there. See: 

One of the few full curly head moments....

I wear my hair curly 4/5 days a week to work - so when you see me its a weekend and I have the time to play & I'm not gonna lie, these curls are crazy and sometimes look horrible (to me) and I am not a fan or wearing my hair up when I go out. And straightening it is a surefire away I will like it more than not. 

I'm guessing the folks over at Misikko picked up on that! They emailed and asked I wanted to try one of their salon grade flat irons....umm YES!!! So they sent me a Hana - and me loves!!! They wanted my honest opinion - so here you have it: After using this beauty for a few months I'm sold. It works wonders for my fine yet unruly curl. I would totally recommend checking out their site if you were in the market for replacing an old hair dryer/straightener. 

PS- You'll never guess that I took these bottom photos with a point & shoot camera would you?! I grabbed a new one recently to throw in my purse for nights out...It has manual settings just like my SLR, so I can do all the stuff I want (Depth of Field without having my SLR on me, should the need arise!) !!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

bits of the weekend

All sorts of Indian Summer in these parts - can I get an AMEN!!!!! Although it seems to happen every year, one last amazing weekend sneaks in, but don't worry your little heart I took full advantage!

Waking up early, getting chores done early made way for ample bike rides. Hubs and I owned the streets this weekend, we zipped up and down, east and west! Of course with plenty of time spend recharging for the pending week!

Here are some sneaks into my weekend - via Instagram on iPhone!

New Kicks!  #Chicago Lunar Glides
Fall is here, at least in leaves (since it wasn't in temps - yay 80+!)
 Cha-ider at Wormhole - My new favorite drink (warm chai & cider, with a dash of cinnamon) for 
Fall/Winter from my favorite coffee shop! 
View of the Chicago Marathon, my balcony in my Pjs! 
Indian Summer = Grilling dinner!!!! YUM!
 Do I even need to go there..... I will be listing mid-week, stay tuned!

How were your weekends? Did you get through your to-do lists? Do anything fun?

Friday, October 7, 2011

smart craving...

As I have gotten older err... more mature I strive to be smarter with my purchases. Less impulse buys, less buy an item-only-to-never-wear-it-again purchases. Now, I won't say it never happens cuz come-on I have those days where my closet is filled with junk, have nothing to wear and run and grab a new dress - only to have it sit untouched forevermore. But...... I am trying not to do that any more. Splurge on cravable classics that will last, save on trendy and just overall be smart and satisfied with what I have!

Also, find those pieces that can transition. Fancy to casual. Work to play. Essentially making my dollar and closet work for me more than I work for them! And overall I've been pretty darn proud of myself!!

But come-on most of you know me well enough by now - I am a shopper! I do still have a 'Closet List' & I thought I'd share a few of the items remaining on it, that all stick with my moto above.

1. Leather Jacket - Blazer style cut, updated color & versatile for both work/play
2. Tortoise Watch - I've been wanting another watch for quite some time & this color has always stood out. (Another version)
3. Bangle - I love the design and I have been looking for a unique bangle to add to my collection.
4. Statement Ring - I have been lusting after a YSL Arty for over 2 years...I think lusting for that long means you really want it!
5. Classic Blazer - This updated classic is a modern version of a basic black plus part tuxedo blazer - the edginess of the leather captured my eye, and hasn't left my brain.
6. This sweater is just me in every way!
7. Colored Denim - I have lusted after the bright blue J Brand denim since they hit S.Bop in early summer - but wasn't interested in paying full price on a trendy item - this Old Navy version has me singing!!!

How do you maintain the wallet, yourself, work attire and then want you crave?

*Oh don't worry THESE are most definitely at the top of the list... !!! Eeks I want them! 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Much to the Hubs dismay I want to redo our living/dinning room. All new furniture - couch, chairs, tables, name it! I may have mentioned this once or 500 times before... :)  I talk of it often and have pretty much predetermined all the pieces we need to make it perfect! (Such a girl right?!) Alas, I'm receiving some resistance but I have an idea on how I can update our pad for the time being.

all images via


We have a thin wall, like the upper right, just by our kitchen. I think a coat of chalk board paint would do it good - maybe a project for this weekend!!!! Throw a frame on top, why not!!! (I have a great one too!) Do you ever do little projects to update the space and make you feel a tad better about the rest of what is going on? Will my Landlord hate me? - I think I might do it!!! (If I do, I'll share B/A!)

*Pinterest is my fav!!! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Window Shopping

I mentioned yesterday I fell in love with a pair of shoes at Neiman's....I've searched and 'window' shopped them about 1million times since I left the store (Essentially every break at work and on my commute in!)....Needless to say I want them!!! {Hubs - Gift-to-me?! hehe! He doesn't like them...but I sure do!}

Monday, October 3, 2011


I honestly do not know where the weekend went. I blinked and it was gone - I think I may have been duped and shorted a day or something - I can not believe it is not Sunday today. Oh well - I guess 'til I can figure out how to stop time off to work I be!

Hard Cider!!!

I had a great time all weekend - after a successful trip to the fabric store {3 new styles will be listed and featured soon!} I grabbed a tasty lunch with the Hubs and then ventured out to the Suburbs for a close Friends wedding! Loved my new dress and can't wait to wear it again - she will be a fun piece to re-wear in multiple ways this fall/winter - I will also to be a good blogger and photo it ;)

His & Hers Wedding Shoes - Closest thing I have to an OOT - Shoes and snippet of my dress. Snapped under the dinner table! 

And yesterday after sleeping in later than I can remember doing in a long while (I'm sure it had to do with the activities the night before but I'm not quite sure...) we shopped our way back to the city - Burbs and their good 'ole malls! Fell in love with a new pair of shoes at Neiman's and discovered the greatest new to me store, Aritzia- will be doing some damage at their downtown location asap!

**Sorry for missing you at the end of last week!!! Thursday night, Mother Nature took on the power and won! Crazy high wind gusts knocked out the power on my block for a couple hours - and by the time it came back on I had given up sitting in pitch black and knocked out for an extremely early night (read near 8pm!) Glad to be back!