Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Snaps: The Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

To say we enjoyed our stay at the Ace Hotel Palm Springs is an understatement! We had an absolute blast, didn't want to leave & want to go back! The staff was super friendly from check-in, Bartender, to massage therapist - you name it, the staff was super great during our stay!

The grounds are stunning, simple and perfectly Palm Springs! Retro, modern, desert chic. I'll let the photos do the talking!!! Tons of pictures - this vacation, esp this resort really fueled me to pick up my camera, feed my hobby and be creative!

Our Patio Room - {Private patio, perfectly outfitted with table chairs and fireplace!} If you wanted anything in the room for your own, you could just take it and they would charge you after you left, no hassle should you chose! - we were very temped by the print above the bed, and the funky laundry bag {which was a vintage mail carrier bag!} A perfectly stocked mini bar - wine in a box (heck ya!) And every possible mix chilling in the fridge.

The Grouds: Stunning. Free Bikes to ride around. The hotel is 100% pet friendly, I would have brought the pooch in a heart beat!! Minimal desert chic landscaping, & Perfect pools!

See what I mean, pretty fab right??? We now have the 3 remaining Ace Hotels on our list of places to go/stay - I mean this little desert retreat was a total jem, the others have to be just as stunning in their own ways. {And no I wasn't paid to write this, we just absolutely loved our time at this resort!} 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh Summer Days...

Oh Hot summer days! How I miss you already!!! You have left Chicago (we have transitioned into fall over in these parts!) but thankfully the warm memories of California are still fresh in my mind. On the Palm Springs leg of our vacation I had an opportunity to wear the dress I mentioned here, in a casual and easy manner - and I adored the way it fit - I may try to work a way so I am able wear again before the temps drop too much {Add booties, tights and a Blazer, perhaps!} If not I know she will be a frequent flyer on destination vacations and all next summer!

Dress: Zara. Sunglasses, Necklace: F21. Sandals: Old Guess. Watch: Michael Kors Bracelets: H&M, Gift 

Are you longing for more summer weather, like me?

Monday, September 26, 2011

weekend recap 9/24-25

Recap in iPhone photos: 

This was one of those weekends you often wish you had more of, you accomplish a lot and have ample time relaxing as well! It started Saturday off with a full house cleaning (Being out of town/friends in town for the last 3 weekends I was out of my OCD groove - but don't worry it's back and the house is spotless - makes me feel good! And yes, I have a cleaning issue - I am obsessive about having a clean house - it makes me feel good!) and tons of laundry! Top to bottom is was wiped, scrubbed and mopped clean! Then stole an afternoon bike ride and dinner al fresco between rain showers with the Hubs. Then yesterday after a morning of snuggling the pooch in bed and half a season of Sex in the City were followed by a grocery run, mani/pedi {Essie Stepping Out & Opi Give Me Moor}, Football Snack making {Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip, above}, and of course late afternoon naps!

I may not have gotten to everything on my to-do list - but I'm recharged and ready for another week! And promise to get sewing again - I did cut a bunch more clutches, just need to sew them up! What did you end up doing?

Friday, September 23, 2011

only if

'Tis the weekend, relief! This was my first full work week, in about a month {between Labor day and vacation} and boy am I wiped out! The temps have risen and dropped again and the weekends forecast is looking like rain for the entirety.

Hopefully I can get a much needed mani/pedi, some shopping & crossing my fingers to track down some new fabric for some more clutches...other than that - just regular weekend duties - laundry, cleaning and getting ready for another work week....You can sure bet I'll be dreaming I was here!

Photos By Me, at the Ace Hotel

Do you have any fun weekend plans?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WeekNight Meals: Leftovers 'Dillas

I mentioned a while back about some of my easy quick 'family'-healthy-weeknight dinners, well there are quite a few other commons in there too! 

Did you guess? Quesdilla's!!! This So Cal girl can eat Mexican til the cows come how...or pigs fly - which ever makes you happy! Anywho, the Hubs regularly works late (after the dinner hour) so I fly solo a few nights a week. I am not gonna say there isn't cereal, PB&J in heavy rotation on those nights because there is! But I really try to make items the Hubs isn't as into as I am. 

The Quesdilla is one of those! As I mentioned before we often eat grilled chicken so adding those leftovers to this meal - super easy...and toss in some bell peppers - make much more hearty! I use whole wheat tortillas, fat free sour cream trying to keep the healthy-eating vibe! And about 5 mins from start to plate, cuz this girl is starving by the time she gets home in the evening! 

Do you love Q'dillas like me??? 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What I Wore - The Reunion

Dress: Hallelu. Shoes: Christian Louboutin. (No accessories - not necessary!)

I know you were all dying to know what I wore to my 10-yr Reunion , right?! HA! Well here ya go. I showed you a sneak peak last week - that was one of the images from our Photo Booth (which turned out fabulously!!!) After all the help from the lovely ladies (this post) I was finally one the right track. I feel head over heels for a couple of them - tried to work my magic and track down a couple of the dresses in my size & without luck. So I hit the Internets hard, and then stumbled onto this little jem. 

Go big of go home right?! Well that's my motto! (plus being the planner/hostess of sorts a little spice was allowed!) The dress was def a hit with the ladies, a few of my guys friends commented how sparkly it was - you know guy speak for cute dress ;) I loved her and am ready to wear her again...Who is having a sparkle party? I'm Ready! New Years Eve? You to find to an occasion where sparkles from head to toe are totally required! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Red & Cream

Button-Down: Club Monaco. Sweater: Zara. Necklace: J.Crew. Pants: F21 (similar: here). Heels: Christian Louboutin. Purse: LV. Watch: Michael Kors.

Fall weather has made it's appearance here in Chicago, so exposed limbs may in limited quantities until next year. Coupled with a lingering cold layers were on my agenda this past weekend. But at least that meant getting to wear some of the new items in my closet! Red jeans & chunky knit sweaters!

Friday, September 16, 2011

CA Holiday Part 2

After surviving the Black-out.... :) and getting a few hours of sleep we promptly met up with my Dad, ate a great brunch on the beach at the Bahia Resort & then we gave Hubs the tour of SD! Showed him all the great spots {ie. solidifying his new found love affair with my city!!!} that I grew up loving!

I'll let the pictures do the talking {Picture heavy}.
In Our Hotel Room.
Views from Mt. Soledad.
 In Del Mar. 

 I have so many more! As you can tell I wasn't disliking a single minute of this vacation!!! So glad it's Friday!!! Still recuperating, nursing my illness & hoping I'm ready to go for round 2 this weekend - my Friend Justin is in town this weekend - Cubs game & dinner/drinks are on the agenda! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011


We are back from our California Holiday.... I'm very sad (it was soooo fun!) and brought back a cold (too much fun! Fun-over I'd say!). But what can you do?! Look at pictures that's what!!! We took nothing short of somewhere around 600! :) We had tons of fun! So I'll share a few here and there!

Here are a few from our first day in SD! After we arrived, and promptly ate at In N'Out (sad we din't have more meals to consume, because I could have used 3 more burgers or shakes from here!) then went and walked around gorgeous La Jolla. After some great sightseeing we headed to our hotel, to get ready for dinner and drinks!

Shortly after check in, the power went out. There was a massive power outage in southern California - it hit from Mexico north to Orange County and east all the way to Arizona. It went out and didn't come back on til 2am. 12 hours with only wine in the lobby, and then a midnight raid of the minibar - after starvation pangs hit our bodies! It definitely wasn't the way we planned on spending our first night on vacation. Thankfully we had the company of one of my great friends, Justin, and roughly a bottle of wine each....lets just say it got silly fast, then walking the pitch black downtown streets in search of food - unsuccessful! Thankfully it came back on!

Here are a few shots pre-power outage on our room balcony.
Sunglasses: Karen Walker. Top: Anthropologie. Necklace: F21. Jeans: Joes Jeans. Watch: Michael Kors.

Did everyone hear about the blackout? I would have given anything for a PB&J or steak at about 7pm that night! (We were starving!!!)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

never ending

I really do not want to head home, home to the land where winter will be coming soon. Leaving land of the perfect weather! I am having the most amazing time. Our time is winding down, we are absorbing every last minute....we may be sitting on the patio stargazing. Or relaxing in the Jacuzzi. Or belly up to the bar.

No matter what it is, you can sure bet I am enjoying myself to the fullest. Til I get home and can upload all the photos...I thought I'd show you a little sneak..... The Reunion planners- Tony & yours truly!