Friday, August 19, 2011


Friday's are my most Favorite day! End of the work week and signaling time to relax. Had one of those weeks where work crawls by, I was literally staring at the clock a few times yesterday - as if in disbelief of what time it really was. So, I am ready for the weekend!

totally random, but I love it & want it for the house! via 

Oh well, she's a done-zo! Weekend plans include a Bridal Shower, Yoga, 'Last Party for My Last Name' - a Bachelorette party for boys & girls. Sewing, napping, and figuring out how to make people buy reunion tickets!!!!

Oh, maybe you can help me - you know by now I'm planning my 10-yr HS reunion (why again?!). How do I get people to buy their tickets? I personally know about 20+ people who are coming who haven't - our total count looks really low but I know it will easily double if not triple - but how do I do it??? The event is in 3 weeks! SOB! I'm stressing and I don't need stress or gray's at this age?! ;) {We have pleaded on FB, sen personal emails already}

And what are your plans??? Hopefully something good!!!! Have a great weekend!


  1. Love that pic!!! I think I'll freeform it on a canvas!!! So apropos!!!

  2. I'll be spending the weekend getting ready to leave on Monday - packing always stresses me out!

  3. Hey girl, I will be spending my weekend hopefully relaxing with the hubby and Lola, no work!
    And about your reunion, I would really just set up a firm date for people to buy tickets. I know you have to come out with a headcount soon for the food and drinks so if you set a final deadline by a certain time, people might buy tickets then. Hope that helps.

  4. Is there a way that you could do a raffle for a gift card or some other prize for people who buy by a certain date? That would be an incentive for me!

  5. i'm with meghan--try to entice them with some sort of gift or maybe some free drink tickets (totally better for a reunion!). that's frustrating, though. have a great weekend!

  6. @ Meghan and Taylor - we just used the threat of higher priced tickets - they have a week before the prices go up - I am stressing BAD about this one!

  7. I think raising the prices is a good idea. Maybe add a cut-off date as well? Planning those types of events is always super stressful! Good luck! P.S. I'm having an awesome birchbox giveaway right now, so stop by!

  8. This is SUPER cute! I want one for my dorm room.
    xo Josie

  9. thats a great print! hope you had a lovely weekend lady :)


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