Friday, July 22, 2011

On my mind - Friday Edition


-It's Friday. 
-Do you need more than that???? 
-I get to see the ocean this weekend! It's been far to long. 
-I already miss my Husband and I haven't gone anywhere yet. 
-I am a wimp. He is my rock. 
-Maybe it will be cooler that the sweltering Midwest?! 
-But I secretly hope not. I love the heat. 
-I am looking forward to a short work week next week, and extra time with my love and our appointments at the spa!
-Hope Mom and I find her a great house! 
-For her, but so I can come visit and we can get away from winter! 
-I love summer.
-When can I get my next pedicure? 
-Its only been a week and I want another. 

Hope you enjoyed some of my random thoughts today! Happy Friday and Catch ya's Monday!!! I'm heading house-hunting with my Mom in FL for the weekend - she can't handle the winter and she's out! 


  1. I secretly love the heat too : ) Have fun!!!

  2. Haha love this. And heck yea, it's Friday. Feels like it would never get here!

  3. Go MOM!! And have a blast on your getaway deserve it! xo-C

  4. have fun house hunting! and enjoy your vacation :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. Have a FABULOUS vacation, gorgeous!
    xo Josie

  6. I feel the same way when I leave hubs! Hope you and mama find a place! enjoy it sister! xoxoxo

  7. have a great weekend!!! it's SO HOT. please make it stop.

  8. I saw you tweet your touchdown at the airport. I just got back from that area. Woman, it's HOT!!!!!!!! BUT you will have the ocean to cool you off. A lot better than Lake Michigan :)

    Happy House Hunting with your mom.

  9. I keep trying to tell my parents they need to move near a beach! I hope your mom finds a great place, and that you get to visit lots. Enjoy the beach this weekend!

  10. Hope you had a great vacation in FL! Loved your tweets (though they did make me jealous!)

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